Tyrese Apologizes to Will & Jada, Blames It on the Meds

tyrese apologizes will jada

After winning his court battle, Tyrese is finally apologizing for embarrassing Will Smith and Jada Pinkett on social media.

Ty says he exchanged text messages with Jada and asked for forgiveness. He also said his psych meds made him act a fool online.

He then gave a warning to everyone: Don’t talk about receiving $5 million dollars until the money is in your bank account!

Oh yeah, and he’s still broke!

Peep the video:


  1. Tyrese….. stop taking meds aint nothing wrong with you??? Tyrese is funny, just dont know when to be wuit, I dont think they cloned him yet. ??

  2. He is schizophrenic, he needs dem med. He probably stop mixing them with alcohol though. His career is done.

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