Jay-Z: ‘America Is Way More Sexist Than Racist’

jay z america sexist racist

Jay-Z tried to spit some knowledge to a young female fan at one of his concerts. He told the little girl that she could be president one day even though America is more sexist than racist!


Do you agree?


  1. His handlers made him say this. Slavery of the mind is worse than slavery of the flesh.

  2. ^^^^ I was about to say that. Black celebs don’t talk unless they get permission from their white handlers, aka overseers.

  3. Keep in mind that this is the same Jay-Z who supported the gentrification of Brooklyn. Hundreds of black people protested the Nets moving to Brooklyn in conjunction with the construction of The Barclays Center. Jay-Z serves as Mikail Prokorov’s mascot.

  4. Jay-Z is the hoe and Live Nation and Mikail Prokorov are the pimps.

    P.S. Mikail Prokorov is the Russian billionaire who owns the Brooklyn Nets.

  5. coming from a guy who cheats and abuses his wife and said he was one of the biggest pimps ever.

    iceberg slim would be proud

  6. He and the wife sold out a long long time ago but black people keep worshiping them. Unbelievable.

  7. Jay-Z lays out why he believes hip hop has done more for “race relations” than any other cultural movement. He also states that Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “dream” was realized when Obama was elected President.

  8. He lame same dude who had the model killed cuz she was bout to spoil tea to Beyonce
    Same dude who stabbed un ova C Baltimore
    Same dude who made nas babymom,foxy brown etc. have an abortion
    Same dude who sold his soul to be adopted in the rocafella family jus to make it
    Same dude who’s really from Greensboro North Carolina.
    His mom win the lottery in 88 than move to mercy

  9. And that folks is why we should worship jay z and Beyonce the almighty goddess of heaven and earth

    • I’m not worshipping shit! She looks like a witch and her mama looks like the top harpy whatever they let out the swamp of backwoods Louisiana…ei mio mio

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