Tyga’s Ferrari Repo’d at Bentley Dealership

tyga ferrari repo'd

Tyga and Kylie drove to the Bentley dealership in the rapper’s red Ferrari on Tuesday. While they were shopping around for cars, the repo man arrived with a spare key to the Ferrari, jumped in, and drove off into the sunset.

According to TMZ, Tyga was behind on a couple lease payments, and the lessor “wasn’t taking any chances.”

Tyga and his girl Kylie were forced to catch a ride back home with friends.

This isn’t the first time Tyga has had car issues. In February of this year, his 2014 Bentley Mulsanne was repo’d, and the rapper still owes $91K on that car.

And then, back in April, the repo man was looking for the rapper’s Lambo after he fell behind $357K on the payments!

And that G-Wagon that was originally Blac Chyna’s but Tyga took it from her and gave it to Kylie? Well just two months after giving the car to Kylie back in August 2015, he stopped paying for it, and the repo man has been on the hunt for it ever since. The car is parked at Kylie’s Calabasas home behind 2 different security gates so they’ve been unable to gain access to it.

How embarrassing…LOL


  1. I've told ALL y'all about these industry folks & "those cars." I'm not telling you again. Trust me, it was a traditional "repo." He get another one in a different color later this week…and that one won't be his either! ??

    Not at all what they'd have you believe…not even close!?

    • Opps…that was WRONG.
      It was NOT a traditional "repo" & HE'LL get another one in a different color later this week. That's what I meant to say.

      @pdq is right or this red vehicle came from one of the auto share clubs. It's truly not a huge deal to drive ANY luxury or exotic car nowadays. Studio execs & people working in the entertainment business have been members of auto share clubs for YEARS. It's only new & a big deal to the "newer generation. "

      • Yep – no one with a lick of sense (even Tyga) is going to purchase a luxury car. You tie up too much cash in a depreciating asset and they go in and out of fashion lickety-split. These cars are leased or even rented by the day so that the broke fool in the drivers seat can arrange to be photographed by the paps driving something nicer than what they've got parked in the driveway at their mama's house where they really stay.

        Watch out if you're in Beverly Hills during award show season. These fools don't even know how to turn on the radio in the cars they're drivin' all over town in. It's all a straight up front.

        • LOL, In Hollywood I know places that RENTED RIMS!! to these Weekend Flashin' Nigga's. All these Negro's are like Cinderella. They turn into a Pumpkin at Midnight and the Repo man will be on the hunt the next day.

          • Okay…you both sound so LA!!!
            Seriously, that's how it is & people in other places believe these cats are living "that Cindefella lifestyle."

  2. I don't feel sorry for this clown one bit. He left his son and woman to be with an underage thot. Karma got him quick.

  3. In the picture of the "rapper" standing in front of a red Ferrari, is that a sign behind him for one of those luxury car rental places? One of those places that rents cars by the day, week or month to thirsty fame whores?

    Yep, I thought so.

  4. Why is this girl with him again? He doesn't have any thing if my memory serves me right he only had one hit he takes money from her to pay his bills I thought her mother paid him off to go a way next time it's his life we all know they are due for a kill lol.

  5. Just look for the signs and the color red is a major one got a strong feeling something big is going down for all of us in September don't know why just do.

    • It's gonna take Kylie getting tired of him or him digging her out for her to dump him she's younger and richer and guys and girls want her she could have been did better Tyga has nothing to fall back in no career no record deal just a ratchet baby mama who bout to marry a richer man

  6. You guys are so far off on that it's ridiculous. Kris Jenner would give him 10 million dollars(pocket change) before she would risk another near death scandal. Their brand suffers when that sort of thing happens. The deal is, and I'm not trying to be harsh, but most folks here don't think in the macro sense. You don't see the "big picture." There are many ways to deal with Tyga and none of them involve physical harm.

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