Tyga’s Trans Gives ALL The Details About Their Relationship

tyga mia isabella

Mia Isabella comes forward and confesses all the details about relationship with Tyga.

Just when Tyga thought people were starting to forget that he had a sexual relationship with a trans, his former lover has come forward and spilled all the tea about their tryst.

It was T-Raww who first went after Mia, and she played hard to get initially.  “I received a text a few years ago saying he would love to personally meet me,” she says in a recent interview.  “I wasn’t sure if I should meet him, I was still in a relationship…He continued to pursue me for months after,” Isabella explains

It wasn’t only a one time, or a few times Tyga smashed Mia, the relationship went on for years.

“After I had moved to LA, I became single and we continued our friendship until it DID become romantic and we dated steadily for a few years.”

As we previously reported, the rapper and his ex, Blac Chyna were into orgies with transsexuals and Mia Isabella confirms this.  “True, he asked me to meet his ex and hang out with the two of them numerous times so I assumed she knew about me even though I chose not to meet her,” Isabella says about the time the Rack City rapper was with Chyna.

Asked about Kylie Jenner’s reaction to Tyga and Mia banging, Isabella says Jenner and her didn’t know about each other.  “To be honest I didn’t know anything about them dating nor would I have asked, as I was dating other people myself,” she continues, “It wasn’t like we were exclusive; our relationship had evolved into a close friendship more than anything else.”



  1. shut up. confuses ugly trans
    …no one cares
    …u look like a man trying real real hard to look like a woman…go da pk away

  2. Okay…that man named Mia allegedly had repeated sex with little ass Tyga. From what’s been previously reported….HE isn’t Tyga’s first “chick with a penis” so whatever. If we let ALL the transgender MEN/WOMEN be who they wish to be without hyping up their existence via mass media exposure as if they are some sort of diety…they’d cease to have any relevance at all in our society no matter who they screw.

  3. Trannies are big now since.bruce changed himself and him being big and rich that hyped the lifestyle up more than celebs who act straight are sleeping with trannies which makes more hype and drama

  4. Dude (Mia..whatever) really needs to just keep quiet. Even though most people in the Music Industry can’t stand Tyga, they’ll protect their own to cover their backsides. I see it all the time. I don’t know why these celebrities don’t pay the “premium fee” for these girls, women and “he-shes”. You’re not paying a ridiculous amount of money for “How good it is”. You are paying for confidentiality. The last person who got too big for her britches, broke that rule and was about to expose everyone because she didn’t want to do a maximum of maybe 2 years in the pen (which was going to be like a vacation resort for her) wound up dead of an “apparent” suicide (D.C. Madam). Word of advice: Just keep your mouth shut. The more you type, the more desperate for “shine” people perceive you as. Everyone in the biz knows the kid (as well as a whole lot of others in the biz) like Trannies (and don’t consider themselves gay..even if you try to tell them repeatedly it’s just a dude with makeup on and tits. LOL). Besides, you outed a C-rated rapper, when everyone knows you’ve been with ALOT of A-List celebs (but you didn’t drop the dime on any of them).

    • Both you & Chris told the truth on that. I wil be happy when the “hype of it all” just goes away. I wish the entire world would act like transgendered or whatever the hell they’re calling themselves these days were just people. Nothing more, nothing less. There should be ZERO coverage of their wealth or lack thereof in some cases, lifestyle, career choice, etc. Who the hell cares? It’s gotten completely ridiculous nowadays thanks to the gay Don himself…Harvey Levin. He’s behind a lot more than people realize as is Ryan Seacrest but like Michael Jackson said…”I’m going to stop here, don’t want to say too much!”?

  5. Look Caitlyn 2.0
    Nobody cares. You dragged this bullish out through the summer.
    Go rest and take a recliner.

  6. Kylie was raised to be confused and f…ked up. There has to be a special section in Hell for Kris Jenner.
    Kris is building Kylie up for something big. Then Tyga will be eliminated.

  7. Bottom-line media! There have always been gay men and women in the entertainment industry from the beginning of times. Movie stars, singers, politicians, rappers, Athletes, television news anchors! Fuck it, most people in the entertainment industry making over a million dollars on a yearly basis. You name it they have always been around. As a 70s baby we grew up with all male, female R&B artist and groups like ready for the world, Morris day etc. Even all white male groups such as, ZZ top, van Helen etc. We still appreciate the very best talents like the Michael Jackson’s, Boy George’s, Prince’s etc. In the 80’s male group wore makeup and sequence outfit that glittered. In the 70’s we had the disco era where everyone was f*cking everyone. The same still goes for the 80s, 90’s and today. Celebrities, artist, movie stars are known for their talent and I don’t give a f*ck what they do with their penises or vagina’s. This is, mind control f*cking propaganda. Trannies have always been around so what’s the deal? We do not have to accept this shit into our personal life. Keep your bedroom business to yourself.

    • True,but these folks aren’t satisfied with keeping it in their bedrooms anymore.

  8. Another sell out BM sleeping with trash. Bed wench kneegroe males are an embarassment. Don’t step and say he’s not black he’s mixed. No asians are claiming him he black, ‘k?!

    • Wow…exactly what I’ve been saying saying since he started latching on to the coattails of those more popular than him. Not one of his supposed Asian family members have ever surfaced to date! Just wait until this current media hyped rug is snatched from under him…

      • I know, right? I’m so sick of sell out self hating bed wench so called Bm shaming the race. Half asian my ass. Sell out is a sell out.

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