Da Fizz Factor Sets Nikki Off On LHH Hollywood Set!

Fizz Nikki Kamiah Adams

HSK Exclusive – Lil Fizz has chicks fighting over him and word from the L&HHH set is Fizz phuck’d up after overlooked “evidence” left behind for Nikki to find! Don’t believe me.. Just ask IG model Kamiah Adams!

Sources tell HSK that Fizz had Kamiah over for a smash session … and when Kamiah left the next morning, “she forgot some of her items at Lil Fizz’s house.” That’s before Nikki Mudarris paid Fizz a visit to his house, that same day. It was a visit that was quickly interrupted by Kamiah Adams, when she returned for her stuff.

“Nikki Mudarris screamed at Fizz “Who’s this b*tch?” and that’s when Kamiah Adams slapped Lil Fizz in his face and Nikki jumped Kamiah and the pair began to fight.”

Here’s what a camera man from the L&HHH set said:

“This season is all about the gay guys on the show, Milan ans Miles. Oh! Did I tell you some cast members showed up to film high out of their mind on coke?”


    • Did the cameraman said, ” Coming to the set high out their mind on coke?” Lmao

  1. If lil fag fizz was as wise as King Solomon he would hit for the one with the netrogena and dove scent flowing from her snatch !

  2. Miles seems like a standup guy who is scared to come out because of concerns for his livelihood and family. He is a father figure to his ex-gf’s daughter, which is admirable because she is not his biological daughter. Milan looks like Funkmaster Flex on steroids and he acts like a clingy gf. I can’t tell which one is supposed to be the “man” in the relationship, but eh. Someone on IG had be crying, commenting about Teairra Mari. They asked if she had been eating people sandwiches when the show was on hiatus. She is lowkey huge, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. I really am confused about Nikki’s hairline . . is that a lace front or nah? I ponder

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