Tragic, Erica Mena Reveals Her And Bow Wow Lost Their Baby

erica mena bow wow baby 3


Horrible news, as Erica Mena reveals that her and Bow Wow lost their baby.

Erica posted a poem on Instagram about having a miscarriage while four months pregnant, “So quickly torn away/ Never got a chance to meet you” the post reads.

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“So quickly you came into my life,

“So quickly torn away.

Never got the chance to meet you,

There’s so much I want to say.

Where there once was joy and happiness,

Is now sadness, guilt, and pain.

All these thoughts running through my head,

It’s enough to drive me insane.

Though you lived in me for only 4 months,

You were loved so very much.

I wish that I could hold you,

I long to feel your touch.

On that day,

My world was ripped from under my feet.

I pray that in another life,

We get the chance to meet.”

After putting that on Instagram, which she later removed, the Love And Hip Hop: New York star tweeted about how cathartic it felt to open up and share the loss with others.

erica mena bow wow baby

Bow Wow and Erica had delayed their wedding plans, probably due to the pregnancy, but they still intend on getting married in the near future.



  1. Is this the same Erica Mena who won’t acknowledge her son? That baby dodged a bullet.

  2. Erica is lying and she’s trying to get sympathy. These broads are reading from the same script Tami Roman,Evelyn Lozada,Natalie Nunn, Bambi, and they all should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Been feeling that for a couple of years now !!
      It sux to not be able to afford one and want a child !
      Shame for fame !

  3. Is this stupid bitch for f*ckin real? She has a son she don't acknowledge and she bonds with this one? Millions of people can't have kids and you abandon your son? Fuck off you dirty slit.

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