“Nick Murdered Bobbi Kristina” – Family Member Confirms

bobbi kristina murder

Bobbi Kristina’s aunt says that Nick Gordon killed her, and that Whitney Houston was murdered.

In a telling interview, Leolah Brown does not mince words and comes right out and says that Bobbi did not die by accident, but was killed on purpose.  Leolah come right out and says it.

“Nick murdered Bobbi Kristina. When Nick gets arrested, I think everything will fall like dominoes.”

She believes that BK was killed for her money that she inherited after her mother’s untimely death, “I believe that several people wanted Bobbi Kristina dead… I think the purpose of her death was to gain full access to Whitney Houston’s estate.”

bobbi kristina nick gordon murder

Speaking to Inside Edition, Brown not only thinks that Bobbi Kristina was murdered, but that the events surrounding Whitney’s death are suspicious.  “This was no accident,” she continues, “I will never believe this was an accident. I believe that somebody killed my niece, just like they killed her mother. I don’t know who actually murdered Whitney.”

“I believe that Whitney was murdered.”

For Leolah Brown, the similar circumstances of Whitney and later, Kristina’s death are too close to simply be coincidence, “At some point we have to wake up and realize this is too close, too similar – mother, daughter, both in bathtubs… Something is very, very wrong with that picture.”


  1. I want to know Bobby’s take on this because I agree with Leola. The inheritance was the motivation for the killing. I believe Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel died in the same fashion.

  2. I’m starting think Pat Houston was in on all of this. Why hasn’t she spoken up?

    • Starting ??? Bitch wake the guck she was down the day them Zionist sent the blk devil in the Houstons residence to clean up a crackhead brother to get close to Whitney and destroy her and child cuz Bobby couldn’t go it !

  3. Leolah Brown is a joke. Shr has been lobbying for a reality show forever and this is just her latest attempt to grab attention. Guess what Leolah? It ain’t happening.

    Face it Browns. your days in the spotlight are over.

    • And do are dumbass ppl like you who can’t see pass the bullshit and see pat as the corporate!

  4. nick did not kill her like i have said nick is a fall guy bobbi death was a ritual killing like her mother nick is gulity of living off them and giving them drugs yes. can’t y’all see that nick is getting all of this attention

  5. Y’all ever hear about cloning? You know they was doing this 1945. Have anybody thought that Bobbi Kris and Whitney could be clones and maybe living alive in underground cities?

    • Yes. That’s exactly what has happened.

      Of course the powers that be wouldn’t clone Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein. Naturally they would choose to bring back Bobbi Kristina and Whitney.

      • whitney and bobbi are not clones they are really dead like aaliyah, jim hendrix, james brown, kurt coban (sidenote) i find it kind of funny how aaliyah family wants to release a perfune in her name but yet lifetime makes a movie they get piseed becasue really they want to get paid it has nothing to do with her legacy. the reason why they didn’t go with her to bahamas they knew what was going to happen to aaliyah and her friends it’s the truth.

        • I BELIEVE you, Stephen! Aaliyah HAS TIES (to THE INDUSTRY)!


          “FOR THE LOVE of MONEY is (THE ROOT)……of ‘ALL’ EVIL!!”

      • U know what I just saw a video of this cloning thing and Steve Jobs according to the video is alive! I was like WTF!

        • cloning is not just a hollywood thing it’s thing where if you have a voice or is maketable they will clone you everyone in the industry is not cloned. if you happen to be a ceo, high plaid athlete, etc making millions of dollars you not only do have to do rituals but cloned as well. michael jackson is not dead dave dave is michael jackson. oh yeah steve jobs is alive but he will die eventually because they can’t stop the sickness

  6. So much ting to say now, in her passing. Where was everybody when she really needed them before her demise.

    • I think her father tried to help her. But BK shut him down. If i’m not mistaken he didnt want BK to do the reality show the Houstons. But once again he was out voted.

  7. I agree with auntie, if Bobbi and Whit both died of cancer or diabetes I wouldnt bat an eyelid but because of the way they died I call shenanigans.

  8. Listen at what Bobby Brown says starting at 7:38. His comments are about the ongoing criminal investigation into Bobbi Kristina’s death.

  9. Bobby says he’s not going to call anybody out, but, wants the DA to look closely into his daughter’s death. I wonder what he’s hinting at.

  10. nick should have been arrested as soon as they found bk in the tub guess the law doesn’t give a damn cause nick would have been arrested if he was even suspected of killing bk.

    black on black violence but still there was witnesses around the time bk wounded up in the tub who walks away from a carwreck just to go to a motel and decides to off herself was the car wreck ever shown.

  11. The fact that two raging out of control drug users both died tragically is just not that mysterious.

    Everybody wants to make it something nefarious. This happens in middle America every damn day.

  12. Yalls some over dramatic asses. Bobbi had no songs no albums no acting roles. If she died in 2010 what would you miss? Gave nothing to this world like a corner wino.

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