Tyga Told Cheatin’ Blac Chyna To Bounce!


HSK Exclusive – We’ve learned the reason that’s said to have led Tyga to kick Blac Chyna to the curb! An insider exclusively tells HSK… when ‘Rack City’ man found out she let Fat Trel smash behind his back, dude delivered Blac Chyna with her walking papers.

This is the lastest word since Fat Trel baby momma spilled the beans, back in July. “She made multiple allegations against Fat Trel’s character,” said a source. “Noting at one point that he slept with Blac Chyna in his home while the baby slept.” Blac Chyna — who is the mother of Tyga’s 22-month-old son, King Cairo — didn’t only deny cheating on Tyga back then, she’s reported to now not be “acknowledging the breakup.”

Dig the Drop:

“Things were never the same after it was leaked. Tyga’s disgusted with her.”


  1. he’s a sucka for this..didn’t dude meet home girl in di strip club…? O__o **blank stare & side eyes**

  2. Well I bet she acknowledged the break-up after her monstrous fake ass hit that curb.

  3. She probably got back at him because of the obvious fact that fans tried to put Him and Chris Brown ON BLAST, thats why Chris got arrested for snatching that little girl’s phone when him and Tyga was in that limousine together ROFLMFAO

  4. I’ve got sooo many questions. .

    Why have unprotected sex with a known prostitute?
    What happens to these slores when they “age out”?
    Does anyone find her in the least attractive?
    Will he go back to doing men?

    I remember a time when ppl had shame and this would be embarrassing. Ppl didn’t parade these slores or claim them. Have no fear, young queer, another ugly gross tramp will come along soon.. they’re like the city bus and usually have the same amount of seating and miles… and smell…

    • Yeah I heard he was phucking Kylie and possibly Kris Kardashian. I also heard Tyga have a monter size dyck along with French Montana. Tyga and them being going and having those sex ritual parties so Chyna knew the deal. I hope she got some money stashed away and can start her own hustle. Even though Kim aint shyt, she know how to keep her brand going and how to get money

  5. It doesn’t matter what happened, neither one is a catch, period. Both are bi-, materialistic and a health risk to be with.

  6. tyga should of seen it coming the hoe is besties with kim k another hoe 2 hoes hanging out togather should of rang alarm bells

  7. Well,well,well! Bwwwwahhhh. Could they plz take tht pacifier fem tht boy mouth! He two yrs old!

  8. Didnt Gucci Mane call Blac Chyna out? Im starting to think Gucci wasnt lying. “Bitches Aint Shit But Hoes Aint Tricks”.

    • With all sincerity…
      Exactly who HASN’T been with Blac Chyna? She was getting around long before she set the “baby-trap” on Tyga. She must really care for him because she could have trapped a number of far more affluent rappers than Tyga.

  9. I don’t believe she slept with that man in their home. Fat Trel could have raped her, but I do not believe for one second that Black Chyna slept with that dude off her own volition. People start rumours all the time to tear ppl’s households apart.

    • He used to f*ck with her prior to her an tyga linking up, dude even has a black chyna tat…

  10. I just looked up.pictures of black chyna and she is actually pretty,.its the makeup she wears that looks bad,.but without the makeup and weave she has long hair and a pretty face

  11. you guys should really get your facts straight. Being from the DMV everyone knows that the stripper fatty trel was sexy was Bambi from Stadium. Pull her IG you’ll see all the trips to Miami and expensive things he’s brought her. Last I heard they were to be married . there’s you tea from the DMV.

    • Ahh stadium club. A strip club built with misappropriated HIV grant money by a former hustler/criminal with the hardest looking dancers besides 2oclock club. Only in DC.

  12. She’ll just move into the kartrashian ranch/brothel, or back to the pole/private shows!! She’ll be aiight!!! She’ll be the porn star of the cold klan….

  13. What! Are you serious? Kim ain’t friends with her no more…. Kim drop friends like flies…. As soon as tyga dropped black china…. Kim did too…. Black chyna was nothing to Kim but a charity case….. I seen them together a couple of times but that’s it… Kim may buy her a ticket back to the hood….poor chyna…. Tyga better watch his money because he isn’t that famous…. And I hope he doesn’t think the kardashians are gonna save his career…. Because once he not known they’re gonna have amnesia about him…. I do believe tyga sexing someone in that family…. Because why is he partying with them…. I don’t see the connection of kardashian s and tyga being close… What’s the reason?

  14. blac chyna should be arrest for f*cking a dog fat trel looks like a bull dog. tyga is better looks compared to fat trell
    blac chyna is self hating bytch who bleaches her skin and wears blonde weave wear heavy make up. who also hangouts with kum k

    is funny tyga did a song with chris called “loyal” and blac wasn’t loyal these singers need to take their own advice
    kanye did a song called “gold digger” and he called one he has to to pay child support for 18 years

  15. I don’t believe she slept with fat trel, for what ? She’s living the LIFE, mansions, whips , hanging with people she used to read about online . So she’s gonna fuc fat trel in her dream mansion? Come on dude, bullshi* She ain’t risking that. Hoes can change and do fall in love and wouldn’t dream of cheating once they feel they have gotten ” the dream”. I know from experience . Every ho wants love, family life etc. some will always be hoes , but most if they fall in love are the downest females ever. Will do anything for their man. Think about street walkers who walk in nothing in cold, risk their lives and go to jail for pimps. If it had been someone with more status and money maybe ….but fat trell lol, no. Tyga knows it too, that’s an excuse to bounce. Some dudes like building chicks up then throw them out and hurt them.

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