David Banner: The Life of a Black Man’s Life is Devalued By Cops ‘And Some Black Men’


Banner was a guest on CNN to further address the Brown shooting and to have a greater discussion about the value placed on the lives of African-American males in this country.

The conversation began with host Don Lemon asking the veteran emcee/producer about the negative reaction to a few of his recently posted tweets.


Here’s what David Banner had this to say:

“[The tweets were] definitely taken out of context. First off all, on Sundays I always dialogue with my fans. I always push my fans to think. And at the time that had nothing to do with what was going on in Ferguson. But it still applies. What I was saying is white cops do not see value in young, black men. And the reason why a lot of young, black men – not all black men – kill each other is because they don’t see any value either.

So many people have bought into this Americanized system, and America historically has always tortured, killed, and enslaved black people. And I have not forgot that. So, there’s a reason why we don’t see value, but it’s different because cops are paid to protect us.”



    • mr. banner is exactly right, and i thought i was the only one who felt this way cause i preach his all day long in the community but your own looks at u like ur crazy. even our black women are agreeing with the police wrongdoings when they are killing black men by justifying their actions by saying shit like they shouldnt been doing something wrong or why was they wearing a hoodie cuz they know the police are gonna shoot them…no matter what they were doing or wearing – an unarmed black man dont deserve to be shot down in the streets like he is just less of a human being the…they protect dogs and give them more rights than a black man…this is modern day lynching something has to done about this…you dont never hear about a white police killing a white unarmed suspect or a black cop killing an unarmed white boy…naw because he knows his place and if he did whitey would have his ass facing a murder case…enuff said…real spill – yah digg ! ! !

      • I dig brotha. I dig. You are right. There was this white boy who killed his wife and kids and had the police chasing him. They talked this mf out of his car without a scratch or ass kicking. You spoke truth to power about black cops not shooting or killing white boys cause they know their place.

      • Wait! are black men looking for support from black women? Aren’t black women unworthy. Don’t black men put black women down from,calling them a woman to marry outside the race. Black women should have abandoned black men long ago as black men abandoned black women.

        • you obviously don’t have children.

          Mike Brown was 8 years old and about to start college. He was executed.

          Learn discernment otherwise you sound ignorant as f*ck.

        • Agreed! Black women been holding the black man down since slavery when the master was raping her and him. Blackmen turned on black women for that simple minded no moral having wanna be better than a black woman devil in disguise white bitch. Tried to make us feel inferior to white women. Now alot of black women are dating white men its disgusting. Its disgusting how weak the blackman can be. I saw it firsthand my bros took care of their mixed kids, when it came to the black ones they would come wit every excuse in the world. I dont if its mine she tripping blah blah blah. This dont apply to every blackman but alot of yal sold yal race out. I always said they can hav yal sorry weak asses. Any real man wouldnt want nothing watered down anyways. Black women need a sense of pride again we’re made to feel inferior of all the race of women. When we are queens. Somebody need to tell these young ladies cuz they aint knowin.

  1. He spoke the truth. Too many of us are being gunned or choked out and all of this is on tape, but we all saw what happened when the pigs beat Rodney King down – they cops got off. These cops know they will beat the rap and they are protected by the biggest gang there is…. the Fraternal Order of Police. I’m sick of it being open season on black men and shit ain’t being done.

    • Im tired of it too anon 9:30 but I’m also tired of the open season genocide we commit on each other. I think we need to respect each other more as black men and get back on that 60s type tip when we was calling each other my brother and not nigga. Right now a black kid get shot by the cops the white man know all we gonna do is hoop and holla and tear our on community up and have Rev Al-due Sharpton come to town. But they know we not about that black panther life in 2014 i.e. bringing it straight to them united armed intelligent and dangerous!

  2. Cops are not paid to protect .. not anymore.
    Look on the side of the cruisers. . It no longer says “to protect and serve”. They removed that years ago…

    Police are merely part of the city or county beaurocratic process now..

    • “Serve protect and break a ni@@as neck.” Cops are nothing but paid mercenaries. They are paid to protect corporate interests.

    • It is a police state they are no longer breeding for a job but more for a movement and the same goes for the military in a sense. They are enforcement and there is no mission statement they simply enforce whatever the agenda is and because most of us no longer have standards or stand for something then we fall for everything even when it is a simple job because we live for money and status and sadly many of us are ok with being controlled so they make plans to control us.

  3. In LA there was this cop Chris Dorner who killed his own kind because they screwed him over. There was a good couple if months where you could tell cops were acting right! So, there you go ppl! If you want them to act right or be scared into acting right, shoot em’. Harsh but……

    • Chris Dorner was punished or fired for reporting that a higher up had abused a handicap person while on patrol .. he uncovered a lot of dirt in the LAPD and was punished. He delivered his own justice by killing those dirty cops and their family members. He ran to a cabin where LAPD had set explosives.

      I still think dude got out

    • Another unarmed black man killed last night in LA by the police. 4 killed this month so far.

      • Last fall a Charlotte polIceman shot and kIlled an unarmed FL player. Jonathan Ferrell.
        He was shot 12 times. His car broke down and he was trying to get help late at night. The didn’t even want to indict the cop.

  4. David Banner, like alot of pro-Black leaders speak alot of truth, but he needs to be careful about speaking on hand to hand combat with racists who have enough germs and diseases stored in the city of Atlanta where I’m a native of, at the “CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL” (noticed it’s ends with control)that can killed millions of people at a time, all these white supremacy groups, milita organizations, and Black Liberation organization, need to understand it will not be about GUNS anymore, the WAR will be CHEMICAL WARFARE WAKEUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alot of Black People are not ready to go to war with anybody, for one many of us smoke cigarettes, and blunts filled with marijuana, we can’t run from bullets quick enough, alot of us live off of junk food and fast food restaurants which makes alot of us overweight, like 2PAC said get physically and mentally ready, get military minded, but know about chemical warfare, OUR WAR might have to be spiritual

      • Yet we kill each other over the smallest things. We got to connect back to our ancestors. We shouldn’t be caught out pocket like our Brothers are.

        • True.

          But we need to be physically and mentally ready in order TO CONNECT to our ancestors.

          We need to eat more veggies, less dairy, more green tea.

          We need to pray more and meditate more. We need to turn off the tv and the BS music.

          The food, “medicine” and entertainment is designed to separate us from our spiritual, mental and spiritual best.

  5. Yeah Banner they tortured raped murder ningas but we still want to kiss ass all day. I must admit the job done on the minds of Native African Americans in this country is beyond superb. We have no respect for our cultures because many of us refuse to learn our cultures.

    The European Cacausian goes to Foreign land to destroy relics, statues, and monuments of things our Ancestors build to increase the spell of we having any culture ever! In Amerikkka anything That is recognized as culture besides rap music, and Friend chicken is shut down! ie:Any black organizations that are actively making things happen or leadership for that matter.

    The mental annilation of the Mind of the black youth through the seducing telievision is just what the doctor orderd right now because its what makes them tick. The YT know the more the youth are decieved the longer it takes for Native African American people to get back on the good foot. Construct the Minds of Native African American youth right now with organizing attractive activities. If you haven’t figured out by know that Black Entertainment and telievision is a bunch of crock Thats been sitting on the stove for two weeks then I suggest you go see your pastor or someone who can help you see, Whats happening before your very eyes.

    Native African American Women your in crucial moments in your Mystery your the most popular, beautiful charismatic being on the Planet. But once your gone bad your baddddd Jack,! Many of you hold the Key Ankh to your community and For that matter your Family And Of course your Race! Learn of your Great past put down the Things that is not of your culture and foods. Extensions in your hair is a trap to disconnect you from your own Ancestors. Your hair is Your dignity its like a The most precious gift you have. If you take No pride in it, then it is known you lose balance. Not to mention some of the dangers being found in these products A Shame what Women in our Culture would doing because they been taught there own Beauty is not acceptable. Thats called self hate, and Envy

    Brothers must embrace the Beautiful natural features of the Sisters. Even though you are programmed to be impressed by lighter skin thinner lips Butt injected humanoid women. Let me say this quickly when you out in this World sleeping with all types of men and women of other species you dont know what you are allowing into your essence. Many of these alienated individuals whose looks good from the programmed mind are actually not of human essence. Marinade on that for minute. The spirit is that of who knows if that individual is not of your culture . Big moma would not approve. In other words alot of You are being used just for your Spirit blood!!!!. In one point in our Mysterious Mystery there was a Great Soul who went by the name James Brown he said im Black and im Proud. Now days people don’t want to be associated with themselves. Your beauty and culture is like no other they be came so encourage, which led to hate, jealousy, and know Murder! Why they wont get off our Jocks leave us alone. Because you want leave them alone. You want to fit in so bad you stoop down to fit in their reality shows etc.

    • The Taliban destroyed a very ancient and holy Buddha carving on a mountain in Afghanistan. It’s not just white Europeans who are intolerant of other cultures.

      • The Taliban was created by the white man.

        It’s called blowback.

        Also, no other culture has destroyed other relics and cultures on a global scale as the white man.


    • They beat the dog shit out of one and the judge said that they were within their legal guidelines to do so.

    • Here’s the thing from my point of view, and I know it goes against the grain: white people in the most part stop and submit when a pig says halt or drop it.
      My cop friends tell me that black men for the most part tend to resist arrest or at the very least argue(like the young man in Ferguson.) Now the reason for this is that whites have no fear of the cops because they have been treated fairly since the police forces were formed. We have not, so we become defensive when confronted. I think that we need to stop messing with the pigs in any way. Whether it’s just f*cking with them verbally, like that obese dude who died of respiratory failure in NYC last month or whether it’s a Rodney King situation. No one white or black was down with what happened to King, except the jury, but the truth was if he had stopped and submitted, they wouldn’t have had an excuse to beat the shit out of him.
      I’m not generally an easy going turn the other cheek person, but if you are black in America, you’d best be sure your life insurance is straight if you’re going to have words with a white person with a gun and authority. Do you want to be right or do you want to survive?

      • Well now YT is gettin’ his ass kicked by the popo, how ya like dat now??

        Black men give lip because they are being harassed. The obese guy who was choked to death was murder. And he had so many arrests, the cops knew him, so they knew he wasn’t dangerous. Why did they have to choke him to death?

        Ass hat krakkas like you always defend the cops. Until you get your azz tasered. That is what cops do to YT

  6. I agree with what David Banner said until we start respecting ourselves and each other these things are going to continue to happen. I also put blame on the music and movies because rappers are allowed to say the n word call women out their names but that doesnt happen in other genres of music. We need to put pressure on the music industry to force them to make changes. Dont support these artists who are destroying the black culture. Boycott!

  7. Black men dont respect themselves! Look how they dress with their pants hanging down low. Black men are very promiscous no wonder hiv and stds run rampant in the black community. Also nobody addresses mental illness because something is not working right up there.

  8. This is what happens when your born into poverty and society looks down on you. This young man was killed deliberately the same way Sean Bell was killed and Amodou Diallo, Patrick Doresmond, Oscar Grant,and the list goes on and on. Black mothers and fathers start raising these kids right.

    • This child was preparing to go to college on Monday. So apparently his parents did something right. So for you to make the ignorant comment tells me that you have not been following the story.

      BTW….we here at HSK do not us the coward “anonymous” handle. Please troll on another site.

  9. You blacks brought this on yourselves. You people get no sympathy because in most cases, this is the outcome that you desire. That Ferguson teen may not have wanted to be shot, but he was sure looking to get his ass whooped! Why? So that he can sue the city and the police. We are on to your game. Stop provoking and pushing buttons to the extreme then you won’t get shot.

    It’s only a matter of time before the Latinos take over the US. You can have your gay athletes and gay rappers as your leaders. Every black man worships Jennifer Lopez anyway.

    Someone actually said that a rapper named, “Killer Mike” spoke out on this shooting! LOL! And you wonder why cops shoot and devalue the lives of black men?

    • When the police state finally arrives in full force, let’s see what you got to say then.

      You are right about the Latinos. Why do you think so many are cops? So they can let krakkas know that it ain’t enough to be white.

      • Just so ya know, white folks think it’s funny when you call them krakkas. It doesn’t bother them a lick. It’s not at all like the n word is to us.
        Just sayin’.

    • I dont agree about the kid asking to get shot at all, but as far as all the athletes and actors and rappers being gay i cant blame you for making that assumption,.black people are so dumb they cant even keep this shyt private even if it is true you have black people outting other black people to get attention on YouTube and blogs, you cant keep white people from clicking on a website and when they do all they see is weird looking Negros being blasted for being gay or broke, and the last part about Negros loving nonblack women is true too, my next door neighbor is supposedly a black.panther with the whitest looking mixed girl he could find, ive seen Negros in here following around that boriqua girl that theyve never even seen but havent given the black girls in here even one compliment, sorry but its true

      • anna,

        let us not stop you from eating that entire box of ring dings, you fat ugly disgusting nasty stank white bitch.

        You wish you were black. Yeah, you are a failure. You must really be fat if a black man hasn’t wifed, impregnated and cheated your pathetic ass.

      • Every.comment on here is about how that persons a devil worshipping illuminati puppet”, or “hes a gay fag who picks up boys in Atlanta” or “hes broke and owes his babby mamma 5million dollars” black people LOVE to bash eachother just be honest, stop getting mad at what im saying and really think about it, im not rascist how can i be racist against my own race, im just calling it how i see it,.thats why Africans dont like black americans

        • Every black person gets called a coon or a sellout, lmao you even have black people in here that preach about how “not all black people are the same and only the isrealites are the chosen ones and the rest are hamites” you got black people in here questioning whos black enough…..so dont get mad at me im not the one saying that shyt im just bringing it to your attention


  11. This Is About Us And Our Survival. We need to be jolted back into reality. No matter what status we occupy, all of us can be taken out. All men fear us for whatever reason(s), and this is the genesis of the problem. So, white media bombards their newscasts with stories about black males killing other black males and females as well. Whites are very well protected from crime, but, some get got from time to time. The fear that is inherent from the other side is not rooted in reality. Police officers are paid to protect whites and other folk that are in the club… Not Us! Any cop that comes across our path is already a nervous wreck… Stay Mindful Brothas & Sistas! Are all cops racist and evil, No? But, that does not matter, the damage is done. I trust no cop with my life… Black, White, Asian, etc. They have a license to kill us and get away with it because the larger white community is okay with it. Meanwhile, serial killers and other sickos of white criminality are ignored. We can wish this away all we want, this is not gonna stop anytime soon. The burbs or the ghetto, our lives are in danger everyday… Everyday! All the talking heads can say wbatever, they tell us to be calm and let the justice system run it’s course… F$&k That! The Black KKK and The White KKK… Brothas of The Same Mind!!!

  12. I find it funny how you justify your thievery and looting while hiding behind the cloak of injustice. You don’t give a damn about this latest death by a cop. You just want a free tv!

    In the meantime, your gay black president is selling you out for the Latinos. You get upset over the shooting of gang-banger thugs but when it comes to the real issues like the re-conquering of America by Latinos, you act like sheep.

    I would have more respect for you if you march on the border. Funny how everyone knows where Ferguson is but they don’t give a damn about Laredo.

    • You krakkas are letting Latinos become the majority minority, not us

      You just surprised that Latinos may want to be you, but they don’t like you and y’all can’t get over that.

      Look in the mirror. Y’all had blacks underfoot for 400 years and now you have a black president and Latinos overrunning the border? Blame yourself.

      • Actually Mexicans and white Americans get along very well. Much better than blacks and Mexicans. Most minorities in all countries aspire to be one of the upper class and so they don’t piss on the upper class. That’s not how it is with blacks and whites in America. Blacks see no hope and they have given up. That desperation is what is fueling all the killing. Folks who think they have nothing to lose act that way. Mexicans tend to value their families as #1 and therefore feel they have a lot to lose. I have been taking care of my illegal Mexican yard man for 5 years and every dime he earns he sends to his family in Guadalajara. One by one he brings them here. He could have bought a decent car and have decent clothes by now but he doesn’t waste his money on bullshit when his people are in need.
        We could use a little of that dedication to family solidarity ourselves. White folks respect them too.

        • What a useless post…..moron we tried many times in this country. Guess you are a blind negro who has made your climb up honky’s ladder. Mexicans hate white ppl but are willing to kiss their ass to make money. Who cares about your yard man you simpleton. Mexicans like us know they are hated. Ask Mexicans in Texas and Arizona how they feel.

        • Tell that to the family of that mentally ill man who was beaten to death in So. Cal. by the Mexican American cop.

          As Dope Game says below, Mexicans appear to like you and kiss your azz, but they know that all they need is the vote and the population numbers and they will remember the Alamo, just very, very differently.

          You are a very confused and isolated person. You are basing your view of Mexican Americans on your gardener??

          BTW, if you are black, he hates you too.

          And Blacks don’t piss on the upper class, unless you think the YTs in the trailer park are upper class.

          Nobody gets close enough to the elite to piss on them, you dumb twat.


  13. Lol David Banner don’t get it….like most on here and in America. Your value not gonna go up. Too weak

  14. Again, stop rioting in Ferguson and go march on the damn border. You can thank me later for instilling truth and opening your eyes.

  15. I didnt read the article just wanted to see David Banner. Im sure he said some prolific ish as always. I just want to sniff his clothes and hump his back!

  16. The black culture is conducive to crime and violence. It’s in the media, the music, the ghettos, and in the hearts and minds of the black community. Trap music? Blaxploitation films, pimps and hoes, baby mamas and daddies, etc. Call the media when there’s interracial violence, but it’s ‘Free my Nigga!’ when it’s black on black crime. My blog explains more…http://celestewriter.com/2014/05/23/single-parent-families-and-pimps/


  17. This is going to turn out just like the Trayon Martin backlash nothing but racist comments, lack of compassion and understanding for the lost of any child not matter the race. We have growth to acquire black, white, green and yellow and don’t realize that we promote and continue to fuel the hate natural that lives within us. Now everyone is trying to justify their points of view instead of valuing a life that we created by GOD and GOD hates no color whatever he created he loves it all equally and when you hate you are not promoting his image, nature of love on this earth. He told us a long time ago that we have the dominion on this earth and so far we have used all of our power poorly and that goes for every race that lives on this earth whatever one needs to do is to check there own heart and mindset and get over yourself.

  18. I needed to make some corrections, Thanks you

    This is going to turn out just like the Trayon Martin backlash nothing but racist comments, lack of compassion and understanding for the lost of any child no matter the race. We all have growth to acquire black, white, green and yellow and don’t realize that we promote and continue to fuel the hate nature that lives within us. Now everyone is trying to justify their points of view instead of valuing a life that he created by GOD and GOD hates no color whatever he created he loves it all equally and when you hate you are not promoting his image, nature of love on this earth. He told us a long time ago that we have the dominion on this earth and so far we have used all of our power poorly and that goes for every race that lives on this earth what every one needs to do is to check there own hearts and mindset and get over yourself. As a black women I don’t want to have a son and raise him only for the world to see him as a thug even when I try my best to raise him with wisdom and value. I see so many comments from the white perspective calling all black men thugs as if they are all the same never thinking to change their perception of this young man trying to do something more with his life then stand on the corner he was going to be off to college in a week and now those dreams are destroyed because of hate and fear.

  19. I wanted to comment on the person who said black women are holding black men back. Wrong! Black men are holding themselves back. You cant further yourself in life if you dont go to school and if your wearing your pants hanging down. If your going to get profiled dont let it be for that.

  20. Also the person who mentioned the brain not working properly I totally agree.There’s so many kids with learning disabilities like autism,aspergers, depression,etc. get your kids checked early on.

  21. Rappers are big contradictions. They go back and forth. One minute their hoe this and bitch that, then they want everyone to stand with them when something goes wrong. It’s hard to stand next to anyone calling me out of my name or disrespecting my fellow sister. Please open your eyes first then shut your mouth, we’re suppose to fight with you because you decided to talk with sense for a day. Right!

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