Bow Wow Bows Down To Erica Mena!


Their give and take relations told…

HSK Exclusive – Erica Mena is said to have Bow Wow wrapped around her finger. Know how? According to our insiders, “Erica brings females over for threesomes with Bow Wow. “Bow Wow’s an industry trick,” says our source. “Erica’s got this fool saving up his trap to trick off on her.”

Dig the drop:

“She’s only dating him for the press. Bow Wow don’t care that she likes pom pom more than he does, she gives him what he wants… vice versa.”


    • What the hell? Erica Mena? Really Bow wow? Dayum this is a bisexual hooka and you claiming her! This must be for the upcoming show! BET has her as its new host for 106 and park? WHy not MTV! NO CAUSE SHE IS A HOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AND DUMB BLACK ENTERTAINMENT WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING! THAT’S WHY I DON’T FUCK WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Wasn’t he just ranting about females coming up off of him and golddiggers? He needs to get his mind right and realize that he is the problem, not these women.

  2. Erica is the kind of girl that f*cks any guy with money, just to get a job or whatever he can give to her. That’s why she f*cked up with her ex gf, cause the only thing she had to offer to Erica was love and I don’t think she wants that, she just want money. Anyway, hope they last…Who am I kidding, they will last 1 month.

  3. A fly on their wall told me Erica is mean with the strap on….. Bitch Wow loves it.

    • I heard a lot women that date or marry men in the industry have to be “mean” with a strap on
      Its 1 of the requirements

    • Damn Jboogie, LOL I remember seeing a picture several years ago of Bow Wow being “hit from the back” buried in my subconscious. At the time he was claiming the picture was photoshopped. I personally never believed it.

  4. Even though this hooker’s body is fake, it just seems like it’s still too much woman for little Bow Wow. Maybe his pockets can handle her but can he do it, is the question?

    Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t this little man complaining and crying recently about gold diggers and how he wasn’t dealing with them anymore? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Bow Wow done went and got himself another prostitute.

    • He always gets too much woman.. Ciara, that last ho he was just crying about and now this opportunist
      He’s damn near broke and its been documented. BET doesn’t pay him that much. Hasn’t had a hit in yrs and isn’t getting big acting roles.
      My theory is Dear Mama spent most his money. She did put him on a tour bus with Snoop when he was a child, and she let him get ran through like a NY subway terminal. That’s why he’s covered in tats. To cover his shame. Its a coping mechanism, not a fashion statement.

      In summary, pls enjoy it while you can Bow Wow. You’re not getting any younger, any cuter,any smarter or any richer. Keep paying for p*ssy.. your days of getting it for free are over!

  5. I have a question. I’m not trying to insult anyone. I really want to know…If a bi-sexual girl has sex with a bi-sexual guy,does that make them straight. If a person is gay why do they date masculine or feminine versions of the same sex they don’t find attractive? For example: A butch woman with a beautiful feminine woman but the fem woman doesn’t like men. A masculine man doesn’t like women but, he’ll get him a feminine looking/soft guy. I’m only asking here because Jacky’s folks keeps it real and I know someone will have the patience to explain.

    • Those ppl all sound very confused.
      I’ve always considered bi’s as tri’s . They would try anything if the price was right.. and I don’t just mean money or being paid..
      Most bi’s I’ve known were strippers or pros.. not regular ppl with regular (productive) lives.

      Not that they can’t have productive lives, however, these specific ppl did not.

      • Thanks Willie Jones Jr. for taking time to answer my question. I’ve kinda believed there was no such thing as Bi. In my opinion those people are just greedy. I get what you mean by regular/productive lives.

        • No problem. I hope I wasn’t too mean or closeminded. I just don’t care for all that stuff.
          Glad I could help!

    • Thanks Theelephantintheroom, for breaking down the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity. I didn’t realize there was a difference. I think I got it now… Being gay is having an attraction to the same sex and dressing as the opposite sex is usually a matter of sexual identity. Correct?

      • that is correct. Most female aggressives identify as Male but not all because you have some that identify as women but doesnt conform to one “box” or catergory.. They sometimes just prefer being called Queer. In a transgender female to male with a lesbian relationship the lesbian usually will identify with being Queer as to not insult her partners change.

    • Funny shit is a butch will have a boy haircut, boy clothes, boy shoes and a boy battery operated sex organ chasin what boys like and swear she hates men. Go figure.

  6. Mutual Relationship… He gets threesomes, she boosts her status in the culture. Mena needs Bow Wow more than he needs her, so, he’s getting the most from the union. Honestly, Erica needs to pump the brakes. Mona is making cake because of Erica’s antics, but, is this Mamita reaping the fruits of her labor??? All of us trying to get this paper one way or another.

  7. The funny thing is she don’t mention it, but his thirsty ass points it out every chance he gets that he’s dating her. He just look like a thirsty borderline midget trick lmao

  8. popeye needs to admit that HE IS A DRUG USER AND OLIVE IS A HO COME ON SHE WAS PHUKKING POPEYE, BLUTO, And wimpy.

  9. She looks like she ROCKS Bow Wow’s world! LMMFAOOOO! He looks like a little boy next to her! CTFU!!!!

  10. these no good n1gga!!! f^ck with these white/Latino/Asian tricks their only sexing you for sex and money

    black love is doomed in Hollywood too many sellouts

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