Battle Rapper/Whistle Blower Calls Out Busta & Diddy’s ISMS, Launches ‘I Wanna F*ck Diddy Movement’


“Ima try and f*ck Diddy before 2016 is up.” ~Daylyt

A Los Angeles man, noted as a battle rapper, has the industry on high alert after blasting Sean Puffy Combs and Busabusss for sharing smashing experiences.

His goes by the name Daylyt… and he’s not the only one spilling industry ISMs. Just ask Teddy Riley.

But as it stands, Daylyt is the lone lyricist who says he’s launching a movement aimed at ‘f*ckin’ the sh*t outta Diddy’ and droppin’ the sex tape thereafter.

Peep what this lost soul just put out there:

“Would I f**k Diddy? Yeah, I’d f**ked Diddy. I’m not gonna front. I’d f**k the s**t outta Diddy.

Why not? Diddy’s attractive. Get him off with a bottle of Ciroc, a shot of Ciroc. He got plenty of Ciroc. Get him f**ked up. I’d f**k. I’m not gonna front.. like why not? Diddy’s attractive.

I’m actually about to start a movement… it’s called the ‘I Wanna F*ck P Diddy’ movement. That’s my agenda for the rest of the semester. I’m gonna start a kickstarter. I’m gonna set it to like a mill-ticket and if I can reach a mill ticket, I’m gonna drop me and P Diddy’s sextape.

I think Diddy is a very attractive person. I’ve always been infactuated with how he dances. It was something about the arms and sh*t… that’s sh*t’s sexy, yo. Let’s be honest… like Diddy thick, yo. Have you ever seen the n*gga in some tight sh*t? He thick like he got a nice shape, yo…”


  1. #CONFUSION…the lines are too blurred..this is a generation of extremely lost souls..if he’s joking, ha-ha but if not am so not amused..look at my face O_o **blank stare** & am not laughing..

    • how is that confusing??? If you stand up to pee and you let men dig in ur booty hole UR GAY. If you are a woman and you let other women munch your carpet you are a LESBIAN. I hope I cleared your blurred lines for you.

      • Child I met this guy a few years ago, who I thought was sexy and very masculine (he had a 12 inch dick)
        proclaiming how he wanted to f*ck Diddy too
        I explained to him that I kind knew Diddy and would try to make that possible. He was thrilled
        (But I never did follow up though)
        But yeah, Diddy got a serious male fan club

    • That nigga ain’t joking….he mean that shit. Straight men don’t play like that.

  2. Wow this agenda is very powerful. First all or us were criminals and or homophobic thugs and now we are either gay or we get females pregnant and leave. I don’t think this man represents this entire young generation but the media would certainly like us to believe that.

    • Well I live in a urban neighborhood where the majority of the young black men believe in the “blowing money fast” agenda. They believe in exploiting young black women, fast cars, designer labels, fast money and of course mollys and weed and the ocassional “hug the bro” encounters. Which translate into a little “thug loving” once in a while .They blame it on the the molly, weed and alchohol and needing to blow some stress off once in a while whether its by a man or a woman

      • Wow. A dude will be ready to beat my ass cause I will tell em when they actin gay in a minute. It’s so transparent to those of us that know what masculine men are like.

  3. The white people that are controlling the industry are making them turn gay SMH obviously dudes havent requested for bitches to shake they asses in their music videos since the year 2000. and NOW little kids are brainwashed and confused. its all the devil. Damon Dash was telling the truth all along

    • What does that say about the black man if white people can “make” them be gay?? Think about what you said.

    • I agree. What is the world coming to? A grown man should not feel comfortable saying this type of stuff. Everywhere I look tv, magazines, Internet even @my job—the emasculation of the black man. What happened to our black men? Is it the lack of fathers? Molestation? Black men in prison? This shit is getting out of control. I have a young son & I try my best to teach him that love & marriage is between a man and woman but when we turn on the Disney channel, I see a episode with two mothers. Wtf? The agenda is real. Even @my job, it seems like only the gays get promotions. Men coming into the office with tighter clothes than me. This is the devil….It’s very sick….

  4. To y’all really believing him he is the greatest internet troll ever lol. Yes he is a battle rapper but he is also a attention seeker. His troll powers have no limit to what he will do or say. Lol he jus say a lot and do a lot to get your attention. And he got it lol real talk

  5. The look in dat nikka’s eyes, the thick sloping forehead. That mofo caint get right. LOL

  6. This is the world were living in everr body gay as f*ck theses days sick sad shit wft is on his face the nigga needs help asap.

  7. Lol he not gay lol this nigga a internet troll. He said he would make his name bigger than battle rap. He trollin y’all lol he not gay that comment jus gave him a buzz to get the attention he wanted

    • But if these kneewgros dont have any structure or self discipline they are capable of anything
      Including bisexuality and gay 4 pay

  8. So, wait, forget for a minute that he wants to smash another man, let’s just jump to the plan. He wants to smash Diddy, make a tape, and leak it, naw sell it! Ok, it ain’t gonna happen. He just told it all….stupid!


  10. This is wild the mindstate that a person can have and not even realize that it is perverted. As a man thinkith so is he. Sometimes it is not even good for us to watch and listen to this Sh!t because it is trying to cast it spell on us as speak and comment.

  11. Like I said take your asses back to school. There is nothing wrong with that! Go into a field where is the jobs is most needed. Ain’t nothing wrong with slow money. It make takes time, but its better than that fast pace doing shit that’s not right.

    • There is nothing wrong with slow money. Give me a nice Engineer any day over Diddy. People really sell their souls to become famous. I have a family member that recently moved to Hollywood to pursue his acting career. He is starting to change. I pray every day that he comes to his senses.

    • I respect slow money. Dudes making fast money wonder why they don’t get the respect. It’s just not in me.

  12. i think i may have heard or read through the internets grapevine that he sold the site. if you notice he took his pic off at the top…and yes, the style is completely different…i’m sure jacky is fine and sitting back collecting his ad revenue as to your point 😉

  13. I truely think he is gay. Shitttt…this fool called Diddy out. By using the so call battle rap my be a code to call Diddy on some DL bullshit.

  14. Right @ radiant cause puffy a butt boy himself who does that shit I wouldnt even play like that,that some sick gay shit they pushing this gay agenda hard I feel sorry fof theses kids today fix it jesus.

  15. None of this is surprising. Gangsta Rappers are the biggest promoters of homosexuality within our race… Ugly Truth! Two decades of bashing blackwomen for profit, it all makes sense now. “My Dawgs, My Ni?? as, My Homies, M. O. B, Hoes, Bitches, etc. Glorifying Jail/Prison… Need I Say More?

    • I never understood how nigs could listen to rap songs where one dude is talking in detail about his dick. I just don’t get it. Telling a dude to suck his dick??? I know no hetero woman who tells other women to suck her clit. Why? Cause we don’t want that visual.

  16. Shooooo….one of my male gay friends ALREADY F****D DIDDY!!!

    ……and here’s the tea. Ole boy told me he went down to Miami to one of Diddy’s white parties or something to that effect and Diddy was trolling for dick.

    He took my friend into the back room and they got busy. My friend said Diddy is a nice size, working with about 9 inches. Diddy was dominant. He’s was the top that night.

    By the way my friend is not feminine looking at all! Dude was dressing up as a female back then but trust and believe there was no mistaking him for a real woman with his five o’clock shadow and manly frame.

    Diddy needs to just come on out that closet. In fact, just bulldozer that muhgfugga down cuz he ain’t foolin’ NO DAMN BODY!!!!

    • Back in the 90s when Puffy made that video with Mase, and at that tie the rumors had not started yet, I absolutely KNEW he was gay. JLo or not, the way he was looking at and acting around that boy Mase, it was screamingly obvious.

      • I heard he used to do 3somes with Jlo and other guys
        This hollywood swinging been going down
        I remember a male friend of mine going to Russell Simmons orgie parties in the early 80s
        Veronica Webb, Naomi Campbell and a whole lot of others used to attend. My friend said it was disgusting. He said he didnt mind the females but sometimes when the switch up came the men would stick it anywhere including in another man

  17. Yep I agree, trying to slip a non relevant “gay rapper” some free PR time. Lol

  18. The world has become super gay now men wearing shirts,wearing fungernail polish,tight azz pants,making videos called throw that boy p*ssy gay gay gay its real sad this world were living in.

  19. Sooo because he’s mentioning it in a rap song that means Diddy is gay? I can say that I want to screw Johnny Depp. That doesn’t mean I will.

  20. Yup
    These nikkas is brainwashed. The head line
    Mentioned busta. Not in the article.
    I guess they threw his fruity ass under
    The bus.

  21. Some of these “lost souls” are just pure attention whores who will say the most outlandish shit to get their 15 minutes of fame because social media put’s EVERYONE out and on…the crazier the better

  22. A real straight man would NEVER say this as a joke! He is a faaaaag!!!He likes dookie sticks!

  23. If anybody would have ever told me that i would have lived to see the day when a dude like that would be into f*cking other dudes in the ass i would have called them a lair. What has happened to so many Black men? These niggas are bunrning in lust for one another. The female just don’t turn them on anymore. I had to stop going to the clubs because there be straight looking an acting niggas there trying to pick you up. I am done with this world. I may be alive in it,but i am no longer apart of it. This is some sick shit if ever i heard it. Don’t be shocked to hear a month from now that Diddy took this dude up on his offer.

    • @Truth, what makes it so bad that for every straight man, there is like 5 to 7 women on that one straight man. Ladies, U can’t get mad at other ladies because of the shortage of straight men due to the fact because most of the men are gay or on the DL. Can U blame a women for seeing a married man or a guy who got a girl at home? No. Society is so screwed up that it has gotten to the point that look likes that its the only option. Something has to be done. Now what happens if they get tired of messing with dudes? Are they going to go back to the black women they abandon? No. Why? The risk of STDs are on the rise.

      • yeah it is scary out here. And women you don’t getta pass. I can’t believe i use to like to see 2 women getting it on, now it’s just got outta hand! I never worried about my women creeping around on me with another dude because i felt what ever is done in the dark will come to the light. But now these days men gotta look @ they girl with a side eye when she comes in from hanging out with her girls… and the same thing with women with their men…CRAZY!

        • Me and a set of batteries will always be the best of friends. As long they have “HappyLand Stores” Imma be alright.

    • Yall stop watching all that gay porn, vibrating your p*ssy to death and stop being so stingy we can fix this problem LOL!

  24. dang this nicca thirsty as hell.. He used to bang the churchminister of music, DayQuan “Lollilop” Jenkins back in 98

  25. All this unnatural shit was foretold in Romans 1:25-30 and it is happening just as prophecied.

    • It seems like its going down fast tho. Scary. What will be the norm when my child is thirty?

      • Teach your children as THE MOST HIGH instructed you and he will cover them. Teach them the word of THE ALMIGHTY so that they will have respect for his word and he will protect them. This i can promise you.

  26. That boy sounds like he needs to go back to school he sounds so un educated these are some nasty ass people lost souls is right because all of these Hollywood people are just nasty as f*ck and this boy sound like he been in prison and ran wit the rape crew in there and didn’t have time to read a book because the only thing he was doen was rape’en the inmates and get’en raped well ladies it’s getting to place where there are no more straight guys left what are we to do?

  27. Diddy is NOT attractive. Even with the money, tailored suits, shades, jewelry, steroids, invisaligns, and Proactive scrubs he is barely alright looking though a vast improvement from his backup dancing days. This is a stunt to up Sean’s stock. This dude must be thirsty for a deal or any type of duck to sick.

  28. Y’all know he’s completely joking don’t you? He has “Sarcastic” on his shirt. He is being very dry and clearly it is a joke to get attention, which it did.
    He’s talking about watching manatees mating on NatGeo..he’s no dope. And he makes the observation that the group of men watching Aaron Hall get it were obviously hard and beating off at the time, just like they do when watching a porno. He calls them perverts.
    lol Listen to it again…if you can’t see it’s a joke made with the intent of making Diddy and the others look like shit, then you lack an observational comedy chip. This guy may not be much to look at with his tatted face, but he is very clever. I would lay good money that he is the LEAST gay rapper, if indeed he is a rapper, of all of them.

  29. I watch battle rappers and I’m familiar with DayLyt he is gay as hell. He always talking or doing gay sh*t. But he’s one if the best battle rappers out there. GAY yes Diddy gay as hell also so he would actually come up off of freaking Diddy

  30. This Nicca is Dehydrated thirsty ,, you want sissy , I mean
    Diddy to stretch yo A-hole and for what money ? Fame , fortune
    I can’t believe cats have no honor , respect , or integrity or dignity. You
    Would compromise your dignity and health to get on. You need
    Jesus my Nicca!

  31. Maybe this was just his way of getting people to talking about him. Some of these dudes are so desperate for some attention and fame they say stupid shit like this. People who want fame and fortune will do anything to get it. A desperate person is a dangerous person. I just saw Floyd Mayweather posted a video of him paying some female to come take him a bath. A grown ass man paying for some shit like that. Black men have lost their minds. Black women i feel sorry for yall.

  32. This is funni too still cracking up on him saying diddy thick as hell lmao tight shit diddy wearing ha too funni

    • And I love the way he cracks on Diddy’s “dancing with his arms”. He’s very funny but it seems that it was lost on many here who just took it literally.

  33. says the person who has a TOTAL history of 3 comments on HSK (under this IP address)… Conveniently all related to this topic and all left today.

    stolen user ID (from a long time commentor) of course

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