It’s a Wrap For Future & Ciara: “He cheated on her. Game over.”


Mr. ‘Free Bandz’ and Mrs. ‘I’m Out’ are officially NOT rockin’ anymore.That’s the latest drop on the pair… surfacing exactly two-weeks since Future was revealed to be secretly smashing his stylist/personal assistant, Tyrina Lee.

Here is what’s out there:

“She’s out! She called off her engagement to Future. Ciara’s devastated and is keeping her focus on the baby.”

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  1. Fuk she thought she was gon change his game! Hahaha. She should see the nearest hiv/aids center to get tested. Well now she gotta get in line for childsupport payments. Wont be much since he got a damn track field of kids.

    • I agree. The law states which custodian parent put in first for child support will get the most and it goes descending down to the least.

    • I am so confused with her choice to have a baby with Future. She is a beauty without brains! This negro does have a football team of children. CiCI who does that? What the hell is happening to our sistas?

  2. Thats what that dumb bitch get tryna keep kim an lala she though she was gonna have him on lock not,he wasnt even there for the birth he was showing her that his birth was not important doing a show was naw . She baby momma no 4 or 5 damn looks like cici got play played.

  3. How u get em is how u lose em she was tryna keep up with kim an lala anthony doing a show was more important than his son birth that right there shows u what type of nigga future is hes a hoe he dont wanna be tied down f*cking all thoses thots on the road is his lifestyle what she though he was gonna change cause she ciara not.

    • She would have been better off with 50cent
      I remember when he 1st started dating her and he was really smitten by her.
      But he said that he didnt mind supporting her but at least have a hot cooked meal when he came off the road
      I believe CiCi was staying at his Ct. mansion (the 1 he bought from Mike Tyson) at the time

      But CiCi was so busy running after Kim K and LaLa, at the time that she couldnt even cook a hot meal for her man

      Now granted, 50cent is an azzhole but I think he at least take care of his kids while they are babies
      Lol ! I know I might sound stupid but this Future guy just look like he aint shyt

      I even think his brother Rocko who had a brother by Monica is a better catch then him

  4. Ci-Error was giving Future all her love, but it wasn’t enough. He told her from the gate what he needed, I guess she didn’t hear what he was saying. She gave the love and the style coach was giving, Luhh and Affeshun uh uh uh uh. And that “Brandy Norwood sloppy top” didn’t hurt either… I bet the style coach end up pregnant. Shit, this ninja can’t get in the same neighborhood with a chick without her getting pregnant. Before you go to a Future concert, all women need to take your Birth Control pills, get a patch, a DP shot and soak your IUD in bucket of spermacide, then get your tubes tied. He treat broads like hot air balloons, he blow em up and send em on their way…

  5. Future is too damn fine in that picture with his daughter…. but anyway scrap that !! She shouldnt have been stupid to give him a chance when she found out he impregnated 3 different women before her AND he didnt even care about her baby shower or hospital birth. everybody is shocked that Ciara did it to herself

  6. How the f*ck is he a Rapper when he is always SINGING ???? She chillin cause she already know she doesnt need his child support lol but the both of them made a dumb ass move. and now his reputation is even more f*cked up because of what he did to her and because of what he continues to do so he’s gonna FLOP

  7. What a sad start to this lil innocent’s life.

    Ciara, I said it before and I will say it again. Please do a full spiritual inventory to determine why you constantly get involved with men who publicly humiliate you either by their words or actions. You must find the root cause of this issue and destroy it, or you will have nothing but bad memories for the rest of your days.

  8. Cute baby. I’m not happy about Ciara losing Future ut seriously who didn’t see this coming?

    • See all my comments from the last post( when she gave birth n future wasnt their)..on this…i knew he wasnt gonna stray…he has a pattern..charm them, make them fall for him n feel so in love, then raw dog..knockem up…then baby comes…now p*ssy is old n used up…on to the next one…repeated cycle..6th baby mama…7th,8th…a man who is addicted to the dopamine rush and once its gone..moves on.
      Same ol song.


      • Yep, Future is a sick bastard but I don’t feel sorry for Ciara though because his history was staring her right in the face with all those other baby mothers sitting at the table. Ciara was so thirsty for love she decided to ignore the f*ckery in order to become a sister wife.
        I just pity those poor kids who have to grow up with a POS daddy in and out of their lives.

  9. ciara shouldn’t of boasted about the engagement. she met his baby mama’s what a waste of time!!
    also she phucked up his money and reputation September last year future had a club appearance and the manager was pissed
    because c-error was acting like a spoiled brat

  10. Them folks taking the cash out of his royalty checks. So, he gotta deal with Ciara for the rest of his life. Future wanna spread his seed in multiple women, he can do that. Future went along with Ciara’s wishes in the beginning. But, being a one-woman man… That’s Not Dude! As many sistas have stated, she assumed her “Goodies” would lock him down. A lot of women can put it down in the sheets, but, that does mean a brotha will stay committed. Ain’t no incentive to be stable, when a planet full of women are breaking their necks to be with artistic negros… Rappers & Ballers! I wish her the best in life!!!

  11. An affair that was over before it ever begun. If we saw this coming then what was Cici’s problem. Blindness? Stupidity? Desperation?

    Oh well, their baby is cute.

  12. Honestly I think this relationship was calculated…. I think she wanted a baby and thought a baby would make him stay…. She wanted to have lala and Kim’s life… Remember they had children first then got married…. but they werent that gushy about marriage like ciara …. ciara was rubbing her belly on the view…. didnt sing a song or nothing….. and where like when, how, who, then tattoos with his name on her finger…. Crying on interviews about their love…he didnt even committ or comment much about the relationship…ciara was dating men… Basketball players and rappers and she started to think if I have a baby the guy won’t leave so that’s what she did…. Future knew she was a hopeless romantic and knew she was content with him doing what he wanted as long as he looked as if he cared….I’m gonna tell you when he thought the shit was laughable…..when she took photos with his children’s mothers and said we’re friends and family… Wedding magazine…. Numerous photos of the ring with no wedding date…her and her father dancing to future songs like they’re fanatics. But ciara he didn’t come to your child’s birth… That’s a red flag… That was your first baby…. But see that wasn’t his first time or first baby so childbirth wasn’t important

  13. Hey, Li’l Future Zahir is a 3 month old Angel and if she ever looks back on this experience and wants to kick herself in the ass for her decision to have his baby, I hope she sees the real blessing that came from all this. Her first born baby boy. Raise him to be a King and all that he is meant and intended to be.

  14. Ciara couldn’t see this nukka was TRASH from the jump? No? Then she deserves everything he’s dishing out to her.

  15. she’ll probably f*ck him when he’s visiting he’s son like most uneducated unintelligent hood rats do!!!!

    you need to get the dyck while is there!! and best believe c-error will hop on it like a broomstick flying over a

    • if a normal down home negro, such as myself, were to give ms Ciara a ring, she’d probably flee for her very life. I may be a burly black man all of 300lbs, 6’4″ and blacker than the night’s sky, with an overly liberal splash of ugly that approaches Notorious B.I.G; and I may be a 37 year old never kissed forever alone neck beard virgin, I would however, love Ms Ciara desperately. Hell, I’d suck on her butt hole to taste her farts. But I’d probably do that with any girl I get to have sex with so whatevs.

      • Hahaha… 6’4, burley with a beard sounds sexy to me. Now the biggie part, not so much.

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