Tyga Responds After ChyRob Stans Go Ham in His IG Comments

tyga blac chyna rob kardashian engagement

After news broke that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna were engaged, their stans shared their joy by going absolutely ham in Tyga’s IG comments.

ChyRob fans left clover and diamond ring emojis on Tyga’s latest picture. Rob and Chyna frequently use the clover emoji in their IG captions since Rob was born on St. Patrick’s Day, and the diamond ring emoji is to signify their engagement of course. They also called Tyga “Duncle” (daddy + uncle).

tyga cyna rob kardashian engaged

I guess these dummies forgot Tyga is the one who dumped Chyna…for a teenager! You can’t rub something in someone’s face if they’re the one who left the situation, and he clearly doesn’t give a f*** based on the tweets he sent afterward:

tyga blac chyna rob kardashian engagement

tyga blac chyna rob kardashian engaged


I guess people would be more satisfied if Tyga started to drag Chyna’s relationship…you know, kind of like what Future’s bitter azz kept doing to Ciara before he got hit with that gag order

Good thing Tyga isn’t feeding in to the b.s., right?



  1. Hollyweird seems to be one big orgy. They switch partners so much its hard to keep up! But at the end of the day if they like it, I love it for them!

      • Amen, say it again RANDY and Jermaine are DUNCLES. married and had children with the same woman. #SMH.
        all the women out there…you pick your brothers wife? #Dang

        Kylie has got to be mad as hell.

  2. Those were surprisingly mature responses from Tyga. I'm surprised actually.
    What came to my mind was…they are all in this cesspool of bullshit together.
    The mama might have orchestrated the entire thing…isn't their little show on it's way to being over?

    • Yeah, I actually liked his responses, too. And no, that show is far from being over. I don't know anyone who watches it but apparently the ratings are still decent enough for E to keep renewing it.

  3. 'and create some1 you love unconditional' ?? WTF does that mean?
    He seems to be so obsessed with his 'lover' – almost like she is a god to him…

  4. YES hes so mature , his son that he loves so much has to HAVE a DUNCLE, LOL for a father…. real mature … NOT . Bad decisions make bad if not awkward situations.

  5. Wow…that really is pretty grown up of Mike. I'm surprised he said anything under the circumstances. BUT…then again, I'm the only one not truly convinced this whole thing isn't a set up involving all parties. I want to believe this young lady Chyna Blacc is honestly getting her "get back" with the biggest "Revenge F@#k of 2016" as I've affectionately named it but ….I'm not so sure. It's leaning more towards a "jedi mind f@%k" if you ask me.

    See, the Kartrashian's show is NOT doing all the well in spite of the network's continual requests for additional seasons. Tyga wasn't aware of the Kartrashian/Levin connection at first but I'm sure he knows now & figured he better stick around & maybe get some promotion & money dropped into his music career….NOT! He got exposed as a trans chaser instead.

    I don't know enough on this one yet but time & a quick discussion with some people who know will solve that issue. Film at 11…

    • Why do Black women these call dudes Tranny chasers? Most American BW look just like Trannies!!! Caked on makeup, wigs, green contacts fake lashes, fake nails…. and a penis due to high testosterone. It is an easy mistake to make!!!

      • Why do Black males like trannies? Most American BM love trannies! Trannies wear caked on makeup, wigs, green contacts, fake lashes, fake nails… and a penis cause that's what they like. They are making no mistake these black males just want a penis in a dress.


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