Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin Accused of Bankruptcy Fraud

tisha campbell duane martin bankruptcy fraud

Just days after it was reported that Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it has been revealed that the struggling actors are also being investigated for bankruptcy fraud!

The Jasmine Brand dropped the exclusive, which details Tisha and Duane being slapped with a federal lawsuit for hiding and funneling money.

Remember, the couple claimed to only had $200 in cash and $173 in a bank, but owed creditors $15 million?…Welp, they thought they could get sneaky and stash away income away from the bankruptcy trustee’s eyes…and now they’re in deep sh*t!

The trustee claims the couple owns 100% interest in a production company named XE Visions that produces music videos for Tisha’s musical performances. A contract between XE and Woodridge Productions – the company who produces the ABC show Dr. Ken – was also made. Tisha appears on the show and makes $45K per episode.

Well, two days after filing for bankruptcy, Tisha allegedly created a brand new company called Won Hundred to secretly divert funds for her Dr. Ken appearances…a big no-no for someone who just filed for bankruptcy!

The trustee claims Tisha and Duane are refusing to hand over the money that’s now being diverted to Won Hundred, and the money should have been paid to XE – just like it has always been.

The trustee has called for a permanent injunction to stop the couple from spending, using, transferring or otherwise dissipating payments to Won Hundred and any other property or assets of XE Visions until the bankruptcy case has been fully decided. He is also seeking damages for their actions.

Damn, Gina.


  1. It's like someone said on another board, they should have relocated to the South and not try to keep up with Hollywood.

    The other thing is that, whoever a person chooses to marry, they need to make sure that goals and money smarts are equally, or at least close. Based on one college finance class, it really doesn't look good. Hopefully nobody will have to do time but I have feeling a judge is going to make an example of one or both.

    • They asses don't need to come over here! Remember Tisha and soup coolers Steve Harvey smash sessions? If anything move to the Pacific Northwest.

      • Naw, I'm trying to get to Portland in a few years. Someone mentioned VA and that's where Tim Reid and his wife reloadable to when they got more behind the scenes.

        I knew her and Steve Harvey were live hoes back in the day but I never knew they'd hooked up. Thank God no kids came out of that union.

  2. To all black folk: when you find financial success, be happy and grateful and do what white folk do: PAY UNCLE SAM WHAT IS DUE or get a CPA who can find you legal ways to shelter your funds.

    You can cheat on your spouse, you can cheat on your diet, but you can't cheat on the IRS.
    Sooner or later they will get you.

    • The bottom line is that rich white people can get away with hiding money from the gangsters known as the IRS. General Electric and JP Morgan Chase do it all the time. Black people, especially black celebrities do it, they go to prison. If you don't believe me, ask Wesley Snipes.

      • That's because white people hire good accountants to look for legitimate shelters.

        Snipes was an idiot for declaring that due to a loophole in the constitution he did not have to pay any tax. If he hadn't been so damn stupid and greedy, he could have sheltered most of his income and stayed within the lines.
        When you file your taxes, the computer which processes them doesn't know black from white. What it DOES know is that if you earned 15 mill in one year, but you're paying 200K in fed taxes, you aren't playing by the book and you will be audited.
        And at that point they do see white and black.
        The trick is to pay an amount within the acceptable range o that the computer doesn't flag you.

        Damn u a race baiting fool.

        • For the serf who accused somebody of being a race-baiter, I wonder if you think about all the decades that black people lived under forced segregation and jim crow and still paid taxes? And it's not like they got a discounted tax rate. They paid the same taxes as whites for 2nd or 3rd class citizenship and we don't even need to go back to the 250+ years of free black labor that made all this shit possible in the 1st place. So until this sham of a government tanks, what celebs like Duane and Tisha need to start doing is what these criminal white parasites like the Trumps and the Clintons do and put their money in off-shore accounts or in foreign investments. And furthermore, it's been noted by several credible people over the years, that taxes are voluntary if you don't work for the federal government, including some former IRS agents. Celebs like Lauryn and Wesley are simply used as public examples or public lynchings to deter any of you other uppity negroes from getting any ideas. But what you have in the US is a serfdom.

  3. Wow! Tisha is a snake. She had the audacity to sue Martin Lawrence for sexual harassment. She's a money hungry women. I thought she had an illness. Both her and Duane Martin will end up in federal prison for lying.

  4. HOLY WESLEY SNIPES! Tisha Campbell is going to become a real life version of Orange Is The New Black! As for Duane Martin, he will become a prison bitch! Knowing how Duane Martin gets down, he is going to like it! I guess Wilma Smith got tired of supporting them!

  5. In that picture, Tisha Campbell looks like a plus size version of Brittany Griner! Yeah I said it!

  6. This will not end well and it sounds like they have an antagonistic relationship with the trustee.
    I hope they are prepared to have their home searched and do time.
    Anyway, I thought that Eddie Murphy took care of them?.

  7. If push come to shove, Big Willie will bail them out.

    If he doesn't, Duane could always write a best selling biography outlining his long relationship with the Fresh Prince.

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