Janet Jackson Cancels Tour to Start a Family

janet jackson cancels tour

Just last month we reported Janet Jackson had cancelled her entire UK tour and a few appearances in the U.S., and now the singer has finally explained the reason for pulling out on her fans.

In a recorded message, Janet explains her Unbreakable Tour has been canceled so she and her husband, Wissam Al Mana, can start a family.

Janet is 49-years-old BTW.


  1. Looks like she was forced to say that. Hair is covering up the gun put to her head.

    • Bitch decides to cancel the tour because she forgot to have a baby and family a 50 ? Gtfoh bitch your music is wack … Your rhythm nation days are long gone !

  2. I have recently heard some stuff about JJ's private sexual fetish that is so depraved and disturbing, not to mention criminal, that I can't even talk about the specifics.

    The idea of her starting a family is the height of absurdity. She has no interest in being a mother.
    If she did, she would have done so long before she was 50.

    I cannot stomach Whoredonna, but even she is far more maternal than Ms Jackson. Janet is about Janet and Janet's wants and desires. And she will do whatever she must do to obtain them.
    Including marrying a rich sheik who can buy her whatever she needs to fulfill her perverse desires.

    • it would make sense because the arabs are some of the nastiest perverse freaks on the planet even worse than some whites because they can operate alittle more freely in the desert. i guess janet like warm piss and shit running down her neck.

      • In the desert? Are you…..for real? Hey, here's something–exchange the word "desert" for "jungle" and Arabs (with a capital "a") with Niggers.

        How's that?

        Your comment is the ugliest, most ignorant thing I've read here today. Please stop.

        • No Artist Girl, she is 100% correct. In the desert land of the Middle East, the law of the land is life is cheap and low born people are replaceable.
          Muslims started and still practice the slave trade. Anyone of means can purchase a child or an adult for sexual purposes within the confines of the deserts. I have knowledge of a very important figure who bought a home in Morocco where he purchased a stable of young boys just to satisfy his own perverse needs. And this man is a member of the 1% with an impeccable reputation as a mover and shaker.

          Say what you want about the US and Europe, you can't buy and sell people on either continent. You can in areas of Asia and Africa. Ignoring this fact in the name of political correctness does no one any good.

          • People, women and children, are bought in the US and Europe on the regular, everyday. We are not exempt from trafficking not just women but men and the mentally challenged. Just this past winter two men in North Carolina were charged with keeping a Black mentally challenged man as a slave for five years before he was rescued from them. Don't get it twisted, it's not about political correctness, it's about empowerment and we can't empowered by myths and rumors,but by facts and knowledge.

      • Black Americans are the nastiest people on Earth. You only have to look at any downtown street or Detroit council meeting to know most of you are the product of incest! 85 IQ having simpletons!!!

        • @D1, I don't know where the f*ck you think you are but this is not the place for the kind of comment you made. Free country and all that aside. Take your ass where there are no black people and live happy ever after.

          • So Cal Soul I would like to compliment you to the utmost for handling that with such class and dignity. You showed by example who the real trash is.

            That person made me ashamed to be white, and I apologize to anyone who was unfortunate enough to read it.

  3. Nobody's checking for this heffa no more nor that boring ass last album she put out nor her damn music in general. And that billionaire threatened her damn ass and told her if she doesn't give him a baby or a family he was leaving her, because his so-call culture mandates that a son or some ish like that be carry the legacy and/or last name in family. But this bitch isn't mother material at all.

  4. She's 49? She's gotta be perimenopausal at least! No babies unless there is medical intervention.

  5. I'm waiting patiently for her friend to make some kind of "nice explanation and what not" about this one but I have a feeling she won't.

    • A Babby @ 49 iz possible, but what about the bad case of HERPES SHE HAS, AND HOW WILL IT AFFECT DA BABY?

  6. Damn Jacky, you got a whole lotta white "Trump" supporters commenting on this section haha

  7. Let me get this straight, she cancelled her tour because she wants to pop out babies?? Isn't she a bit old. There's a time and place to get pregnant, her fans still want to listen to her music.
    Personally her music is too European, for my liking.

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