Blac Chyna Will Take Kardashian Last Name, K-Klan Not Havin’ It?

blac chyna kardashian last name

Now that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are set to wed, a source close to the former stripper confirms she will definitely be taking the Kardashian last name.

After their walk down the aisle, Chyna will be officially changing her real name from Angela White to Angela Kardashian…hmmm, it has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

While the wedding planning is in full effect, the K-klan has been suspiciously quiet about Rob’s engagement. Not one congratulatory tweet or IG post has been sent out.

Sources report Rob planned the engagement when he knew the family would be away on a vacation in Vail, Colorado, and he didn’t even bother to let them know he was going to propose. If he did, you know they would have ruined it by leaking it to TMZ beforehand…

What are the chances the entire Kardashian family will skip out on the wedding?


  1. Funny they think their name is something to be proud of. WTF!? Its a Badge of Shame.

    • Right in there with Kennedy, Manson, Peterson, Domer, Furhman….you're absolutely right.

  2. This is the greatest thing since sliced bread. A black woman named Angel Kardashian.

    This might ALMOST make me want to watch.

    • Yeah that is what Kris is relying on. Kris knows full and well that these two are only 'dating' for ratings. How does she know? because she is the one pulling the strings!

      Rob would be cut off financially otherwise. This horrible family is circling the drain and this last ditch attempt to gather more viewers and it is obviously working – based on your comment.

      Deary me … ?

  3. Yes, finally a black woman has outsmarted these demonic witches!
    Oh, is ok when they use black men, but a black women can't use a Kardashian!!

    Their empire is crumbling, their ones who that did these nasty deeds!
    It took 10 years, but their karma is coming in full effect.

    • WWC I know that you hate the Kardashians with the heat of 1,000 suns, but to say their empire is crumbling is absurd. Folks been predicting their downfall since the beginning, but they're still at the top getting the headlines every damn day.

      You can hope and pray for them to go away, but I wouldn't hold your breath. They'll be around for a while boo.

      • Erm, they only get the headlines because they pay for them. Why have we in the UK got to read about them ten times a day in the Daily Mail? No British people seem to like them and we could care less but there they (all) are – even Bruce.

        Can't wait for their downfall ?

        • Their downfall is coming, 10 years is might long time. Kris thought she was a smart cookie, but all of her dirty deeds are coming out to haunt her.
          Rob hates his family, which means Kris is not involved in this relationship! That's why she's upset, because she's not making no money off their relationship.

          Their empire is crumbling, and they know it, so they will keep on making ratchet story lines!

        • The real reason this family is included so heavily included in daily mass media is because their good friends with Harvey Levin. He gets paid for every story & picture of them. Ryan Seacrest has made so much money off them that he doesn't have to work anymore but is working on a bunch of TV series productions. Ryan helped get Kim's sex tape mass distributed worldwide. He is the reason Kim got the money she received for that deal. Him & Harvey are the biggest undercover pimps this town has ever seen.

  4. yall are so happy to see this yung black woman get put through the fire. yall + Chyna and co. have no idea the depravity she is about to enter. kardashians are more than fame hoes and cum dumpsters they are black magick ritual murder cult type people. chyna entering allowing robs demon seed to impregnante her with the only kardashianone heir will mean that the child will have to be subjected to rituals to grroom him to be what rob never was..the occult leader of the family. kris/kim may be the high witches but they need a man to complete the coven to lead it, the high priest. robs child male child will be the kardashian version of the antichrist. chyna came up but with a price, her mind, body, and soul. demons will come to her now, they need to control her completely. this is a satanic blessing because the male heir will be MELANATED. dont think they dont understand this. when chyna walks down the aile and accept rob as her husband she has signed her death warrant and destruction cometh for them all.

    • @12:57 There are only five true bloodline Kardashian and that is Courtney, Kimberly, Robert III, Mason, Penelope, North, Reign, and Saint. Khloë is not a bloodline. Kim was married to the late Robert Kardashian Jr but divorced him before he died. Kendall and Kylie are Houghton's (Kris's maiden name) and Jenner's. So if anything those six I mentioned can do anything but four minors, a bed wench whore with a Stank vaajayjay and a clueless confusion woman would do anything. Besides Chyna knows what the deal is.

      • Only Chyna can birth a true Kardashian. Robert's sisters are West (North and Saint) and Disick since Kourtney gave that name to the kids (Mason and siblings). Khloe does not count, she is not a Kardashian. Kris is a Jenner as much as she wants to drop her married name and return to being a Kardashian, it does not count.

        This is why they are so angry. They know their bloodline rests on a black woman. They use black simps and a black woman is now using them.

    • 12:57 Dramatic much? Not every damn thing is Satanic. Some people are just bad.

  5. Isn't Blac Chyna's son named King? Angela Kardashian sounds good but King Kardashian sounds better!!!

    • King has a father. His last name should not change as stupid as the name King is.

  6. Why have a reality show? This 'show' is free, runs 24/7, and never adds new characters. This way everyone can 'keep up with' the names and story lines. If it wasn't so ridiculous it would be tragic!

  7. I al laughing so hard. They are getting played and they hate it. Go CHyna, make them miserable.

  8. The irony is too rich with this one. Kris and her slutty daughters have spent the past decade pretending to be Sistas. Now, they're pissed because Rob is slapping skin with (The Real One). White Woman's Tears…Yeah Right!

  9. There is irony in that top she's wearing in the photo above. "Enfants Riche Deprimes"
    means rich depressed children. I imagine she'll be having several to keep North and Saint company.

    Oh well, better a rich depressed child than a poor depressed one.

    BC definitely knows what she's doing yall. This ain't her first rodeo.

  10. This should show all the black females that ride for these white bitch witches what they really think about black women they don't want no black sister-in-law and yes pimp Mama is not getting paid off this she is pissed.

    • I don't really understand the logic behind your assertion that they don't want a black sister in law.

      Two of PMK's Kardashian daughters married black men(one of them married THREE black men) and PMK herself has a black gigolo boyfriend.
      Does that really sound like a group who do not want blacks in their family? ijs

      • Stop playing dumb stop dick riding those white witches I said they don't want a black sister-in-law are you an idiot there's a big difference between a male and a female. Stay dick riding they don't give a f*ck about you either.

    • Black men stay getting used by white women I don't cheer for that mess.

      Another f*cking hypocrite

  11. Have y'all notice that none of them had a church wedding? Kris didn't have none, Khloë didn't have one , Kim definitely didn't have none. So Chyna might be the one to break that curse if she have a church wedding. Have y'all notice that?

    • They are high-level Masons. Black people need to wake up and study this bullshit They like to target weak black males who do not have a strong family support system. Reggie Bush didn't marry him because his family shut that shit down. They specifically targeted Kanye because they know he is weak same thing with Lamar two weak males with no back bone and no strong support system.

      They can't control Blac Chyna and Rob together so they are going to do their best to break this up. She's not part of their aunt Jemima squad because they really resent black women.

      • 100% Correct! Remember the KKK bitches tried to get at Floyd Mayweather. He wasn't having that shit! I wish more black men would wake the f*ck up and stop subscribing to the Kim K satanic bullshit!

        • Thank you, they came for Mayweather, they are still targeted him, he's been carrying on with a 19 British whore, I mean, waitress, tsk. Tiger Woods got targeted and PLAYED like a banjo, that maid he married took half his money right back to white people. There are some black males in Hollywood who are hip and careful, they bang them but they don't floss them or breed with them they keep the money black in the family. White bitches and white witches target BM with money and who can blame them? Some males are easily brainwashed. No daddy no granddaddy to hip them to the game.

          • Oh yes! Tiger woods maid got the biggest score. Billions!! A maid!! Lmao! Still makes me laugh to this day.

            • Tiger Woods is a hot mess! skillet black but talking about he's not black he's a real good example of what self hate and mental illness will do to a man surrounded by all the white whores, who can't stand his black ass but love his money! I expect him to end up in a whorehouse like Lamar Odom.

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