Tyga Makes It Nasty With A Trans?!


Brokeback Tyga

Secret Sword Fighting Exposed?

HSK Exclusive – Reports of Tyga being connected to one California transgender escort are surfacing. According to our source, her professional name is ‘Blade’…like a sword, we’re serious…ya couldn’t make this shit up…LOL. We’re told Tyga first met Blade two-years ago — after answering her $200/hour online escort ad at backpage.com — and has been returning for her services ever since.

Our insider says Tyga’s most recent trip to Make It Nasty with Blade happened this past weekend — not in Rack City — but Woodland Hills, California. That’s where we’re told Blade accepts in-call dates.

According to our source, Tyga’s ‘Nasty’ is a versatile one which often happens fast. Know why? Because we’re told the rapper is In-N-Out, like the burger stand.

Here’s the drop:

“Tyga ain’t from Compton, he’s from out here in the Valley. Jacky, Tyga saw my transgender girlfriend this past weekend. Her name is ‘Blade’ she’s been seeing Tyga for two-years now. She said he’s a versatile bottom. He likes to give oral and receive penetration.”

Tyga's Favorite Trans - Blade

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