Tyga Drops $20 Grand On Drake’s Former Jump Off Dollicia Bryan!

Tyga Dollicia Bryan

HSK Exclusive – One of Drake’s former jumpoffs just twerked her way to Rack City!

That’s the word from an insider, who says Tyga dropped $20K on Dollicia Bryan. We’re told the Tyga paid the one time escort the money in exchange for her appearance in his “Make It Work” music video.

Check the Drop:

“Dollicia is currently dating a Russian billionaire and he pays her over 50K a month to be his girlfriend. Tyga had to pay Dollicia a grip, because she’s a kept woman.”

Drake's Leftovers for Tyga


  1. No story here. She’s a working woman earning her money. She’s not an escort/prostitute. She’s merely earning money as a ”
    “video model.”…Alrighty then!

    • Hold up! How in the hell this fool come out his mouth and say Baby won’t pay him for his cd but drop $20k on Dollicia? Am I missing something here or did this idiot just made himself looked real dumb? Oxymoron for real.

      • He probably put it on his credit card or borrowed it..

        Hope he didn’t write her a check.

      • He is making money off of a clothing line called last kingz. He also has been doing a lot of shows lately.

  2. I really wish women had more integrity. These bitched have no morals. Just selling p*ssy. I will never get married.

    • Go ahead, get married. Marriage is beautiful. Just stay out the club and look for your woman elsewhere. Remember the three “C”s: church, college campus, corporation..Any of these will potentially draw a better caliber of female. Not all are whores , not by a long shot. Don’t let what you see on tv fool you, that’s just more agenda pushing.

    • Old wise philosopher Snoop Dogg told RayJ on LHHH

      “We want a wife but stay chasing (video) hoes)”…

      • Amen. And the sad part about it is why marry a women but want a freak. Simple answer: STAY SINGLE, DON’T GET MARRIED!!

    • Women do have integrity. Whores don’t. Both are female but that is where the similarities end. Men chase down whores and then get their feelings hurt when they catch her handing out her goodies like it’s Halloween candy. You can and will meet a whore anywhere. There are many a whore in the church, on the campus, and sure enough up in every corporation. Live cleanly and you’ll attract and mingle with clean women.

  3. Do I spot baby blue nail polish tyga!!! Faggot az nigga u betta work! Seriously what happen to the men?

  4. I don’t believe this story at all. Baby ain’t paying him and I doubt that cheesy store in Vegas is bringing in anything. Maybe he borrowed it from Kylie, her family of whores has plenty money.

  5. I bet $50 and a dozen donuts that Dollicia ends up married to Vladimir. She’s on that new trend and I love it!! Basic millionaires marry white chicks, billionaires and other rich Eurotrash love them some former industry women. I saw that Kelis got married to a young one over Thanksgiving. She’s on the Cooing Channel now…she is NOTHING lie I imagined. I remember how she was with Nas, and now you would think she was some ATL debutante. Young black(ish) Martha Stewart on the rise.

    • Russian men can be straight assholes which explains why there are so many beautiful East European women advertising as on rent a bride sites. Head strong, non comprimising textbook definition of alpha male and you have to have a certain personality to deal with them which many American women dont have. Not all but many.

    • Naomi Campbell. Eve. The new Mrs George Lucas. That computer guy married a black woman. Now there’s even a black duchess and a black countess. Wtf is going on????

      • This mean there is hope for Maliah Michael to be rescued from the pole and clear stilettos. We need to light candles and do a circle prayer for another one of Drake’s former pieces.

      • Naomi been dating rich white men.

        shocked me quincy jones dated Naomi.

        eve beem liking whiteboys as well.

        George lucas bisexual ass has no biological kids by his wife his lesbian daughter was adopted.

        let mrs. lucas enjoy George’s money cause hes about to do 3 more star wars films.

    • @Anon 7:31. I saw that Kelis got married, but who did she marry? I mean I seen his pic, but he looked, how can I put it…not her style. She looked too much for him. So I knew something was up with him as far as why she married him. Who and/or what is he? Is he a billionaire?

      • he’s paid and he must have a high sex drive cause we know kelis is a freak in the bed.

      • LOL @crazychris. I saw his pic and he just seemed like he wasn’t from the same world. No what I mean?? He wasn’t from that life. I guess her milkshake does bring all the boys to the MF yard. LOL

        @Name: Wow, didn’t know/hear Kelis was engaged to Diddy. That must’ve been a quickie.

        • kelis and puff had sex behind shynes’s back cause she dated shyne to.

          puff wanted her on bad boy.

          kelis new dude looks like hes from Iraq or afgan and yes hes paid got to be.

          kelis ain’t gonna date no ordinary joe.

          • I didnt know Kelis got around like that. You always imagine vamps and vixen types as the girls on the comeup and not free spirited eccentrics.

            European men generally like black american women from my experience living abroad. Western Euros like the Dutch, UK, Germany are shy and you have to initiate conversation or place yourself in the right place (the spatowns like Baden Germany and casinos in Stuttgart attract international millionaires). Also these places use classified ads to meet. So if you know what you want dont be afraid to advertise. The French are freaks and dont care but would rather not speak English but if you speak French you are good. Have lawyer friend who learned French for her husband. Monaco and Cannes in the spring are good spots(gambling of course). Mediterraneans like Italians and Greeks and are more aggressive, like touching your ass when jogging. Mykonos and Santorini are good vacation spots. Iberians like the Spanish and Portuguese are a toss. Turkish men, like Russians, are headstrong just know how to deal with those types. Despite media reports they dont hate Americans. The more Eastern the more chaotic. Hungarian men tend to be lazy and would rather women work, the ones my age. Studying a nations economy will help understand the mindset of the men as men govern the world.

            Kinda odd because some dont bother with the black immigrants from the former colonies or use them for prostitiution. But immigrant is synonymous with poor so it may be a class issue. Once you get past cultural nuiances, accent and prejudice, people are people. Have an older friend from St. Kitts who is married to an organic farmer for 20 years and lives in Germany. Treats her lovely and they have homes in both countries. A woman with education, beauty or her own money has options. They better get on tripadvisor and lonelyplanet. Again my experience.

        • as for dude not being from this world hell thasts right up kelis alley she was a weirdo.

          first time I saw her imn the 90’s I thought George Clinton and chaka khan had a child we didn’t know about since they were hevy drug uisers in the 70’s.

          kelis made some weird songs.

          • She’s not weird brother, she’s simply being true to self. Dare to be different, that’s all. Evidently, she’s not too damn “weird”, $he came up is what she did! 🙂

        • they broke up in 2001, commitment issue remember Kelis was huge back then so was Diddy, they decided to split ways like ex couples do

          maybe She still wishes She was still with Him!!
          as a beard

          • But Wasn’t Diddy dating J Lo from like ’99 to 2001??? Awe, phuck it don’t even answer that…I’ll stay confused. They hop from chocha to chocha and becho to becho on a daily in Hollyweird.

            • Kelis’ new husband appears to be much younger(24-28) and he is of either Spanish or Mediterranean extraction. She joked on her show that some people think he is her son.
              She’s very blonde and curly now…a little thick but not fat. Her cooing is INSANE!!! She is on some very haute cuisine ish…no soul food in her kitchen. Her Thanksgiving Feast was gorgeous!! I see big things ahead for her.

          • shyne went to jail and kelis started dating puff.

            we all know puff don’t believe in marriage.

            • HELL TO THE NAH, THAT NI99A AIN’T NEVER GETTING MARRIED!! Cassie can give that isht up. LOL..At this point in his career…if I was him I wouldn’t marry anybody either. With the bank he got you already know he’s giving up half in a divorce. Should he marry for love?? IDK…Cuz dudes at his economical level…it’s hard to tell whether the woman you’re dating loves you for you or your knot. So if you’re dating Puff, enjoy the gifts, cuz you’re never becoming Mrs. Combs.

            • no puff ain’t marrying nobody.

              all cassie cares about is the gifts.

              he still phukks kim and misa because misa explained you never leave puffy.

              kim had to accept puff with other women cause its his rules.

            • remember they got engaged in 2001 that’s a longtime
              Kelis and Diddy even did a cell phone commercial with virgin mobiles

              remember when kelis had the blonde hair with a bright green ombre…she was the 1st to rock that style back then!!

            • J-Ho was dating Diddy back in the late 90’s early 00’s. but after the Club Shooting Incident they decided split. then he dated kelis

  6. these bummie azz nicca’s will f*ck anything and anyone
    when these tricks cheat on them or left them
    then these nicca will act like mitches

  7. tyga cheesing like the chesire cat well he better enjpy the p*ssy he paid 20 000 for it.

    hell he could have married her and went on the honeymoon for that perice.
    let tyga enjoy his slut.

  8. hold up!!, wait a damn minute isn’t this fool dating Kylie Jenner???

    Tyga must be missing some azz badly!!!

  9. these Hollywood folks are swiongers.

    kool and the gang said it best Hollywood swanging.

  10. That’s 50cent baby MaMa… Which he paid her to have his baby. It was a business move. So she probably is a kept woman. She was 50’s beard with his Mitch azz

  11. A Magnets usually attracts another Magnet.Magnets never attaches itself to Plastic.

  12. And if you believe this “leaked” story, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Russian billionaire allows his kept woman to do a music video with a known manwhore? Mmmmmhmmmm. 😉

  13. tyga paying a woman who goers with a billionaire hes a fool.

    guess the billionaire is married and have plenty of others.

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