K Michelle Delivers MAJOR SHADE to Lil Kim!!!


K Michelle just threw some serious cuts at Lil Kim … likely leaving Kimmy Blanco’s plastic surgeon to be the only person to trump the knives thrown.

During a recent radio interview, K Michelle didn’t hold back on her ill feelings for Kim.

Here’s what K Michelle put out there:

“Her face is stretched back too tight, it probably affected her brain. I just feel bad for her face. Don’t talk to me until you get your original face back.”




    • Kim also stated in an interview she wasnt getting down with K. Michelle like that and heaven knows she wasnt exposing her daughter to K. Michelle like that .I kind of believe Lil Kim cuz she usually only hang around a tight circle of friends

  1. This sounds mixed up to me & quite honestly I don’t believe the story & the tweets shown have anything to do with one another. I could be wrong but I think the tweets are a response to what Kimberly’s fans are saying about her “just having a baby & breaking up with the father shortly after as some are saying….he dumped her.”

    At any rate…will someone please inform K.
    Mishap that people who are “so cool with each other” do not publically humiliate their friends even when they’ve experienced very bad plastic surgery, okay? Okay!!!

    • K Michelle has no room to talk about bad plastic surgery.

      She’s only one procedure away herself…

    • Ms Reg, those Tweets sound out of place because they were from earlier this year after Kim had her baby and Keyshia Cole 2.0–My bad, I mean ‘K.Michelle–was going around saying she was the baby’s Godmother, a claim Kim shot down in an interview she had w/the Breakfast Club a while ago. This is probably Michelle getting back at Kim for that. But really, the majority of black chicks in this Industry have a lot of nerve going at Kim when they know if one of their bosses or sponsors told them to make their face look like the masks from the ‘Scream’ movies, they’d do it in a heartbeat…For a check.

  2. Nobody’s going to have to sabotage k Michelle’s career because she’s going to do her self, she run her mouth to much and every sense she has a rented space for a reality show, her head starting to swell, LMAOOOOOOOO! K Michelle will bring k Michelle down all on her own, just by run’en that mouth, sad thing is she isn’t all that famous, except for being a messy broad on love and hip hop Really. treating and talking about people’s ain’t no way to gain love.

  3. I mean K Michelle cant really talk. That orange hair looks atrocious! Lookin like a damn Duracell Battery! That ass is terrible as well. It doesnt even look like it belongs on her back. Her and Kim look a damn fool #ijs

  4. Both of these cosmetic fraudulents need to go sit the hell in the corner. Nobody’s checking for these sorry azz gutter whores.

  5. Does K. Michelle have any grammy nods yet? IF not that pigeon needs to crazy glue her mouth shut. She will continue to tour strip malls promoting her CD and being used by athletes for sex.

  6. Two self hating women.They both have a very nasty attitude. Nothing real about these two just very fake and plastic. K Michelle has some nice songs I will give her that.

  7. Kim has fans on Twitter younger than forty? I thought the black twitter ages were 13-34?

  8. ewwwwww K. Michelle why are all of y’all smutbuckets mad because Lil’ Kim NEVER needed any silicones ever in her life????? lmaooooooooooooooo why do these puppyf*ckin satanic musicians keep firing off irrelevant “verbal” shots AT The Queen Of All Beehives for no reason????? all they are doing is promoting Kim’s new mixtape lol Everybody is starting to think that Kim was blacklisted by the industry because She knows THE NAKED TRUTH about Biggie Smalls being sacrificed smmfh either way The Queen is forever talented and She is about to surprise the living hell outta the next generation with that brand new classic album that She will release independently in 2O16! Karma prende sempre cura di lavoro leggero

    • kim best talents is her mouth and p*ssy.

      who wants to hear a 40 year old woman rap like she’s in high school.

      we heard her talk about biggie to death since he died.

      she need to go phukk mister cee in the ass.

  9. I don’t know what sucks more Kmichelle’s music or Kmichelle’s show. She completely lacks decorum and she ain’t hardly as hot as she thinks she is. I’ll be so damm glad when she’s OVER!

    • get a fake ass and get on tv that’s all you need this age this generatiomn cares nothing about talent.

      youi don’t have to sing just get autotune.

      you want success these days get a fake ass, do a sex tape or go gay.

      • @crazy Chris…..i see a trend amongst curveless black women that’s in the sex business. Holly hell isn’t letting professional black women in the industry, their hiring nasty sluts that just happen to be black. The real moral sisters are not being given the attention cause we’ll be deemed boring yet, Mrs Whitey can be professional and be seen as sexy, still. AS For the fake butts, it’s the sisters that don’t have natural curves like Kim and k mistake that getting it. Notice how the white chicks that get it, is called sexy and the sisters that get it is called out.

    • @anon and i don’t miss….. K have no class and any black woman that likes her music, says allot about her. K strikes me as a female that wants to call out other men but fail to better herself, by change. I got a list of songs for her.

      1. Help me be a better woman

      2. Class,i need some

      3. What happen (to my real ass)

      4. I can’t see (the problems with myself)

      Any one care to add on lol…. 😉

    • Unfortunately this the era of ratchet ass love music and it’s not going anywhere. Songs about giving up the goods and being shytted on by trifling nwords is the new normal.

      Erykah and Lauryn did it; just with better voices and clever lyrics(both exhibited birdlike behavior). Jazmine Sullivan spearheaded the movement with the Bust Your Windows and she has an awesome voice.

      Then you have dog whisperers like Jhene Aiko, new age bootleg Sade and the Patron Saint of baby mama music and her sister, Mila J, with Smoke Drink Breakup. Tink makes me want to re-enroll in undergrad and become a jump off with Molly Love. Tinashe is another one. I’m sure K Michelle will be a notable contributor as usual. I need to make a ghetto love anthem playlist on Spotify come to think of it.

      I plan to record my debut single after the first abortion or embarrassing chlamydia bout by a dude making below median income, with an arrest record and/or no life plan.

  10. roflmfaOOOOOOOOOO everybody is straightup rippin shit in the comments today wow wow wow wow wow LOL its true though Ashanti AND Mila J really did OUTSHINE the dogshit outta K. Malechelle this year lmfao Ashanti is her worst nightmare yaaaaaaasssssss bitch yaaaaaaaaaazzzzz

  11. that’s an old azz Tweet from Li’l Kim…it’s from August. That tweet was about something else…I believe when KMichelle tweeted that N. Minaj was the Queen of Rap, or some other horseshit like that. Next…lol

  12. Im starting to wonder about K. Like she had Karlie Redd on her show, tf, they were beefing when she was on lhhatl, now they are “friends”. Im starting to think she just has that hood ass mentality that everyone is supposed to like her and if not she either wants to fight or talk shit. That’s bullyish and immature coming from a woman her age

  13. orange hair symbolic love how these women take these isis personas.

    colored wigs, different personalities, shaving heads k michelle is doing the sex rituals we know shes bisexual.

    guess she want kim to eat her p*ssy.

  14. Ok I get, you jacked up your face. But why is your skin the same complexion as bread flour? What the hell was kim thinking?

  15. lil Kim looks like a human furby (batteries sold separately)

    Black Women and Hollywood doesn’t mix
    when these Black Women have money they will f*ck up their faces, for examples looks like Miss Piggy Tiny for instance She f*cked up Her face just to compete with trans looking Iggy Azeala

  16. low self esteem.

    black girls wanna look white and vice versa.

    tiny, kim and k michelle need to have dicks attached to them since they are bisexual and like trannielovers.

    kim already made a song about phukking dudes in the ass.

    junior mafia talked about big and kim phukking in front of them.

    lil cease said it was so regualar him, and the other jm dudes would eat snacks and drink sodas watching big and kim fight and phukk.

    cease also said he used to love watching biggie bust nuts in not only kim but other groupies as well.

  17. So dem demonic vibrationz is so strong dem have no fear, no empathy,no shame and thee moral compass is broken.Keep yah glitter and gold mi neva want to fade into obscurity and lose mi mind and turn mi heart black and participatin inna devils play ground.Babylon is on thee rise but many will know that thee almighty dolla is worth ashes. This is sum massive irrational bullshit mi say.

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