Houston Family Furious Stacy Francis is Profiting Off Whitney Beef


Pimp to Eat!

Remember the gone-viral video clip of Whitney Houston caught beef’in with an X-Factor contestant?

You’ll recall … Stacy Francis landed some shine after being named an X-Factor finalist. That’s before she caught beef with Whitney, which went down back in February 2012, during a pre-Grammys party.

Well it seems like Stacy just pulled a P.I. move, reported to be using the 2012 footage to extend her 15-minutes of fame. Just ask the Houston family!

It’s been announced that Stacy is the latest addition to R&B Divas LA … and the footage of her and Whitney is revealed to be part of the promo introducing her character. Guess what? The Houstons aren’t feeling that!

Here’s what a source spilled:

“The Houston family are already furious about this upcoming Lifetime Whitney Houston movie and now, they feel adding Stacy Francis to this show launched about Whitney is just another slap in the face.”

Stacy Francis Profits From Whitney Beef


  1. Yuck that pic looks terrible, just another thirsty trick in a few your going to see and hear about her being the industry pass around, if she isn’t already,I believe she is though, but just another thirst bucket, searching for fame off other people’s lives, a leech that’s all, I kinda don’t blame the Houston family for feeling like she exploiting their daughters name and talent.

  2. The Houston’s should have gotten things in order before and after her death. Blacks wait until tragedy to happen, then they try to get it right. Whitney was very famous and her family didn’t focus on her until she died. Who leaves money for their in-laws and not for their own mother?

    • Whitney Houston obviously. It’s well known that her mother tried and tried to get her help. It’s well known that they had a strained relationship. It’s well known that while Whitney was alive NO ONE made her do anything she didn’t want to do. What things should have Ben gotten in order before Whitney died?

  3. I remember this trick sacrificed her father as soon as she was on the x factor
    She also got a child by Bishop Noel Jones and was in a singing group called ex girlfriends who Full Force group bought out back in the day
    She was down with Ray J and them setting Whitney up
    Talking about Ray j told Whitney she was family

    • Ok I remembered Stacy now. But I got one good question. Why in the hell Stacy was on the X Factor when she was already in a group when Full Force helped her get on? Better yet, why not go back to the same people who helped her get on, revived her career?

  4. Look, I can sympathize , but the Houstons don’t have a copyright on the tragedy. Whitney was a great talent, may she RIP, but on life she could be messy. Yes this Stacey may be looking for a come up, but she isn’t stooping to the corpse-in-coffin technique for profit like some people (side eye at you-know-who).
    Um….is that Shady Raffles von Eckles or whatever his face is, behind her. Jacky exposed the shit outta him.

  5. They couldn’t post a better pic of Whitney besides looking like the neighborhood’s favorite crackhead. An old promo shot or something.

    • its a photo of whitney leaving the club after fighting with stacy.. thats why it was used.

    • The hate for Whitney is still real even in her demise
      Not trying to make excuses for Whitney but she was exposed and influenced very early on in life to alcohol and drugs and was fortunate to last as long as she did
      I mean the girl at a very young age had an addiction with hundreds o millions of dollars at her fingertips to support her deadly addiction with makeup artists, million dollar homes, chefs, nannys,stylists and a whole lot of coverups to help hide her addiction
      Im happy she lasted as long as she did and I still rooted for her until the end because I truly felt she was trying her best to overcome her demons
      (Dam. Im still in tears for her) : (

      • I agree Anon: she is missed. She took great pictures had one of the most beautiful faces in her prime. Plus she seemed down to Earth, a lil too Brick City for my liking at times.

        Had every little girl singing the Greatest Love of All at school talent shows. I’d rather see glamorous photos of her.

      • @anon I share your sentiments. I will never forget seeing the ‘I want to dance with somebody’ video for the first time. I was like 7 or 8 and bright colored clothes was all i begged my mother to buy for me after that. Lol. I remember all the times she was on Arsenio back in the day,and when she blew everyone away with her performances of ‘I will always love you at grammy’s and AMAs. People had a short memory when it came to Whitney. I know that had to be painful to her when she went through her tribulations. Damn i wish she could have won that fight against her demons.

  6. None of these thirsty,average talent bitches will ever shine as bright as Whitney did. Even dead WH is selling more cds/dvds then these jealous bitches are alive. This desperate hoe is just looking for some attention at WH expense.

    • All she did? Still some fine singing though! I can’t think of anyone who can/ could sing that well in addition to write and produce.

    • It’s a shame that no one schooled her on the importance of song writing credit. Hell cissy and dionne at least.(to ensure those big checks).

  7. I read somewhere Stacy has a baby with Noel Jones who’s on Preachers of LA who is the brother of Grace Jones. Stacy is thirsy for the fame. Lol.

  8. this crackhead again?

    isn’t she a Scientologist (or gets paid to sing at the cult’s events?)

    I’ve heard she’s a favorite of Farrakhan’s if you know what I mean…

    • Lol! and she swear up and down in a video with Dr. Drew after Whitneys death that she never used or touched drugs in her life
      And we all no alleged deal with Farrakhan and Prophet Elijah Mohammad

      • When she sacrificed her father and helped Clive an Ray j and them out, that probably sealed the deal for her ame and slight fortune in the industry and this show
        Come one, out of all the out of work real diva has beens they can only find this chick? Smh

  9. She looks like Steve Francis’ sister. And if ya’ll know what Steve Francis looks like now…ya’ll will get it. LOL

  10. R&B divas should be canceled now for real. Now they are casting nobodies and she used that footage because we wouldnt know who she was if it wasnt for Whitney making her relevant. She was f*cking Ray’s nasty, sti carrying, leaky dick ass and they set Whitney up. Thats why he cried so hard at the funeral.

    • the entire cast of r&b divas were basically one hiot wonders.

      chante moore made somne noise married kadeem hardison had a kid and came back after divorcing.

      michel’le made one album in 89.

      became a backup singer on deathrow only album on deathrow released in 98 oe 99 nobody remembers.

      can’t say none odf them lasted to become divas.

      they had no huge impact nobody barely remembers them.
      lil mo was a backup singer and fell off after a few album,s.

      faith evans had the best career.

      Kelly price been played out.

      • Hold up Chris. Chanté Moore is more than a one hit wonder. Her CDs are off the chain! Yeah she married Kadeem and had a daughter and she also married Kenny and they had a son but Chanté is more than a one hit wonder. She got more songs that are more than a hit! Plus, I wanna thank the late Lou Silas for discovering Chanté! That voice she got, 5 octave..whew!

      • Kelly Price is still fat….. I remember when she lost all that weight, now She has piled it back on!!

        Lil Ho is a self hating black women, but she did expose the music industry gotta love her for that

  11. so its cool for cissy to write a book and its cool for her family to do a realioty show based around whit’s death.

    whit was the drtuggie and the one fighting over ray j to begin with.

    • Dionne Warwick told someone I now that Cissy needs to be in a home with full time care. She’s got serious dementia. I pretty much guessed that after seeing her on Letterman with Ree. She was LOST.

      • This right here! Anonymous, it was so obvious that I can’t believe it wasn’t talked about more. Cissy Houston on Letterman was a disgrace. It was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.

        I first thought that she was being spiteful about Aretha because of what went down and was said after Whit died. But then looking at it, she looked totally spaced out making faces and standing around like she didn’t know where she was.

        That poor thing. They should help her if that is what is going on.

  12. some people are just shameful!!, I remember this bitches going on all the news media outlets crying over Whitney

    fighting over a man ain’t worth chit, fighting over Gay j that dick sucking lil brat, nah ain’t worth it

    as for Stacey her 5 minutes of fame are slowing going

  13. whit killed her damn self on those drugs.

    Michael jaxckson killed his damn self on those drugs.

    all the drugs they was doing they was gonna check out anyway.

    they were both past 40 and the body gets weaker espexcially when you had their lifestyles.

    • Whitney was killed because she was worth more dead than alive. Didn’t no drugs kill her like they want people to believe. Same goes for MJ.

      • whit still killed herself she kept talking bout going to see jesus and heaven was gonna be wonderful talking boput she cwas gonna go sing with the angels.

        but then again whit was in the musdic industry aND THE INDUSTRY SERVES THE ANCIENT BROTHERHOOD OF DEATH.




        whit did this suicide ritual.

        she took the drugs and drowned in the tub under orders.

        Michael Jackson couldn’t kill himself as instructed so dr. murray was there to help him out and do the job if Michael couldn’t bring himself to do it.

  14. I’m not gonna lie…I miss Whitney. There WILL NEVER be another like her. It’s funny cuz I didn’t buy her CD’s when she was alive. In my neighborhood, you heard on the radio and you enjoyed her silently…back in the late 80’s & 90’s, nobody was rockin her music out their ride on a Friday night with tinted windows and the equalizer going off like xmas lights…but like air…you don’t appreciate when it’s around…but it’s noticeable it when it’s gone.

    • Speak for yourself…..i used to love rocking WH music. That voice was just out of this world. I loved listening to her sing. Back in the day she made pop music sound more attractive for a lot of Blacks. Her quality of voice is a rare thing.

      • @Traci, I was speaking for myself. Like I said, I do miss her, she was a phenomenal singer…but on the east coast, NY specifically…nobody was banging her music on a Friday night from their rides during the 80’s. We didn’t play Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, etc. from our cars. You enjoyed her silently in your home. LMAO. Not taking anything from her talent, just talking the truth.

  15. All those two faced bitches in the industry was jealous as f*ck ofbthe enormous gift Whitney had. They only pretended to like her. Fuck all them second rate whores.

    • whit in her last YEARS WAS NOTHIMNG TO BE JEALOUS OF.

      WHO ENVYS A washed up crackhead who couldn’t even sing no more.

      now 80’s 90’s whitney was something to be jealous of.

      whewn artists get too drugged out they have to be disposed.

      like billie holiday, Dinah washinton, Janis Joplin, and plenty others who did more drugs and couldn’t sytop doing them.

  16. I was informed on the noel Jones thing and sorry no one was playing Jennifer Lopez unless it was on dvd she is a non singing studio singer period just my opinion

  17. That is one weird looking woman. And how come her hair looks like a helmet? Still won’t be watching.

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