IG Model LadyyTatyanaa Calls Out K Michelle For Jack Move

K Michele Jacks Creativity

Creatively Bankrupt!

Self-proclaimed model, apparently “famous” on Instagram, is coming for K Michelle. Know why? LadyyTatyanaa claims K Michelle jacked one of her IG pics and used it as a blueprint for her album cover “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?

Here’s what LadyyTatyanaa just put out there:

“It has been brought to my attention that @kmichellemusic copied my picture exactly from 4 months ago to promote her new album. Can someone with some type of legal background tell me if I can do anything from a legal standpoint?

Are you kidding me? And she copied another one of myphotos. @kmichellemusicor her photographer straight up copied my whole photoshoot! No original AT ALL. I refuse to let her make money off of @monhandworks and my ideas.”

LadyyTatyanaa vs K Michele


    • @DR1,

      Should I contact this person & offer her a referral to one of my colleagues who is attorney that specializes in copyright & trademark infringement?

      I’m not on any of those social networks so you know I don’t know these folks but I actually thinks she was serious in spite of her plea/request for FREE legal advice from people on her damn Instagram account. Who the hell does that? The FIRST thing she should have done was CALL A DAMN ATTORNEY & requested a consultation. If her photos were NOT trademarked she may actually have a case anyway…

      • THIS really bothered my nerve….
        I have an answer for this woman so those of you on IG & other social media networks get this to her since I’m not on any of them….
        I was wrong about trademarks but IF her photos weren’t copyrighted at the time K. Mishap &/or her team STOLE her concept…she still may have legal ground to sue.

        “A photo can’t be trademarked because it does not meet the requisite criteria for trademark protection. However, a photograph can be registered for copyright protection with the United States Copyright Office. A photograph is technically copyrighted as soon as it is fixed in a tangible medium, such as a hard disc or a print copy. Registration with the Copyright Office allows the copyright holder to sue for statutory damages, attorney’s fees and court costs.”

        • the copyright of a photo is immediate and is owned by the person who pressed the button, NOT by the person in the picture or the person who owns the camera if the person who pressed the button is different than the owner. Copyright was not stolen in this case, just concept which can not be trademarked or copyrighted.

          • I didn’t think she had a case. Otherwise Solange would be suing all those wedding photos like that women’s Satanic phot with the creepy pose..

            Is it covered under parody as well? Because the pics are a sick joke..

          • @HSK MOD,

            While I realize WHOEVER IT IS THAT SUPPOSEDLY operates HSK deals with thousands of pictures, graphics & the like on an extremely regular basis, I partially agree & disagree with you on this issue based on a portion of my previous comment:

            “A photograph is technically copyrighted as soon as it is fixed in a tangible medium, such as a hard disc or a print copy.”

            I agree that “the photo itself was NOT STOLEN, however, as you stated & I stated to @NI… “the concept/theme” was what was really taken which should & can be argued in court according to my friend Steve who has been practicing law for over 37 years & has a long-standing record in copyright & trademark infringement litigation. This would be a slightly difficult case to win but not impossible to win nonetheless.

            • People need to keep their business that makes them money off any social media outlets until owned. These stars are cursed by the most high, that’s why they steal off others.

            • K never used the girls photo. Those are Ks pictures. The only way the girl could sue is if K used the girls photos and they were copyrighted. She cant sue because K used the same concept. If that was the case, then so many people could sue for someone else using their photo concept. Rihanna went through this with her S&M video, but there was no case because she used the concept and not the artist actual work

            • @black,

              I totally agree with you. So many people fail to realize some things are private or at very least should be. Some things should be discussed &/or conducted privately & the use of social media should be kept in proper perspective by all.

              I’m not an attorney but I damn sure deal with quite a few when it pertains to certain aspects of my work & I have a few friends who are attorneys as well & while I refuse to get into a pissing contest about the matter I do feel for the young lady BUT…had her risqué photos not been on the Internet we may not have had this issue to discuss!

      • shut up your lawyerr friend cant do shit as this girl never copywrote or patented her own shit. instagram own the copyright to the pics

    • Never look at flowers the sme again .
      Also think twice about giving flowers !?
      So is K trolling Internet looking for naked chicks ?? An ideas ?.
      Now lol!!!

  1. Well K.Michelle is just following the blueprint that Mrs. Carter provided. Steal ideas from regular folks off the net.

      • Damn, someone’s def a bey ass licker. I hope she’s around to ride down on mothaf*ckas when they come for YOU. Another dum dum stan stuck in the beehive lol why don’t you bend over and kiss ur own ass for a change of pace

  2. I was riding a little with K.Michelle until she started rolling with head devil worshipper Ricky Ross
    I shoul have known something was up when she got her own show and accolades

  3. I don’t like either set of the photos. Nothing artistic about flowers springing from your big ass crack, an exit for feces or implied nude shots in a catatonic state. Just about as dumb as Estelle’s photo with a house cat emerging from her vaginal area. At least K Michelle’s photo editor covered her crack.

    I don’t get the message in either photo.

    • @NI,

      You & I don’t particularly care for the photos, right? But does that give K. Mishap the right to utilize “the concept/theme” for her personal use to earn money?

      We may not view it as “art or creative” but do you agree that some form of “infringement” occurred here?

      • I agree its dishonest to use someone’s material without asking or giving credit. The photos are gross anyway.

      • What so different from Kim LardAsshian stealing the concept for her Break the internet shoot. It’s all a part of game. Most times ppl draw inspiration from what they see.

        • The difference is that the photographer who shot Kim is the same one who did the original photo years ago. It was his idea to do a homage to it.

    • I was thinking the same thing NI. Both photos look gross to me. Aren’t there bugs on flowers? Those poor little creatures are now crawling around in both of their asses now looking for pollen.

      • Yuck.
        Are the stems inside the “vase”, so to speak..
        Or are they runing up the crack?

        • Assuming, those are real flowers. I doubt both women would risk any damage to their perceived money maker.

  4. How are roses blooming from someone’s pecan hole going to sell records?

    Its a stupid pose and I wouldn’t either copy it or admit someone stole it from me..

  5. I feel sorry for the model cuz its her ideas, but K Michelle has the better lighting, art direction, make up etc. Did she think no one would notice because her version of the photos is fancier? Seems real wack.

    • cosign. One loos like Terry Richardson did the shoot-the other looks like her nephew did it for a 2 liter Coke and a bag of Doritos.

      • That is foul 🙂 I want to know whose idea was it to position a woman doggystyle, pressing against a wall with a floral arrangement sticking out of her bare ass? Does anyone like these photos, the consensus seems to be No.

        • That’s a hell no. It’s as sexy as dog shit. The flowers ruin it. My brain just doesn’t want to accept it. It’s like eaten chicken and fried egg together. It’s just wrong.

            • I’ve tried fried egg with BBQ chicken and egg tasted like rubber. Don’t know what it was but it just didint taste right.

        • Both sets are horrific but at least the originals were that- original. I just look at them and think eeeew! Followed by health hazard…

          • Hope those stems were de thorned or flowers photoshopped for the sake of their inner thighs and cooch.

  6. Dirty klepto ass bitch smh these corny ass celebrities are always surfing GOOGLE to find ideas instead of being ORIGINAL omfg i wouldnt be surprised if celebrities are always on this website and always in the comment sections of this website like if we dont know ROFL jacky please tell em that all of us aint stupid. #PleaseKillTheFun

  7. Just the fact that any black women would want to claim this tasteless crap is sad in itself.

    • IKR! I have viewed nude photos that were artistic but IG photos of flowers coming out of the behind doesn’t scream art to me.

    • By tomorrow there will be hundreds of copycat IG, twitter and myspace models curled naked on a sofa as if they suffering from period cramps using a dusty artificial peace lilly arrangement from granny’s 2010 funeral as props.

  8. I like Teyana and K but it was a sexy idea(shrugs) that didnt turn out well, let alone be copied. But who the hell am I?

    • Damn she copied everything, down to the hairstyle lol nobody is original anymore, they’re too damn lazy to try to be creative.

      • doesn’t take too much creativity to pose nude but if she was gonna do it she could have did something else.

  9. She copied my photo as well the one of her facing forward and holding the flowers. I did that shoot early last year the only difference was I wasn’t holding flowers. Either way she just whack… And a boodrat. If there was no social media this old worn out dish rag would be irrelevant. God forbid the internet ever permanently crashes. Just a whack bitch that need to be brought back down to reality. Obviously the doctor ran out of room to transfer the far to her fake Ass and decided to inject it into her brain. She can sing but she black women look like trash. Sorry but Very much the truth. I don’t want my nieces to be anything like her. She’s nothin to be respected just more trash.

  10. nobody understood the symbolism.

    red roses red color of blood.

    k nichelle is being pimped and we know the cd is gonna sell with her showing her ass on the cover.

    goddess of love symbolism on both photos.

    why else do the industry put naked women on album covers sex sells.

  11. Kelly called bill cosby a rapist saying he better not have did nothing to raven symone back then.

    guess Kelly wanted raven for himself guess he was hating that bill was touching her first.

    everytime I hear a Kelly song I think of him pissing on teens and we know those songs are made for them.

    and women still give Kelly a pass even comedians said Kelly sing so good he should be allowed to make cd’s in jail.

    only in Hollywood can you piss on girls and get a soul train award.

    for all future pedophiles you wanna get away with phukiking kids get rich first.make sure everybody likes your music and actibng and you won’t go to jail ansd make sure you have the right connections.

    keep you a good liar I mean lawyer.

  12. news flash!! everyone steals ideas in Hollywood no one is original they all steal and make money off it, no joke

    just last year Nicki minaj actually ousted out her business partner from their wig line, it was her partners ideas but the bitch stole the idea and ousted him out of the money maker, the business partner was pissed and exposed her ass on local news, he cried on national tv

    Beyonce steals clothes hair make up music video
    you name it, she stole it!!! copy kat

  13. It’s art you’re allowed to copy and replicate it neither photo is alike there are differences tell her to get a life she tryna get rich she should be happy and k should thank her also

    • Art,i thought taking without permission was called, theft. I get you probably never had someone blow up your spot !! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be talking slick, it’s funny how people like you would say what you said, until it happens to you.

  14. LMAO dead @ piss on them now where’s glok when you need him this is too funni to pass up and I agree the shit is gross

  15. Instead of cultivating her garden she needs to worry about her all her friends stealing her credit cards..

  16. We are living in funny days. Who woulda thought that one day we would have one person wanna sue someone over, flowers hanging out the arse is my idea, haha.

  17. Jackin 4 Beats—Jackin 4 Cover Art! I have no sympathy for artists that cry about bootleg material. Theft is part and parcel of the music industry. When have they ever been on the right side of the intellectual property debate? K. Michelle needs to chill out. So-called the realest b***h with a fake ass and other body parts. Sista is talented, but, she all over the map.

  18. The stylist may have been “inspired.” Either way, who cares? Looking like you’re pooping out flowers is a good look for no one.

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