Was 50 Cent Pimp’in Stephanie Moseley?

50cent Trey Songz Stephanie Mosely

50 Cent recently jumped on twitter claiming that he passed the recently murdered Stephanie Moseley to Trey Songz, then he passed her to Dr Dre and he then passed her to the homies.

It was 50 Cent who originally introduced Hayes to Mayweather, who signed him to his Money Team record label.

Take a look at Fiddy’s tweets:

50 Cent Pimping Stephanie Moseley?

Trey Songz & Stephanie Moseley


    • He likes to keep shit going because inside he a f*cked up dude. Them demons be riding him hard. Anybody who calls 50 Cent a friend is a fool. This dude loves to keep people caught up in bullshit.

      • Thee sad truth is many men have also been passed around and pimped out .Yah dont enter this business remaining a clean boy.Once dem take thee vows/oath dem demons take ova freely and deeply.First comes pride then thee fall 50 cent not quite overstand he too is under a spell.

      • Wow who knew a gorilla could type ! Lmao 50 paying bubbles to tweet for him rip!

  1. @Blessed i agree he’s a Mitch for real. You can’t tell me he’s not Gay, ok Bi, or maybe Trisexual. But a Queen, Queer never the less. What rich azz grown man talks and gossip like a female? Where they do that at???? Lol….

    • If yah watch Tv ,listen to music,watch videos ,watch sports,watch politics,……….many of thee rich grown men talks gozzip unfortunately is not about gender or dem be rich or poor is a mentality thing.

  2. Shitty cents is a bitter, black-hearted ape. He is as ugly inside as he is out. Hopefully all these groupies who whore themselves out for money will take a wakeup clue here: They don’t love you and will talk shit about u when ur gone. Just sad all the way around.

    • I know right, they are so disrespectful in so many ways. I feel bad for her family. RIP

  3. Booty Lover Cents was feeling great MayWeather retweeted him. Cents been riding on MayWeather dick for a while now. Negro loves him some MoneyMay and Misses him so bad. Cents cannot wait to run into BiWeather’s arms and drop to his knees with his mouth wide open.

      • I’m typing and coughing, reading your post. Lmao
        Some of these men have lost their minds and they treat women with so much disrespect, it’s disgusting. .25 cents needs to reconnect with his own son, who he bitched at over the net…

  4. of course 50 Cent aint have shit to do with that lol 50 Cent is obligated to address Trey Songz fruity ass due to Trey ruining their business purposes. Trey’s irrelevant average bootyhole is NOT worth fighting for Or losing a life just because of some weak puny petty bisexual catshit. 50 Cent is obviously saying that all of yall puppyf*ckers are gon learn in 2O15 lmao its gonna be Gangsta like 2OO5 ALL OVER AGAIN

  5. My round the way girl told me that 50 Cent has a little dick anyway,that is why he is so much like a bitch.

  6. bullshit!!!!
    The first part has nothing to do with this situation, they are obviously rap lyrics. This shit is out of hand. The second part was him trying to address the fact that Trey sent a twitter tribute to the woman that could have been taken out of context. But

  7. Wow this girl was being passed around like a frisbee. Its really sad if its true. Why was she and Earl married? Nobody takes marriage seriously now a days.

  8. I just hope this situation doesn’t repeat itself with Kim and Kanye.

    • If she didn’t take her vows seriously she should have never gotten married. I guess young dumb and full of you know what.They were married since 2008 and no pics of them together. What type of bs is that.

  9. All I’m saying is this..this guy that killed his wife can be seen posing with Floyd may weather throwing up the Baphomet,wasn’t Floyd the only one who witnessed the murders.. Creepy as f*ck

  10. 50 is wrong for that. Why couldn’t he just tell his friends that info, why blast her on the net? Damn shame.

  11. All of them going to hell for this sick display of ignorant, classless, unholy behavior. His comments about a dead woman who was killed by his protege are creepy as hell. Stephanie Mosley chased fame in all the wrong places, and it got her an early grave. Sadly, other women are gonna sell their souls for fame and other foolishness in an industry that hates them…Choices We Make!

  12. People need to take marriage seriously
    marriage life ain’t a game, when You took Your vows before God You should know the deal. sadly People in Hollywood don’t think that way, cheating is mandatory in Hollywood

    • I don’t think a lot of people understand what marriage really is. A lot of people just don’t want to be alone and don’t take the time to see if they really fit together. Marriage is a business. A contract. And half these people don’t even sit down and negotiate the details of that contract. So when their expectations (that were never verbalized) are not met, they are hurt, mad and wanna break the contract. Either by cheating or divorce. I think people should look at it as a business first instead of being blinded by what they think is love. Love goes out the door quick when other expectations are not met.

  13. I agree that Curtis Jackson is bitch like but I don’t think he was talking about a girl in that tweet. He seems like he’s talking about smoking. Again, I agree that he is a messy little bitch. If he felt he needed to address Trey he should have called him personally or at the very least, DM him.

  14. Vivica Fox didn’t see his nasty azz coming. She ACTUALLY thought she caught herself a good pickins’. LMAO…

  15. Why would you speak ill of the decease thats why 50 aint poppin like he used to i think he’s a closet fag always gossipin and keepin shit goin

  16. 50 don’t care hes heartless.

    he probably did the same thing to all his girls since he been famous.

    he probal;y charged dudes to phukk vivaca fox.

  17. Shifty cent continues to prove himself less of a man everything he says something. He might as well as pull a SAM, we all know the truth. I truly don’t know men of this kind a caliber and glad I don’t. Money doesn’t make the man, it only turns them into to snitches like bitches.

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