Drake Out Of Hospital After Beatdown By Diddy

Drake Released From Hospital

Drake has not made any public statements since he suffered a beatdown by Puffy on Sunday night, in Miami.


On Wednesday, Drake did release this photo, shortly after being released from the hospital. You can clearly see him favoring his gimp arm, confirming the dislocation of his shoulder, suffered during the fight.


    • Even now I just cant feel sorry for him!! Knowing somewhere down thine he deserved this ?!?! Can’t wait to hear his thuggish hardcore street cred traxx !!!?…… Just saying lmao !!……… Go gospell flake its your last call!!!! Why didn’t he throw his money and watch down like he did for the camera man and the security guard when his he left his dj too get his ass whooped !?? Not so hard core ovo( obviouse visually overrated) don’t steel my craftiness ?!?!!…. Ovo hahahahah !

  1. Sean too old to be fighting, for nothing, to show control n rage at a younger performer..he’s is suppose to be matured, by now, but he’s still think he can run up on someone..

  2. Puffy is so bitchmade. He broke Kim Porter’s nose after he found out she was screwing Shakir Stewart. Word is he slapped his ex wife Misa Hylton in front of her mom. He knows who to try and who not to try. He’s such as bitch. His day is coming.

    • oops let’s not forget him dragging Cassie by the hair and pulling her hair out…that’s really why she shaved her head on the side b/c Diddy pulled her hair out…Diddy’s a Scorpio and he’s making Scorps look bad. Can’t wait til someone knock his block off.

        • I agree NI, but it look like a boxer cut. My thing is this, if U are in a Muslim country where females are not allowed to drive anything, why would U say U was on an ATV?

      • @scorpiogirl,

        Uh uhhhhh…No. I didn’t know that bastard Puffy was a Scorpio. I LOVE Scorpio people but I’m sure it’s because I was raised by one…my Dad! And…my son is a Nov Scorpio too as well as my uncle, 2 of my dearest friends & 4 of my godkids. I am surrounded by you crazy-ass Scorpio people & I love you all to pieces! Cancers & Scorpios get along famously!

        It makes sense NOW. I can see this idiot being a Scorpio. If one does not know about that “Scorpio temperment” they can get hurt in more ways than one. When Scorpio folks get mad, can’t have they’re way or you defy their wishes WATCH OUT because that’s your ass! They will do all sorts of hateful things to you in addition to physically kicking your ass but when they love you THEY LOVE YOU TO NO END & will do anything for you.

        Puffy may have lacked essential rearing & grooming from his parents & if he was fatherless…the development of his manhood was extremely skewed which can account for him being such a sissified asshole.

        • Scorpio men especially are naturally MEAN & ARROGANT & seriously, they’re born that way. I can’t speak for the women but “the men are whorish & a big part of it is because women are naturally attracted to them” & depending on the the woman, a Scorpio man “will NOT turn down the business AND…
          they’re freaks too! OMG…they LOVE to dress & stay looking sharp!

          The biggest thing I learned early in life about these amazing yet crazy beings know as Scorpios is that in order to get along with them you have remember, “they are right even when they’re wrong”…IN THEIR MINDS. You cannot convince a Scorpio he is wrong UNTIL HE SEES IT FOR HIMSELF whenever & however that happens. Most of them are EXTREMELY smart & savvy or…completely opposite.

          Puffy’s ass is a true Scorpio living up to his unharnessed nature. It seems so clear to me now…I betting early in life when SCORPIO men need it the most there was no nurturing & guidance leaving him to honestly feel & believe…”I’m right in whatever I do & to hell with who don’t like it.” Wow….
          His ass hasn’t made it to that jam he can’t get out of yet…but it’s coming.

    • Hes typical p*ss.. like Eminem, he shoots at fish in a barrel.

      He would never try a real man.. not that any real men are even in the industry …

  3. Fuck being on some chill shit…
    We go 0 to 100 niggas, real quick.
    LMAO…they need to stop! Their business men now. LOL

  4. LOL…But why he looks like he just got shot? Yeah right he re-injured his shoulder…uh huh.

  5. puff azz can’t fight with his non producing azz he knew drake wouldn’t fight his bitch azz back dat y he attacked him bet they was fighting like 2 lil girls lmao rofl

  6. I dont feel sorry for Drake. He should know better for going after somebody else’s girl. He did the same thing to Chris Brown and his flame Karrueche. Diddy aint having that. I guess this was worse than Diddy going upside Steve Stoute’s head with a bottle.

  7. So what gonna happen now with Drake and Diddy, will Diddy

    black list Drake? let’s not pretend many Celebs have black listed

    People they beefed with in past…luckily for Drake He has Lil Wendy and Baby on His side

  8. That doesn’t look like Drake to me. As for Scorps.. Honest, Fun, Real, Natural Born Lovers, They also have their very own style, they don’t follow anyone. Deep, Passionate, Hard workers and definitely sexy.

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