NFL Player Sammy Hill Faces Rape Allegations

NFL Sammy Hill Rape Allegations

A Houston stripper is crying rape against NFL defensive lineman Sammy Hill. The woman admits to having “consensual sex” with 28-year-old Hill … on the very night she says he raped her inside an Atlanta hotel suite.

After the alleged December 3rd incident, she reported her claims to ATL cops. She says after having “consensual sex” with the Tennessee Titan, she fell asleep. She claims she woke up a short time later to Hill “forcing himself on her” saying: “I’m just trying to get this nut.”

“She claims she repeatedly said no when Hill ‘placed his hand around her throat while attempting to stick his penis in her vagina.”

What’s out there:

“In her police report, which has been handed to Atlanta police, the woman said that after she resisted Hill a number of times, he apologized and gave her $300 in cash.

The woman claims to have been left with bruises on her neck by Hill after the alleged assault. While police in Houston took the initial report, Atlanta police have said that no charges have been pressed and no one has been arrested.”


  1. Thats big greasy looking dude. He’s defensive tackle? Looks more like an offensive lineman. Wonder how Tommy Smith is going to handle this.

  2. Trick got tricked. She didn’t say that she didn’t take the money. He didn’t rape her.

  3. Why is a trick going to sleep??? I thought it was hit n run.. Pay up and she goes, but something is fishy here, why was she still there sleeping..

  4. No means No…even after you’ve said Yes to the first round. And was that $300 on top of the $20 she got for the first round? Dumb ISHT!

  5. He treated her like the ho that she was and now she is retaliating by crying rape. She probably was insulted that he Only gave her $300!

  6. See this what I am talking. Reread that first paragraph. She ain’t got no case whatsoever. She f*cked up in the first by coming out her mouth saying they had consensual sex. Miss me with that one.

  7. But why he gotta grab her by her throat and take it? Why not just pay for another round? I don’t advocate for hoes but they can be raped too it’s kinda like an occupational hazard.

  8. She may be going cuz he choked her?? IDK, this isht makes me dizzy with all the DRAMA in some people’s lives.

    • like @anon and I don’t miss said…that’ what Pimps are for I guess. I never knew how necessary they were until moments like this. “Does Wayne Brady have to Choke a Bytch?” lmaoo

  9. Did they take her into custody for sellin ass? That’s like tellin po po ur weed got took. Ninjas.

    • Funny. I had to do a double take because I thought I posted it. Ninjas do dumbshyt like that for real. They should decriminalize prostitution like in Holland. Give the women glass booths and a panic button just an case s trick gets violent.

    • Paying for p*ssy is not exactly legal either. Let’s be fair here. LOL…he broke the law too…and the choking doesn’t help his case. LMAO

  10. Not to change the topic but, In ANOTHER rape story…who heard that Beverly Johnson now is claiming Cosby raped and drugged her too???

    Come on now Bill, you gotta come out the woodworks and address this now. You lookin suspect hiding from this issue. Whether they’re lying or not, all these women are coming forward…don’t look good for you homie stromie.

  11. The way Beverly Johnson describes how things went down…sounds legit. He drugged her and TRIED to rape her. She called him out by his name while she was drugged and blew up his spot. So, he got rid of her and called her a cab, before anything could go down…according to her.

    • Yo Money has to seriously come out and address this. The only thing working in his favor is the statute of limitations.

        • TB Nancy Grace said on her show last night that Cosby has nothing to gain by speaking out at this point, and as you said, the statute of limitation is in his favor. BUT, the new case involving an underage girl is the one causing Marty Singer to sweat right now. Under certain circumstances, lie repressed memory syndrome, a case which has exceeded the statute can still come to trial when the alleged victim was underage at the time.
          I’ve said this before, but the biggest shock to me is that not ONE of the Cosby Show cast members has spoken up for him.
          That speaks louder than any of the accusations in my eyes.

        • ITA, from a legal standpoint it would not benefit him to talk (If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.) And I hope that the attornies for the underage girl get to prosecute. But from a social standpoint, he looks guilty when he doesn’t claim his innocence cuz he’s quickly losing his reputation that took decades to build. But then again, if he’s the type of man who would do something like this, then his reputation was all a lie and a façade and he really wouldn’t care to clear his name…basically his horns are starting to show.

    • Bill Tried To Hit Ms. Trinidad?!?!?! Martin should have took Ms. Trinidad down when she tried to seduce him. Ms. Trinidad!!!!

  12. She needs to look at the bright side of this. Now she can add “Choke a Bytch” for $300 to her menu.

  13. @ Jack I can top that. I’ve known folks who call cops after being ripped off in a drug deal gone wrong.

  14. She was mad because she was only paid $300. You can’t consent on round one and scream rape on round 2. These whores are foul.

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