Superhead Did Diddy And His Adopted Son, Quincy!!!


The latest word from Superhead reveals she’s smashing Diddy’s adopted son, Quincy!

The notorious video vixen came on IG eluding to just that, barely a day after HSK broke first word of Amber Rose’s hook up with Quincy.

From the looks of Superhead’s IG post, it seems that she snapped a morning pic of the back of Quincy as he fixed breakfast. The caption read, “Oh! Good morning babe, I didn’t even see you there!”

This would make Ms. Steffans a woman who’s been with Quincy AND HIS DIDDY TOO!!!

Check it:

“She vividly details her sexual accounts with Diddy in her first book and now she’s moved on to his son Quincy. 

Quincy isn’t Diddy’s biological son, but Diddy raised him like he is.”



  1. Hoes will be hoes let em b I could have sworn this story was already posted last week or so

    • You did see the story……….it was on mediatakeout on Monday……..don’t know what took this blog so long, kinda late, they should have added it in with the story with amber rose and the young blood

  2. AL B Sure you should see about your son mane, because puffy bout if he hasn’t already turned him out, you need to be more involved in his life before Diddy Nasty ass ruin him, what Else do you expect from super head? The dumb bitch even answers to the name ” super head” I just hope they usen some protection, because puffy is another D.L.mothaf*cka that f*ck anybody, and from what I heard he go raw alot, AL see bout your son mane, I guess you scared of this pink pantie ware’en clown ass nikka too hu? Ain’t noway he would be able to keep me from my son, NOT GONE HAPPEN NEVA!

    • I wonder about ppl who write first person messages to celebrities on a blog. Think he’ll read it and take action? Sheesh.

    • Al B is a deadbeat dad they say. NEVER in his son’s life…he need to cut Diddy a child support check. LOL

      • @TB,

        Albert was an “absent father” for different & very difficult circumstances far from what is publically assumed & perceived. There is a very serious backstory which I will not discuss here.

        Just know, at least as it pertains to “Al B. Sure being a deadbeat father”…there is FAR more to the story & truth will do more than shock you.

        • Not starting any beef…it was just very hurtful what you wrote that day. I hope you understand.

          • @TB,

            I wrote something “hurtful to directly to &/or about you?” I don’t recall ever having a bad conversation with or about you.

            Please refresh my recollection so I may offer you a sincere apology as I’m not typically one to hurt others purposely. Likewise, I’d also hate the notion of you avoiding conversating with me due to an unforseen slight.

            • Sis, ur words weighed heavy on me because i had respect for your inputs that’s why i was tripping when u referred to Latins as “the rest of her kind” on a Erica Mena thread.

            • @TB

              Please accept my humble & sincerest apologies as I surely didn’t mean to hurt &/or offend you.

              Now that you mentioned “Erica Mena” I’m positive I was not at all referring to “all latin ladies” with disdain but I was referring moreso to “the whorish mentality &
              caliber of women such as Erica & those like her…(Amber Rose, Karrine Steffans, Jhonni Blaze, etc… “meaning her kind.”) & how black men especially chase after & anything they perceive as “not black.”

              🙁 I’m very sorry I hurt you & I promise it wasn’t intended as such & I hope you will forgive me. I’m just grateful you called it my attention. I was wondering what you were talking about…we NEVER are at odds each other & I read most if not all your posts which I enjoy!

              Charge it to my head & not my heart!!!

    • He is TB…I heard the same damn thing. Diddy been holding Quincy down ever since he first got with Kim. Al hasn’t done shit.

  3. This bitch is so filthy and low down she even makes the gutter seem clean. I bet if you tossed that bitch into the sewer the rats and roaches would go on strike. If her son grows up to hate women i won’t be one bit surprised. With a mother like her how can he ever feel good about himself. She is a self-loathing witch whose only pleasure in life is exposing her nasty vagina to the world. This bitch p*ssy must look like 10 miles of bad road by now.

      • Amen to that! Needs to come with a Bio Hazard Warning Sticker…

    • Oh yes Ms Traci…..CTFU! Let that bitch have it. I had to go take some anti-biotics after reading your comment and i wasn’t even sick. Child you ain’t to be played with.

  4. Al B doesn’t need to check on his son cause his son is grown. Who wants their parent to check on them because they f*ckin?!

  5. The funny isht is that usually it’s the female that want to keep her smashing session on the DL, LOL…but it’s the guys that are embarrassed for everyone to know they slept with her. That’s why he got his back turned in the pic. lmaooo…he’s like “come on babe, no pics…I was never here.”

    • Why does she have to record her tricks? She did that to Bobby Brown as he slept on the couch. No honor amongst hoes.

      Wonder did she use that pink strap-on that she posed with a few years ago.

      • EXACTLY. She posted a pic of her and Soulja Boy too, she did an autobiography telling about her smash sessions. Come on now.

        Well at least she’s an easy buy for Xmas. A vile of penicillin from each of her tricks…a.k.a. victims.

        • Lol thats sad I was hoping she had changed for the best when she became Montana Fishburns “mentor.” Poor Karrine.

    • Her delusional self esteem says she needs to show proof..

      So she writes books, takes pictures….

  6. Every time I see someone with this chick I think to myself wasn’t she married to Darius McCrary who is rumored to have the big boy package? Not to mention everyone in the industry has some type of std they can’t get rid of. So why would Shiddy allow this young boy to get with her, and where the heck is Kim coked up somewhere? Damn shame.

      • And…quiet as it’s kept Quincy really needs to be “doing a better job at looking out for his mom as he’s been asked to”…

        IF you knew the REAL & COMPLETE story…

        -You would take ALL Kim’s kids.

        -Be certain Sean Combs was put UNDER a jail.

        -Make sure people who “extort on Puffy’s
        behalf get put UNDER a jail separate from him.

        -Send both Quincy & Albert to a family psychiatrist.

        • I’m not even in the know but the little droplets of tea I’ve read from Mark Curry’s book at on the web told me Diddy and Kim aren’t the best people in the world. All the money in the world isn’t worth it for me to switch lives with the rich and famous.

  7. I don’t understand how a Ninja’s penis just don’t fall of from gangrene after putting their joint in her.

  8. Q: What is the difference between a drug dealer and a prostitute ?
    A: A prostitute can wash her crack and sell it again.

    Oh ISHT! These are oldies but goodies….

  9. A prostitute and a crack head walk into a bar. The owner yells get that nasty crack outta here. So they both turn around and leave

  10. Void detail in her first book? I don’t recall her story about Puffy being juicy. It was like she was talking like she was afraid. I remember her saying that she didn’t hang much with him and that he always had that manservant always around.
    What I want to know is who us the guy that she had in the fetal position damm near crying

      • And I really don’t want to spend a shiny red cent on the book to find out. LOL

    • You’re right. She was vague about both Diddy and Jay Z. We know she did the deed with them and Jay is supposedly really large but that was pretty much it.

      • @Cheese, did you read her book? I heard she was vague about a lot of her “encounters”.

        • I read her first book when it came out hoping for some real tea. She had an interesting story but it wasn’t really that juicy. That’s what I get for being nosy, lol.

          • LOL@Cheese That’s stupid, why write a book if you’re not going to get into detail??? Dumb isht.

        • @tb I read it. I was more interested in the guys she dealt with than her. what’s interesting is HER story about what led up to her becoming such a sociopath. I guess
          I never considered that.
          about the book though it seemed like she left the really intricate details to the stories without names like the one I stated above

          • @Anon and i don’t miss: That’s what I wanted to read about, the guys! But I read some of the excerpts from the book and it was very evasive as far as who her partners were. Damn sure want to someone to spill the tea about the fetal position dude. LOL…can we find out who that was right now? Google?? LOL

      • if I remember correctly she alluded to the fact that Puff got oral only and the rest was for Fonzworth. She also talked about what a sweetheart Ray j was to her and they were like kindred spirits. I got the feeling that their simpatico had to do with their climb and their drug use..idk I could be wrong.

        • Wait, wait, wait, wait!! Let me breathe…. Pleeeeeeeeeze do not tell me that Diddy gave her to Fonzworth??? Cuz ain’t nobody phuckin’ Fonzworth voluntarily, in the ho world that’s not a worthy trick/john. LOL…As far as she’s concerned she only phucks the dudes that got a name for themeselves….the heavyweights.

            • Whoah! Going from 0 to 100 baby real quick! Damn, I’m too old for these shenanigans. LMAO

  11. She is Vial and disgusting…you sleep with all of these men. Not thinking that your son can read and eventually will read all about your encounters. I know that she called Big Tigga gay and he confronted her on a radio talk show. I remember her getting mad on another Radio Talk how cause they were calling her Super Head…uhm wasn’t that your nckname and claim to fame. She bragged about how Jadakiss gave her that name.

  12. Where’s Kim Porter??!!?? I know Q is an adult-but dayum Diddy should have schooled him-YUKE

  13. Since when did Whore’s have boundaries? We are talking about Karrine S.remember?!

  14. Hold up. You want Al B Sure! to check on Quincy? ABS is a mess himself and dates really old women for money!!! He’s been dating Nick Cannon’s MOM FOR ABOUT 6 months now and she could be his mother! Gross. Hope Nick is watching his mom’s pocketbook!

  15. it just proves we live in a sexist world, if Quincy was a Girl and Superhead was Man, it would be a compete different story, but since She’s a Woman is ok to f*ck a Little Boy?? I think not!!!

  16. And we are surprised because? C’mon people. Talking about a old hoe being a hoe is like talking about the air being air.

  17. Nicca tryna do a good deed for a hoe making breakfast and she behind his back takin flicks. Niccas can’t even sleep around hoe’s without them taking flicks no more.

  18. I was always such a huge Al. B fan, my first crush when little, but later on after finding that he basically gave his son to sean combs out of every possible person confused the hell out of me and I lost respect. I even remember in the liner notes there’s a picture of al b holding his pregnant womans stomach…maybe it wasn’t kim porter but his other baby mom but I’ve searched and read everything but couldn’t find why he basically abandoned his son, and if he had any other issues…never heard about the screwing old women, all i knew was he was on some radio station in L.a doing quiet storm stuff, or quiet storm boat trips

    • I know 1 of the older women he used to mess with was Rolonda Watts, i believe thats her name
      She was only about 15 years older then him though

  19. well, now he’s dating Nick Cannon’s mom who’s way older! He’s been dating old women for money now for years. He’s known throughout LA to pimp himself out to the cougars. It’s sad.

  20. I know, Al B Sure! dating Nick cannon’s mom for real. So gross! She could be his granny!

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