Trick Trick Weighs In on Rapper Rick Ross’ Shade In Detroit

Tick Tick vs Rick Ross

“That man said didn’t nothing happen to him. He’s correct, nothing happened to him…”

Over the weekend the internet was on fire after Rick Ross was prevented from performing at Chene Park in Detroit on the orders of rapper Trick Trick.

Trick Trick sets the record straight….

In a taped video message Trick Trick explains:

“I don’t usually entertain the s**t that go on on the Internet because the Internet, to me, is not the real world, but I do recognize there are a lot of things going on on the Internet and in the media concerning myself and concerning another individual…“

“Well concerning myself and that individual is none of your motherf**king business.”

“That’s a grown man. I’m a grown man. Grown men don’t put grown men business out to the muthaf***ing public. If I wanted to address it. I would have addressed it. If I wanted to promote it, I would have promoted it. I move how I move is because I stand for something.”

“My “No Fly Zone” ain’t about taking nobody’s money. I don’t want your motherf**king money. Nobody. What the f**k I look like telling somebody you got to pay me to come to my town? Don’t you think I would have been in f**king prison if that’s what was going on? And as far as the incident the other day, you see what the f**k the police said – no arrests were made. So what the f**k did I do wrong? That man said didn’t nothing happen to him. He’s correct, nothing happened to him…”

“…this the real world out here and to survive in the real world it requires respect…I don’t want yo money man…but understand you just came and these people paid money to come see you. The natives have come to support you and be a part of your movement. Don’t turn you’re a** at them, take they money, and turn yo a** at them. And you don’t owe them no money. But respect them…I happen to be one of the appointed representatives of the natives. This my house. I just want respect. Respect my house…”

“Bottom line is me and that man’s business don’t concern y’all. So stop f**king asking about it.…And My apologies to anybody if you didn’t get to see the people that you wanted to perform. It was not directed at you, nor was it directed at venue nor was it directed at the radio station.”

“Some things had to be done they were done. Everybody left healthy and we got everybody’s attention and that’s enough.”


    • Well said? Real talk? He sounds like an uneducated idiot. Grow up stupid man. Find God. Nobody respects you. We can’t even understand your uneducated ass.

  1. See, there’s a difference between Rap/Gangster and Real Gangster, Trick Trick happens to be a Real One.

    • seems like the fake gangsters make more money and get all the girls.

      rick ross as fake as he is can probably pull charli Baltimore from trick all rick has to do is offer her a record deal.

    • Yep! This is the difference between a wannabe and the real deal. Rick Ross got his lying jelly belly azz shook!

    • I respect him more then persona stealing hiding assets so he dont have 2 support his son when he was a toddler Ricky Ross

  2. He looks dumb, and sounds stupid….while you have the power to stop a concert, why don’t you help the thousands that reside in your city get their water turned back on..It’s all over the news that this city is so broke they had to shut of thousand that had unpaid bills. So why your black ass out here trying to be hard and running your city so you claim, why not help your’s niggas like you Mr. Trick Trick that set us bac being a gangsta is played out..being a strong educated black will never be!!!

    • trick don’t run the whitye side of Detroit.

      only blacks who are intimidated by him.

      trick better watch it.

      he lives a so called thug life he might get shot since he makes gangster rap.

      being dead might make trick a legend what has he done except woop trick daddy how long ago was that.

      nobody gives a damn about styles p anymore either and trick wooped him.

      trick was trying to make a name for himself since nobody buys his records outside the Midwest area.

    • Exactly!! I don’t even know what a “Trick Trick” is, but this wack nigga sounds stupid! Detroit is on the brink of collapse and needs all of the money and support it can get. But this fool is stuck on some dumb nigga shit that’s going to set the back further than it already is. So now people can’t perform in Detroit unless they go through him? Please!

      • Me too! I have to explain this mess to my co-workers.

        He is just stupid no explanation needed!

    • That city is broken and people are hurting there. Google it or go see for yourself it is like a futuristic wasteland. And you want to speak that foolishness they have places for black men like that. We must get it together, walk upright and press forward our people are not winning with every check we are losing. Mind, respect, love I could go on….

      • futuristic – post apocalyptic wasteland. Sorry I couldn’t resist the edit. You’re spot on.

    • at least suge had the sense to start a label and become a millionaire.

      trick can’t even do that.

  3. In the real world, nobody cares about thighs s**t in the Hood, that’s not living…ducking bullets, drive-bys, stabbings, drugs, poverty, etc. Blackmen are falling behind, this bull is trivial.

  4. Somebody is gonna close both this niggas eyes.
    A no rappin, Big Pun wanna be. Why don’t you help clean up DTown with the 150 fools following you?

  5. I don’t respect DICK BOSS or TRICKING TRICK. rick a cornball ball wanna be and trick a no talent hater to the third degree. A man is not a bully. Sick dick gonna get served sooner or later. And from my knowledge most fake gangsters are snitches for the Feds in the end anyway. (Jimmy henchmen) they get tough with other black men but lay down for the cracker. Like I said I don’t like rick Ross but he is talented. Sick dick can keep up his bulling and get exposed like 40 sock. You don’t talk on the internet but always on twitter. Nigga pls. Rick a p*ssy cause 50 slapped up gunplay and he ain’t say a word. When a nigga is a known coward and u press him you get no points. D TOWN get ya boy. It’s embarrassing

    • So true about these fake ass thugs and them being about killing each other and showing no remorse for their brothers but loyal and ass kissing them men of other races. Black men killing each other everyday and all you hear is crickets. However when white cops show them they ain’t shit and latinos trying to run blacks out of neighborhoods in Cali and other places they are affluent. They on some can’t we get along shit WTF!!!!!!

  6. The beginning of the end for Trick Trick, publicity like this is not in your best interest as “one of the appointed representatives of the natives”. Give it 3 years and either the government will be providing free accommodations or his residence will be 6 ft under.

    As for being a real gangster – meh you aint real if you cant stand on your own or cant stand without a gun.

    • The Feds will Indict his dumb ass soon!

      Public extortion……..embarrassing the white folks trying to clean up the image of Detroit…he will pay!

      You heard it here first!

      • From his Wiki page:

        “Trick-Trick is also credited with being the man responsible for making Detroit, Michigan a “No Fly Zone”, meaning rappers that are not from the city who do not support artists from the city or make contributions to the city are not welcome to perform in Detroit.”

        Yeah, those white folks are about to shut this old thug down real quick. Who is he to say who can and cannot come to Detroit? Kwame Kilpatrick and his goons are no longer in charge, so Trick Trick needs to find a new hobby bc thuggin in Detroit like this and messing with potential city dollars is a no-go.

      • What trick-trick is doing aint gonna make or break nothing going on in the city. Just a misguided brotha wasting energy on a pissing contest that’s not progressing shit, but when you of a certain mentality you ignorant to these types of things.

        I wish some of you defeated blacks would stop crying about how white people see because of something an ignorant black person does. Trust me it doesn’t take that for many of them to see you as inferior and when you worry something did is gonna make something harder for you…dont blame your f*cking people! Blame others who you will be willing not to pigeonhole the mass of when one of them do something stupid, but you let them identify all of you by the acts of a few. Why do you beg for their mercy instead of letting them know one can not speak for all? f*ck is wrong with you?

        Also please understand that some of these neighborhoods are left to not have shit no matter how well meaning the poor or educated blacks are. People come together and try to do the right things but when they can’t get grants, no cooperation, or get passed over for money…f*ck are they gonna do? Then when the only thing that could happen happens, the fake point it out and say see this is what they do, they can do shit without our help etc. No shit, thats how you have shit designed systematically. If I cant get your cooperation when I’m trying to change things, or no help financially(like any other person would need) f*ck else can I do to change something? Its a f*cking ongoing game. Then they come in and of course others WILL help or COOPERATE with them and it makes it look like you’re the only one capable. Bullshit!

        Sad thing is many black people allow this shit to make them believe that they cant build things because they dont see how this game works and stupidly they start hating their own people not realizing some of this shit is built a certain way so you always look like the loser unless you kiss ass or be a slave. We’ve built in the pass but it gets undermined…why the f*ck you think that is?! You are the descendants of these people. You think they were dumb and stupid? How do you think you began to start feeling this way about yourself, your family, and mates? Time passed and you just think you woke up and decided hey we aint shit, we fail at everything, we cant be together, we cant stick together? Think about how you got there and what circumstances have been manipulated, what issues were introduced…is bigger than some of this laying down some of y’all doing. You have to study and look pass some of this surface shit and joining in the hatred of yourself. We’ve become so self destructive and promote a culture of it now(that we are poisoned) that they dont have to do too much to us now but watch us go, but trust we didnt start that way and we can get out of that bullshit if we just start paying attention to shit and quit with the self hatred auto-pilot shit.

        Sorry for the rant, I dont hate anyone but I love my folks because they haven’t had the chance to be what they can and I see the potential greatness in many things they do. I also see the fear and jealousy in some others that is so bad that they always want people like me to feel that they aren’t anything because they see the potential just like I do, but they know they are vulnerable so they push hard and ruthlessly to kill that spirit. Peace

  7. So Rick Fake Ross paid up? Because the only reason I see for this Nobody to even comment is because he was paid and asked to lie about what really happened. Too many witnesses said that RR was shook and was prevented from entertaining. Now he wasn’t.

  8. Mr. Tricky Trick look like a broken down version of The Dream
    And thats not a good look
    But Tricky Trick is much better than Big Titty Rossy on his worst day
    and thats also saying a lot


  10. Why is the right eye peppercorn size compared to the other? Wonder if the goons from Barclays bank encountered a No Fly zone before taking over the D?

    • I dunno, but the next time I am in the D, I will look up Trick Trick and see if I can find out.

      I think he may be my Prince Charming.

  11. Who made this nigga mayor of detroit? I cant even remember the last hit song or album he had n he callin all the shots now lol?

    • he never had a hit song wasn’t for him working with Eminem trick would have never been known at all.

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