Sinbad On Being a Black Comic:

Sinbad vs Hollywood

“Hollywood can only find room for one of us.”

While Sinbad completely co-signs Kevin Hart’s talent, he’s waveing his finger at Hollywood politics. “I hate that Hollywood can only find room for one of us.” said Sinbad. “You can see six, seven, eight stand-ups all making money but you’ll only be able to find one black stand.-up and it’s been like that since the beginning.”

Here’s what else Sinbad says:

“It’s been like that since the beginning and that’s the one they throw everything at. I wish it would spread because there’s a lot of funny guys out there but Kevin is smart, he’s doing it right and I’m loving what he’s doing.”


  1. I was just saying how Sinbad was one of my fave stand-up comedians. I grew up watching him with my dad. Don’t have to be raunchy to be funny.

  2. Sinbad should know…they threw everything at him when he was the new Black comic on he scene back in the late 80s/early 90s. Then came Martin and so on…

    • Exactly!!! lol why did he wait till he lost his global shine before saying this????

      lol black people make me laugh. You pocket the money then bitch, when the well runs dry lol

  3. Notice How Sinbad (A Light Skinned Black Man)Is Married To A Sista (A Black Women)……Comedy Is Ok I Prefer Black Comedy Is Funnier

    • What does his light complexion have to do with anything? Both of his parents are black. That’s actually a form of albinism. My cousin looks very similar to Sinbad and my aunt and uncle are both dark complected.

        • Where in my post does it imply that I am upset?? I have read and agreed with some of your other postings; however, I didn’t see your point on this one so I asked a question and relayed some information. Don’t be so defensive.

          • Actually Ms B. you WERE informative. I was not aware that it was a form of albinism. Thank you.

            • You are quite welcome @ anon. I was not aware of this either until my cousin was born.

  4. Really?! Tell that to all the comics coming up! Or all the ones that quit because they didn’t want to give up ass and play that dirty game! Ever hear of Dominique Purdy? No, and you never will because he was black who didn’t do stereotypical jokes and he quit because a lot of black comic’s wouldn’t put him in shows. In LA, a lot of black ppl have to go comedy shows and deal with ppl of other race’s making horrible stereotypical jokes! Sinbad, there is room for you, but when you were on top who ever you kept down is now on top. Chris Rock, barely helps out his bro. The Wayne’s helped each other out because they got it. There is room for EVERYONE! Listen to David Burger because he has no shame in naming nnames of what comedians do to get to the top…..

    • i guess you trying to say the wayans. yes they helped each other, and actively as a group tried to sabotage others. so they are not a great example. in fact they worked hard behind the scenes to keep other comics down. at least keenan did

      • And Keenan learned that from the comic who tried to sabotage his career; his name is Eddie Murphy!

  5. It is like that in all of the entertainment industry: we can only have one black singer, one black model, one black actress and one black comedian.

  6. Hollywood is not gonna change, we tolerate their behavior. Plenty of black comics around, but, we’re so trained to focus on one black blah blah blah. Whites are not gonna allow us to push them out the way. They did it with sports, a lesson they learned the hard way.

    • Holly Wood Is Catered For White People….. Remember Black Actors And Actress Would Get Roles As Slaves/Mammy’s/Coon’s Etc Etc

      • …And they still do–12 Years a Slave, anything Tyler Perry makes, and your average srraight-to-DVD ‘black ‘Hood’ movie, for example.

        The more things change, the more they stay the same…

  7. Sinbad with his fine redbone looking ass. I hope he paid those taxes he owed in California. Those liens aint no joke.

  8. Why do they all speak when the money dry up? If you really about righteousness then you would speak whenever you see fit. They kill me with the black and proud act like seriously cut it out.

  9. Sinbad is right. I just wish he would have taken better care of his funds when he was hot. He lost it all. I hope this doesn’t happen to Kevin. Saw him drunk in the public once. NOT SEXT! Some black celebs sell their souls to the devil!

  10. Sinbad is a black comic? I thought this asshole was whiter than the KKK and their pretty cotton sheets!

  11. Well if all the blacks that complain about the way they are treated in white Hollywierd get together and start doing their own thing. They should have enough money to pool together and start their own Black Hollywood aka Atlanta then this would be a moot point and I think blacks would really turn out to support them. Fuck joining the team Make your own.

    • THANK YOU!!! Great point they should create something together instead of waiting for someone else to do it for them.

  12. Sinbad came from an era when comedians were considered good. Sinbad and Bill Cosby didnt use profanity compared to these horrible newcomers like Kevin Hart.

    • I agree, Kevin hart sucks! Did you see his standup Laugh At My Pain? Remember he said he lost his daughter at Disneyland and when he found her she was crying? I hope Kevin didn’t sacrifice his daughter to the hollywood chesters. There has to be a reason why this Soul Plane dude’s career took off. I can name a few comics that are funnier than Kevin Hart. Rod Man, Corey Holcomb, Katt Williams and Eddie Griffin just to name a few.

  13. I get what you are saying but I don’t think Sinbad was ever that way. It may sound messed up it’s never a good idea to piss off the people who you are looking to hire you. The reality is most Black professionals work in industries predominated by White people. Of course we discuss the lack of diversity in the workplace amongst each other but it wouldn’t be very smart for us to run to the media and complain about it. I don’t know about you but I have bills to pay. It sucks but it’s just the way it is.

    • Some of us are working towards that goal but it takes time and committment to get there.

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