Dame Dash Reaches Out To Jay Z: “We might have to do a reasonable tour…”


Dame seems to be bossin’ up on Jigga… urging Mr Carter to take it back to where he came from and rejoin forces with Dame. This, while Jay’s On the Run ticket sales are down!

“Dame dished out his interest in linking with Hov for a 20th anniversary tour on Instagram.

Check out what Dame just put out there…

“Oh shit @raquelmhorn just let me know it’s reasonable doubts 18th birthday…so glad we fought to own this 100 percent and it still creates income everyday… Its funny… Me and jay still own this together we might have to do a reasonable tour…maybe for the 20th anniversary…that way we could all make some money… I don’t see why he wouldn’t…might have to holla #freebiggs”



    • It would be a strong power move that both of them would benefit from. Trust the culture vultures would do everything to sabotage or bring some type of negativity to the gathering of two black businessmen. If they were willing to put thought in the probability of this and making some decisions to try to prevent any bullshit I would love to see it happen. We need to start doing our own shit and showing that we can work together without always being on high school childish shit. The youth need to know this kind of thing is possible. Jay f*cking with the “shadows” so I dont know if he has the balls to defy them. It’d be a good look for the music and black business if done right tho.

  1. So Dame Wants To Join Force With The Guy Who Slept With His Ex Wife!…. Damn These HollyWood Nigga Are On Some Stuff

  2. Jay don’t own Reasonable Doubt Dame you do.Remember,Jay tried to get you to sell him those Masters during the ROC split and you refused. Stop reaching and find something to do other than talking about JayZ all the time.

    • Amen BA.

      Dame’s actions/tweets etc during the past 4 months are really odd re: his relationship with Jay. Sometimes I think he’s eaten up with envy and sometimes I think he’s like an ex-love who still wants his ex back. To be continued I guess.

    • I was about to say that BA but Jay have to realized if it wasn’t for Dame I truly think would be another irrelevant rapper.

      • Agreed.Jay has forgotten the groundwork Dame put in to make him hot back in the day with that MaryJ feature.Jay let the bigwigs at DefJam make him a offer he couldn’t refuse that excluded Dame/Biggs.Dame should have known something was afoot when Jay moved his office upstairs into the DefJam buildings.

  3. Jayz Is Disloyal Just Like His Wife…….Jayz Is Still Heart Broken Over Aailyah That’s Why Jayz Dated Beyonce….
    Yash Qaaah Was Talking It

    • In “Rock the Boat” they play it backwards and she allegedly said “you want Beyonce”.

      • Yash Qaraah Said Jayz Is Still Heart Broken About Aaiyah’s Death…..He Took Up With Beyonce As His 2nd Choice

  4. They should.It’ll probably make jay look like less of a sellout that he already is.

  5. a ROC Familia tour with appearances by all the past artists…guaranteed sell out if they can keep the peace…i don’t do concerts like that but I’d pony up$…can’t beat nostalgia

  6. I thought when Jay Z took rockefeller he took his masters. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.

    • DefJam gave Jay all of his solo album Masters to all except Reasonable Doubt because Dame and Biggs paid for that album out of pocket.

      • Actually Def Jam Never Had The Rights To Reasonable Doubt,That Album Was Released Independently Thru Freeze/Priority Records

        • True.Biggs paid for JayZ’s first video in St.Thomas but that didn’t stop Jay from Shitting on the two men that help him down in his early days.

            • At the rate Jay going and break away from his wife’s shadow, this tour would be the best thing. You see Puff Daddy went back into the studio.To be honest, I am starting to feel that these artist are starting to wake the hell up!

  7. Yes Jay Z does own his masters unlike many artists. When he took the roc he left poor Dame in the dust.

    • One of the reasons I believe that Jay is a better business man than most folks give him credit for.
      He may be a lot of things deemed negative, but dumb? No.

  8. Dame needs to move on just like Jay. He says his conscious is good, so, why is he acting like a teenager all of a sudden? The better man always wins in the end…The Life!

  9. @15:40 You are wrong Jay owns none of his masters
    Live Nation owns everthing except for reasonable doubt which dame owns.

    • Are you sure? Can you provide a link of proof? Not being disrespectful, I just would like to know for sure.

    • Once Jay became president of Defjam part of the deal was after his tenure was up he’d receive all of his master within 10years.He left defjam in 03 and he now has full ownership of those masters.

      • Only On Def Jam Released Projects,Reasonable Doubt Was Not Released By Def Jam

      • Jay Signed to LiveNation only to promote his tours.They have absolutely nothing yo do with him or any of his RocNation artist music.They deal mostly with Touring not music distribution.

        • That was my understanding as well BA. Live Nation is more or less a booking agency.

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