Did Bambi Call For Erica’s Knife Attack?


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Erica Pinkett has been revealed as the victim of a violent attack in Atlanta… and she’s calling out Bambi as the person who may have planned the whole thing!

Cops say it all went down at ATL’s Taboo Club, back on June 9th. That’s when Pinkett was reportedly exiting the club’s bathroom when a woman snuck up behind her,hit her across the face, forced her to the ground and used a razor blade to slash her arm.

“There was blood everywhere.”

Police records reveal… the woman with the blade bounced before cops showed up on scene. She’s been identified as Stephanie Harp, who’s since been booked on assault with a deadly weapon charges.

Here is what’s out there:

“She thinks the attack was ordered by Bambi Johnson … because the two have had arguments over Pinkett’s relationship with Johnson’s boyfriend, Lil Scrappy.”


  1. Oz for big girls will take care of their foolishness, scrappy isn’t going to visit any of them.

  2. Black Women Are Looking Foolish…. Never Fight Over Men Is Not Worth it Innocent People Are Getting Hurt

  3. That is not how Compton Roll..Trust and believe we Roll in silence and neva eva send a messanger..we deliver..OG Bambi Johnson..way too SHIMMER fa that..

  4. Whom ever did this to her, didn’t mean to hurt her. Why slash someone’s arm when you can hit them in the chest for kill? Women need to stop trying to be so tough like me and stay in their place. Fighting over men is dumb! Plus, Lil Scrap and Erica have never been married to each other so what the fuss?

  5. all this over scrappy?…these hoes need to get like DIamond and bounce on scrappy bum ass

  6. See Scrappy was wrong for telling Erica about him and Bambi’s miscarriage. That’s is why Bambi punched Erica. Then Mama Dee with her meddling ass sit up a meeting between Erica and Bambi. Erica got Bambi for that punch she deserves. Erica shoulda kept her mouth shut and this incident wouldn’t happen.

  7. I know Bambi came up in the hood. But it’s something about her she’s real sweet to me.California Girls can be real real sweet sometimes.

    • I’m from CALI and I DISAGREE. SWEET TO MEN MAYBE. Aint nothin about these chicks sweet. They look at my smilin ass like I’m a tourist in Brooklyn.

  8. Boy, these girls will do anything to try to develop a storyline. I can’t believe Bambi would be this obvious and touchable. If anything perhaps an over zealous fan or hopeful took matters into their own hands. But I truly know nothing about the street anywhere. Just speculating like everyone else!!!

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