Eddie Murphy Detroit-Bound For Beverly Hills Cop!


It looks like Axel Foley is making a comeback after all. This time, in the D! Sources say the new Beverly Hills Cop — in this fourth part of the film series — has a storyline that sees Eddie Murphy’s character Axel Foley move back to Detroit after years of living in Beverly Hills.

Here’s the latest:

“Directed by Brett Radner and produced by Detroit native Jerry Bruckheimer, Beverly Hills Cop 4 is slated for release in March 2016.”


  1. Lol at the *crickets* on this thread. No one cuurrs. lol. Will not be watching. Even from Red Box.

  2. nobody is checking for eddie murphy, thats why they are talking about casting kevin heart in this movie

  3. I liked old school Eddie Murphy but I used to always fall asleep while watching any of the BH Cop movies. I like Eddie so I’ll check it out, maybe this one will keep me awake.

  4. I wonder if Assenio Hall will be given a role in this flick? He can play the role of Eddie’s butler/personal ass kisser!

  5. Eddie Is Getting Old……..He Should Play The Grandfather (Role) And His Grand Son Could Be The Cop Instead Nothing Worse Seeing A Old
    Men Wearing Latex Acting Young

  6. I hope he put a few pounds back on. He looks like a punk right now. Reminds me of a crackhead look.

  7. ..y’all BET’not say nothin’ bad ’bout Eddie!!! ’cause THAT’S when i LOSE it!!! THAT’S when i go OFF!!!

  8. Like Dr. Dre’s Detox album, nobody gives a shit! Eddie Murphy should have done this ten years ago. His time is over. Unfortunately Kevin Hart is the mafia’s favorite token black comedian!

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