Sherri Shepherd Gets Kicked To The Curb

Walters Fires Sherri Shepherd

The View” is cleaning house. Network sources tell us the cast has been fired… except for Whoopi Goldberg.

Our sources say there was a meeting at ABC late Thursday afternoon and they announced Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy were out. Sources tell us executive producer Bill Geddie also will not be coming back.

Maybe not coincidentally … Barbara Walters is scheduled to be on the show Friday (though it did tape on Wednesday).

Shepherd posted a photo on Instagram Thursday night, saying, “Mr @DonnieWahlberg always takes care of his ladies @jennyannmccarthy & me! To be continued… ;O)”

Here is what’s out there:

“The View” has been in turmoil since Jenny was hired … it messed up the chemistry on the show. There’s a real chance Rosie O’Donnell will be coming back… producers are also very interested in Laila Ali, Ross Mathews and Jesse Palmer.”


    • What?! You dont say? It can’t be a HORRIBLE idea for little girls, having a woman saying she f’d a tree when she was drunk, or being in playboy…. Sherry was dumb, that can be inspiring. Jenny… got nothing. Looks like Whoopi and the illuminati wins! And all the ppl who dont “rape, rape”

  1. At least she spoke out against Woody Allen.

    The View is really trying to only have 60yr olds watching the show. Nobody cares about Rosie.

      • Rosie is not the answer!

        Too bad Ellen’s wife is a bitch.

        Porsha would’ve been perfect. At least she’s pretty. Rosie is nasty looking.

    • Hence why she was let go. She challenged that old bean Barbara Walters and she didn’t like it.

      • Yep, I agree BW got Sherri fired. Both Sherri and Jenny disagreed w/ BW over Woody Allen’s old pedophilic ass and now they’re gone. BW is an evil old witch

        • Never did like that old heifer. Whorish self. Fucked that black senator back in the 70s and want to portray that old piece of leather as some saint.

    • The claim is they canned her because of the Woody Allen comments. Stand up for your personal truth but wear a best for the hunter is coming to blow ya down. -Elmer Fudd voice

  2. They just need to cancel that show. They should have fired Whoopi but I guess the resident coon gets a pass. Now they’re trying to add gay men to the view which is supposed to be current events and discussion from a WOMAN’S point of view. No thanks.

  3. Thank gawd that Jenny annoying bitch is gone. I haven’t watched that show since she came on.

    Sorry but Sherri is too dumb for a show that wants to discuss current events and politics seriously. She wasn’t a whole lot better than JM, but she was a lot more likable.

  4. @ActorNasirRahim I think Naturi Naughton would be a great choice if that’s who your referring to but I dont they would have her because I notice they tend to pick unactractive and annoying black women such as Whoopi and Sherri.

    • yes the view wants fat unattractive white women omn the panel.

      god forbid whites turn in and see a fine sister with a body outdo the ugly ass skinny white girls.

  5. I meant to say they wouldnt have Naturi because theyre use to having black women who are not a threat. They want someone to coon and act a fool like Whoopi and Sherri have been doing.

  6. Here we go again! At least the grammar has improved. Okay, you can be me.

  7. Well, if it stops Sheri for making stupid comments about black women’s hair then –


  8. media focussing on gay marriage while thousands of children are missing and/or molested at home and in church no less! thousands of women missing and murdered each year and media wants to focus on the one that happened in 1994… hmmmm

  9. The Husband is about to drain her dry and now to add salt yo the wound the fake joo Barbara Walters has her blacklisted.When will we stop begging for the crumbs from Esau’s table?

  10. Whoopi Is A “White Men’s Whore” She Allowed Ted Danson To Wear Black Paint (On His Face) And Then Dance Around The Table…….Any Black Women
    That Allowed Their White Boyfriends To Make Fun Of Their Race Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Call Themselves Black!

    • Whoopi was the one who asked him to go in blackface. Get your facts straight. She has said this from the jump. SHE thought it would be funny and it backfired.

      • whoopi must have had some good p*ssy to make a white dude wear blackface or they was on some good chit.

        and whoopi and ted were confused because we didn’t get the joke.

    • Whoopi is a White Man’s Whore.


      How Bout The White Man she Married that took her 2 the Cleaners in the Divorce.

      They covered it up cause they want to keep dat Money coming 2 back to YT.

  11. please bring dat lil tired azz white racist elizabeth & star jones back dat was when da view was worth watching lmao

  12. When you work in hollywood, you better not piss off the mafia, or yo will get fired. Sherri Shepherd is learning this the hard way. You know how hollywood loves to protect pedophiles. I think Sherri Shepherd has black listed herself. She will be back to working the chitlin circuit soon.

  13. I find her difficult to look at. That large, square shapped body with the Nicky Rourke circa” The Wrestler ” shoulders….ugh. And that voice. I just can’t.

  14. Glad Sherri Sheppard is gone. I think Whoopi needs to leave also. I would like to see Kim Coles, Holly Robinson Peete, Anika Noni Rose, or Queen Latifah on the view.

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  16. I’m sad to see Sherri go, in a way, her and Jenny’s personality helped even out things.But Sherri is a bit of a nutjob, and she needs to straighten her life out before things get worse.

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