Travis Scott Spit On Idiot Fan At Concert

travis scott spit on fan

A fan tried to steal Travis Scott’s shoes during a performance, so he spit on him and tried to get the crowd to kill him.

Scott was performing at the Openair Festival, and went into (or on top of) the crowd in an effort to get them more hyphy.   One moronic festival goer thought it would be a good time to grab a souvenir and boost Travis’ Yeezy Boost 350.

Immediately, Scott stopped the show and  was shouting at the dude, and trying to incite the crowd to attack the would-be thief.  “Come here b****! …Get that mother****** get ‘em!  You tried to take my shoe, you wanna be a thief?   F*** him up, f*** him up!” the rapper screamed at the crowd.

There’s video of the incident, and at the :24 mark you can clearly see Scott spit at the guys.   Then shortly after, around the :29 mark he throws something at the dude.   He tells security to get the idiot out of there, and you can see the white guy with the bad hair get escorted out.

travis scott spit on fan 2

Just before he leaves the venue, Scott takes one more shot at him and throws something else at the guy.

Later, Travis went on Twitter to defend himself and try to say he didn’t actually spit on the dude, but it’s pretty obvious in the video.

Travis Scott spit on fan 3


  1. The Boy has no class ! He has fans when he didn’t have shit !!
    He flips out way too easily no class !!
    Wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight ! His actions say it all p*ssy ! Wtf he can’t afford new shoes ??

  2. Just 2 days ago, it was reported 2 Chain is being sued for embarrassing a groupie. Many celebrities embarrassing their fans, but they need to remember their “so called” fan’s are paying their bills
    Kanye west did a show in Australia, he embarrassed a guy in a wheelchair.

  3. no fans=no money….I gives no money to these lazy narcissistic loosers calling themselves rappers.

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