Safaree’s New Chick Is An Upgrade Over Nicki Minaj

safaree samuels new chick hot

Safaree Samuels looks to be doing alright with his new banging hot chick who is even hotter than Nicki Minaj.

Seeing Nicki parade around with her new baby daddy-to-be, has been making Safaree a little salty.  He’s been throwing shade at the Barbz, claiming he wrote most of her tracks when they were together.  Samuels might finally be ready to move on now, as he’s landed a new model chick, Zashia Santiago.

safaree samuels new chick hot 2

The girl has an absolute banging body, like Nicki does, and she’s got the gorgeous attention-grabbing face to match.  A beautiful girl who’s able to pull off the short hair look, Zashia is stacked and her cakes don’t look as fake as Safaree’s ex’s do.

She’s rocking bolt-ons, like Minaj, but those eyes coupled with a ridiculous body, Zashia is an upgrade over Nicki.

safaree samuels new chick hot 3


  1. dont like this broads face…take of the makeup than we can talk…
    nikki is naturally cute…not beautiful, pretty but cute

  2. Now that I have to say this twice.. Number 2 is a charm… When I was 17 I wanted to Model.. Females like this I can’t stand… This is nothing but a Publicity stunt at its worst. Now delete that!!!

  3. Wow the hate you women inflict !!!!
    Soooo Nicky can screw for lyrics but he can’t just get a bad one she’s natural Nicky is fake !
    Leave dude alone stop the hate !!,

    • Fact: 90% of women hate on other women its a clear sign of insecurity on their part.. Personally as a woman I think Safaree is winning on every level shorty BAD!

      • You may be correct in your conclusion 90% of Women hate (that’s what we do) however, I’m within the 10% bracket that’s keeping it real. In my opinion, I think her face is weird but I’m not a dude so i guess it doesn’t matter. I’m not fat , ugly or undesirable either. Unlike this broad mines are all real The insecure ones are the ones paying lol

  4. Well as long as he s not trying to make nicki jealous and think hes getting back at her by dating this girl i hope he gets songwriting royalties

  5. this aint nikki…aint a fan…but by the looks of this ho there’s nothing to loose sleep over …her biggest threat ( iggy a)…is outta here with her disrespectful shitting on others culture azz lol.

        • because im not selling my ass or trying to be noticed . Its not hard to have a nice body and look good u know. some ppl are attention whores and some are not. im not

  6. Wow, she’s better looking than that bleachy skinned bytch. Nicki will be jealous

  7. I believe Safaree when he said he wrote for her. And the proof was on the EBT awards her flow was totally different when she performed with Meek, it sounded like he wrote that.

  8. Yes, I agree he wrote some songs, and her flow was totally different. I’m glad for Safaree. His girl is cute and if her body is authentic she got an edge over Nicki…

  9. That first pic looks so fake and staged, does anyone really care who he is dating now?
    This is what happens when you chase the last few seconds of your 15 minutes….Don’t believe me? Ask Tyger.

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