Traci Bingham & Co. Skate On Bar Bill!

Baywatch: Traci Bingham Broke

Things To Do In Boston When You’re Broke…

Oh how the tables have turned for Traci Bingham, who Boston cops reportedly escorted out of Fenway Park last Friday.

Witnesses say the 46-year-old former ‘Baywatch’ bombshell was joined by her sister “and five spirited friends” — who all downed cocktails and shots — at a VIP club section of Fenway Stadium. When Traci tried to picked up the check, her credit card was reportedly declined. It’s a situation said to have led Traci’s crew to bounce, leaving Ms. Baywatch roll’in dolo!

“She wasn’t charged, and the Boston Police Department had no report on the incident.”

Here’s the word from a source who saw it all go down:

“Three attempts to run her card were declined, and the party was over as her sister and other members of the crew scattered, leaving through different exits. She said, “Don’t you know who I am? Do you have daughters? Can I get a discount?” I told her.. “I have two daughters and they certainly wouldn’t have found themselves in the position you’re in.”

OUCH! Maybe if Traci got off her high horse, kept it humble and didn’t drop that wiggity wack “Don’t you know who I am?” line, they wouldn’t have squealed on her. Don’t you agree?


  1. Latch onto a C-lister, release a porn tape (or release some of the footage stashed in ur closet).

    Then make a play for some reality show $s with your last 10 seconds of fame.

    UP goes the credit limit!

  2. I can see where she spent all her money……on those two beach balls on her chest.

  3. How can someone surgically have something implanted in they’re body like this enough to risk death?How insecure can one be?I’ve never understood this at all.

  4. i must be 1 lost zoned out insecure sister because im truly looking forward to getting my tittays enhance surgery this Sept along with a tummy tuck and a little facial surgery. I might add a little fat transfer to the azz for gp Lol ! Sept cant get here fast enuff !

    • Lol…careful sis. Just don’t do it all at once…that could be a porta stress on the body.

  5. If she kept it humble? WTF.
    She just needs to pay her f*cking bills and stop snorting coke all the damn time.

    Nothing worse than a old coke head with kids, acting like they are still children.

  6. That has to be one of the most unflattering pics of her. She looks like an early 90s porn star. Is she on her way to a pageant?

  7. Those breast look painful as hell. They look big, round and fake, almost like a bowling ball. I’ve never felt a woman’s bare breast before, but for some odd reason I would like to touch her’s just to see how they feel. Are they hard as rocks, rubbery, soft, will they bunch back if I poke em with my finger.

    • I heard implants do get hard and you have to massage them. Glad I have no need for fake breasteses. It looks uncomfortable as hell.

      • My cousin D had a girlfriend who had em. He said if them shits ever hit you in the face during sex, it was like getting ko’d by Mike Tyson,lol.

  8. Those two mount everests on her chest look heavy as hell, like they are cutting off air supply to her brain or something cos she look crazy as f in that picture.

  9. Don’t know if this is true or not, but I heard this woman has some deep seated issues. One of them is not wanting to be black and associate with blacks.

    • True dat, this is the bish who started the whole “black girl as valley girl” BS.

      You know, how Lil Kim looks and sounds today.

  10. Traci Bingham is one of the few bitches that more ignorant and disgusting than Claudia Jordan! Usually D-list bitches have to travel to foreign countries to prostitute themselves to millionaires. What guy is going to trick off on a 40 something year old bitch who looks like a trans? This old bitch is done!

  11. Frill lips and bolt-ons really look like hell in older years. Ain’t nothing like a potluck sometimes, Traci!

  12. This bitch started as a hooker and will end up as one.

    You didn’t think she or really any of those bitches were on Baywatch for their acting ability.

    The 90s were crazy times, and trust, she f*cked and sucked the shyte out of Hollyweird.

    She may be a D list actress, but she is still an A-list call girl. She knows where her skills lie and she ain’t ever gonna slack in her real profession.

    • Then she needs some credit cards with bigger spending limits so they don’t decline on her.

  13. I am convinced there is an “unspoken competition” by Plastic Surgeons across the world to see who can make a woman resemble a Brazilian Tranny the best. They obviously have a “thing” for this particular look. I’m pretty sure they are taught various ways of facial reconstruction, but for some reason, the look comes out the same. Either way, they are laughing all the way to the bank.

  14. I just wanna know, why is she stalking around in broad daylight in that pageant hooker Barbie dress. And on the beach? She musta got lost trying to stumble her way to the nearest hoe stroll. She does look kinda confused.

    • Because when the night don’t end until 2:00 p.m. and you all coked the f*ck out, busted, and forgot your sunglasses…

      You wind up on the beach in a hooker ball dress and your make up smeared and shit.

      Real Talk

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