LUPITA NYONG’O Named People Mag’s ‘Most Beautiful Woman’ For 2014


Not too sure who decides the nominees, the persons who play this ratings game, or what qualifications one needs to gain an ‘honorable mention’ — but People Magazine has revealed its top ten list of ladies which they’ve deemed as 2014’s ‘The Most Beautiful’.

Sure, they’ve awarded the ’12 Years a Slave’ Oscar-winning actress the number one spot.. but don’t think for one second that the entire, soon-to-be-released top 50 list is filled with color. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Riccardo Tisci.

Peep what People Mag has concocted:

Though she grew up thinking that “light skin and flowing, straight hair” made women desirable, World’s Most Beautiful Woman Nyong’o, 31, tells PEOPLE that her mother “always said I was beautiful. And I finally believed her at some point.” The Oscar winner, who’s now a face of Lancôme Paris, is excited for this honor in part because of “all the girls who would see me … and feel a little more seen.”


This beauty has brains, too, in the form of a Dartmouth degree, a writing credit on her hit show The Mindy Project and a New York Times best-selling book. So how does she juggle it all and still look great? By catching plenty of Zs. “I have the sleep patterns of a 12-year-old boy, so I could sleep until 2 in the afternoon,” the 34-year-old recently told PEOPLE. “Pampering for me is sleeping.”


7. Gabby Union
This 41-year-old stunner – who drinks one gallon of water every day to keep her skin hydrated – doesn’t just have beauty idols like Janet Jackson and fellow honoree Kerry Washington; she actually knows them. “I’m more about inner beauty,” she told Essence, “so most of my beauty icons are people … I can confirm are nice, and also happen to be beautiful.”


Not only gorgeous, Washington, 37, is also ageless (seriously, she doesn’t look a day over Save the Last Dance). But she demurs such compliments. “The ‘imperfections’ are actually the gift,” she told “The reality is we all have nerves and moments of insecurity … But if I said to myself that I’m only going to show up, or speak or be visible when I’m perfect, I would never get out of bed.”

Let’s Go!


  1. If Gwyneth Paltrow’s beatdown ass can win then there is no reason that Lupita can’t. I don’t know what factors go into deciding who is the most beautiful, but Lupita is definitely a step up from plain Jane Gwyneth.



      • Yes but she is much darker than that. I think people mag lightened her skin somewhat. It looks very air brushed to me.

    • WTF!? If she put on a T-Shirt and some jeans I might mistake her for a BOY!! I’ll give people some credit for trying to shake things up but this pick is BULLSHIT!! Her face is plain (flawless skin though) and her body has NO curves AT ALL!! I think she should have been on the list (top 5) as a natural beauty to help others appreciate that beauty can come in many packages BUT to say she is THE top beauty in the WORLD is a stretch too far.

      • Well none of the other women mentioned in this article has curves. Her class and intelligence makes up for the lack of curves. She is a true beauty finally, not just a dressed up airhead.

      • lol I don’t feel that she is a head turner but she is far from looking like Omar Epps or ugly. All the images of her are dolled/glammed up and she was just average looking without wardrobe/makeup in the movie. If she had she not been an ‘Ivy League’ grad and or was an average/curvier size she wouldn’t be validated by mainstream media (or sadly even black people). Seen plenty of women at Shoppers who were more attractive with her complexion and body type. Brittany Sky from Kendrick Lamar’s Poetic Justice video is adorable and it’s great that he chose her instead of a ‘typical’ video model. She has a Master’s. Shame on her for stealing Ajuma Nasenyana swag 🙂

      • To say she is the most beautiful is a stretch too far?? In your eyes, but not in People’s magazine’s eyes, dear. Remember that beauty is subjective. You say she has no curves like it’s some kind of strike against her attractiveness. Fortunately for Lupita lovers and supporters, they don’t have a restricted view on what constitutes beauty.

    • So damn tired of that kerry washington being called beautiful. AVERAGE! Lieing is the name of the game these days.

      No one is going to buy lancome because too black lupita is wearing it – too black and too bony

    • Love Lupita’s smooth gorgeous skin!

      LOL@ Nene’s Wig…that is the best name ever!

      • We also have someone called “Velvet on NeNes head!”. That one really made me lol

  2. Fuck this dirty Hamite. Any black american that supports her or any other dirty African is delusional.I will come against anyone who has hurt or enslaved my people. Fuck All Hamites.I Stand by my statement and will take a bullet for my beliefs.

    • Are you black? Do you have any African roots, color, kinky nappy hair anything that confirms your blackness? You seem to be full of hate and maybe you should take that bullet and kill your self. I can’t stand a hateful person.

      • No,I’m not black you dumb bitch!!Black is a color not a Race.I’m Black to the ground which is a big difference.I have no African roots and neither do you.I’m a proud Hebrew.Africa is a whitemans names so kill yourself.I will not ever Champion these dogs whom sold my people into Slavery.GTFOH.

        • DO you even know who your daddy is? I bet you don’t even know who your birth father is, and he’s not nor has he ever been in your life, yet you trying to claim a tribe of people from a billion centuries ago, with no DNA or scientific proof that your bloodline emerged from theirs. Take baby steps, Anastasia.

          Baby steps.

        • the f*ck are you talking about u sod.. kenyans had nothing to do with the trans atlantic slave trade..

          • The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade was only the Prelude when those Africans sold us unto the White man.Have you heard of the Sub Saharan Slave Trade where’s those Africans sold us unto other Africans inside of Africa?All Africans are responsible according to the Bible so be quiet and learn.

            • Hi BA, I am trying to understand. So, the Africans sold (Africa Americans) are the children of Judah-Jakes, and the Africans in Africa today are Hamites? How and when the disconnection between the two? Thanks for answering my questions. Please advise a book. I need to know. Thanks again.

            • Make your mind up. One minute you say the white man forced his lying religion on us I. E the bible. Next minute you quoting from the bible. Yo ass is confused.

        • i agree anastasia. any american fool who disagrees should be forced to move back to the african jungle. that will shut them up.

            • @Anon 3:21 The disconnect came back in 70AD when the tribe of Judah was sold to the whiteman by Africans.Get the book from “Babylon Stew Timbuktu” and it will Corroborate everything I’ve said.Shalom.

            • @Anon 3:21 Yes with the exception of a very few Hebrews whom were not sold still reside in Africa today.Duet 28:68 tells you who sold us and where we would end up.But everything in Africa besides the very few Hebrews whom were not sold are all dirty filthy Hamites.

        • Africa was not named after a white boy, look up Roman naming practices ok? The white boy after he defeated the Carthaginians, added Africanus to his name! DO SOME FUCKING REASEARCH BEFORE YOU BELIEVE A BUNCH OF DELUSIONAL ASS NEGROES!!

          Re-read Deu 28:68 because it’s most certainly is NOT talking about us AFRICAN-AMERICANS as a future prophecy (pious way of saying psychic if you ask me).

            • His name is Leonardo Sipuous Africanos is whom Africa is named after.Why so you think theirs whites in Africa.Who runs that governmen and controls the media there?These take white Joos who go the the name Goldstein, Silverstein,Rubinstein, etc.took those names from the diamond mines in Africa after they stole it.STFU!

          • You are a dummy.Africa was named after africanos once he defeated the BlackJoo Hannibal in that land.Secondly,duet 28:68 can only apply to black Americans because only one time in history has a group of people been sold as a business and that was my Hebrew ancestors.Step your knowledge up before you oppose my domain.FOH.

            • Ok silly BHI woman you’re getting it mixed up, especially with someone else. In your extremely brainwashed mind, you try to rationalize Africa being named after a cracka because they so happen to control and exploit the resources and the people of that continent?

              The reason white people own about 70% of Africa is because of colonization and exploitation, that’s no reason to jump to conclusions and think they named the entire continent. Not every piece of land crackas went the name of it is of their own creation.

              For example, white people didn’t come up with the name Mexico, it’s the English version of it, that stemed from the natives that called themselves the Mexicana or something similiar to that. Ok?

              Look up Roman naming practices, they had a tendency to name themselves after various things, especially places they conquered, not the place itself. Do you understand what I am saying now?

              Let me help you out, here’s a link:

              This is such common knowledge there’s really no reason except you being gullible and ignorant for why you accepted bullshit to be taught to you.

              Now you STFU! And do some proper goddamn research sis.

    • This is interesting. Black Ana can you explain your view? Is there a site I can go to get a better understanding of Hamites? Something you may recommend? Im in no way being funny I am just that curious and what to further my knowledge in everything that deals with history of the nations. Tnx

        The mutilation most often performed is Clitoridectomy or Excision – cutting off, without anesthetic, the clitoris and most of the external genitalia. This is practiced in a broad area from the Red Sea to the Atlantic Coast. The most dangerous operation, Infibulation or Pharaonic Circumcision, is customary in Sudan, Somalia, Northern Kenya, parts of Ethiopia and all along the Red Sea Coasts as well as in West Africa in parts of Mali and adjoining areas. After the clitoris is excised and all external genitalia are carved away, the bleeding raw edges of the large lips are held together by thorns or other fastening devices – until a scar forms to close the entrance to the vagina. The legs of the little girl are tied together for several weeks until the wound heals; a tiny opening is created by inserting a splinter of wood – to allow urination. Thus virginity – which is considered especially important by Moslem men – can be proven before the bride price is paid to the father.

      • @Blah Start of Researching Noah’s 3 Sons Ham,Japheth and Shem.Our people the Negroes were fed this blue that we ate from Ham but if you get a Bible dictionary and look up Ham there’s 4 African Family’s that came from him and the Negroes were not one of them.We care from the Seed of Shem so we can’t possibly be Africans.Secondly,get the book from Babylon Tew Timbuktu and find out what happened and why we went into slavery. Shalom

    • BA, Lupita’s hype is annoying as hell! Black American women are so pressed. Are Kenyan women over there falling out and obsessing over Black American actresses?

      • build a bridge and get over it, you and BA, You ain’t Black American, You’re GREEN with ENVY.

        • Was your riddle supposed to be intelligent or witty or something? Oh. Anyway, you people need Hollywood to throw you a few crumbs and put a token darkie on a pedestal to pacify you for a minute. I bet you people see chicks who look like Lupita all of the time at the grocery story, mall, etc., and you pay them no mind, but because Lupita played a slave and is Hollywood’s it-girl at the moment, she’s the best thing since sliced bread? Mmm k.

          • Maybe people are just happy someone who is actually beautiful made the list and number one at that.

          • You clearly thought it was witty or intelligent, it got your attention : )

            Take a chill pill, enjoy life, Africans and non Africans will be here till the end of time, I’m assuming since you are not God and have no say so in the creation, you will just have to deal with it.

          • I feel you alexis. People are so quick to drink the koolaide. This chick just was a part of white supremacy,playing a slave and the white man’s whore. So they trying to throw them crumbs our way….Don’t think so. It’s psychology, she played that role so people will think of oppression when they see her. That’s why they are trying to shove her down our throats

            • So if she gets a role as Lorenz Tate’s love interest in a new romantic black comedy, will people then see her as a pressed contemporary woman desperate for love? I really hate stupidity.

              To that other anon poster, Right, what I said was wack, but you don’t find hatred, evil, and black on black racism wack, you didn’t protest then. Ok.

              Where was all this hatred for Halle in Queen, Jon Amos in roots, etc? How can you hate someone who depicted historical, factual events? Do the Scotts hate white actors for partaking in Braveheart, a story of Brittish Opression, and so on?

              The sad reality is hatred clouds intellect, so blinded by hatred you can’t even think logically.

        • Childhood’s End
          For 19 years, Joseph Kony has been enslaving, torturing, raping, and murdering Ugandan children, many of whom have become soldiers for his “Lord’s Resistance Army,” going on to torture, rape, and kill other children. The author exposes the vicious insanity—and cynical politics—behind one of Africa’s greatest nightmares.
          January 2006
          The killing took place on an unimaginable scale. The low estimate is that 500,000 people were killed in less than three months. The high estimate, increasingly accepted as the true figure by the U.N. and the International Committee of the Red Cross, is that one million died.

      • You’re right. I got cursed the eff out for saying she’s beautiful but over hyped.

      • @Alexis I’m with you 1000%.All these Lupita Ass kissers need to ask themselves when was the last time any African has spoken up on their behalf.That dirty Hamite Mandela has never reached or spoken up for American Blacks because he knows we’re not his people.He was the president of S.Africa.Why didn’t he send his army’s to free us blacks in america from the white Mans oppression?I didn’t think so.







      • Bullshit. God did not curse Cain by turning him black. Mormonism is rooted in Satanism. False God. False Jesus. False religion.

      • The most high cursed Cain with leprosy not with blackness. The Valley of Jehosephat will be the Lake Of Fire when the mist high gathers all nations whom afflicted his chosen People whom are us,the Israelites.

      • @anony there is so many levels to this. Why don’t you do a little research about white supremacy and hollywood. Since you are throwing the word hate around. I don’t have to jump on this bandwagon. Like the brother and sister stated we are not Africans or no Damn African Americans. Continue with your celebration!

        • You are right. You guys are not Africans or African- Americans. You guys are just lost. Hebrew my black azz. The original Hebrews were Africans and Still are in Africa. Research the Lost Tribe in Africa.

          • Ive told you several times you dumb hamite that the Hebrews fled into Africa back in 70AD from Jerusalem fleeing the White Romans to hide amongst another dark nation and those dogs repay us by selling us to the whiteman.The remnant of the Hebrews whom are still in Africa are the group that were not sold.Port Levy and port Judah are those groups you dumb bitch!

            • Wrong again. The Ancient Hebrews were African. I’m referring to “B.C. not A.D”, idiot. They were always located in East Africa and in the Mesapotamia region in which some migrated into West Africa. Once again, I am referring to B.C. not A.D. Do some more research on your “Hebrew people”.

          • Leave them with their delusions, sis. What AFRICAN blood do they really have? The so called African Americans blood line is riddled with their European slave masters.

            All that white blood, and none of the privilege.

            We can only pity them. All they have, or should I say, all the bitter ones have are youtube and google feeding them kooky lies for them to believe in.

            • But you just confirmed it. As long as you acknowledge we are neither you or them, but our own people. And, you can take wordly “privileges ” and blow them out your ass, right along with your pitu. All that is about to become obsolete anyway.

  3. I knew last night that Lupita was going to get the “PEOPLE 50 MOST BEAUTIFUL” CONGRATS

  4. Congratulations to Lupita but I still think her looks Are overrated and she is average. Beautiful skin and smile. Lucky that POTUS is reportedly half Kenyan. Gives skinny girls with 4c hair external validation ala Lauryn Hill late 90s. Happy for Gabby, Kerri Washington is another one who is overrated.

    Truth be told I would root for Mindy. She is more than just an entertainer but an accomplished tv writer and author before abe 30. I love how she breaks stereotypes of Indian women being clumsy dorks or irritatingly attractive prudes. Was Tina Fey on the list?

  5. That’s so good I am happy that more black women are in and on the cover now people can stop calling black women ugly because they are not thanks people magazine.

    • Exactly! I’m happy People got it right. Turning this into a racial, slavery, who is African etc etc is ridiculous. Goes to show some Black folks are never happy even when it’s something positive for us.

  6. dont hate on nobody famous just tell the good folks what you have to do to make it thats all.

  7. The message is be a slave u will be beautiful to whitey. Subliminal people subliminal.

    • Alec Wek , Roshumba, and Loie Samuels are no slaves and white people find them highly attractive too. I think we need to accept that white people like black looking women, whereas black entertainment ( rappers, producers, actors etc generally favor the exotic mixed looking chicks

      • Ur confused if this bone whitey has thrown u makes u think they like us. It’s a pacifier for the mouth of the slow witted. I don’t need his approval unlike you. Slave.

        • Oh f*ck off. You clearly misunderstood my comment. I was saying that if you look back at fashion, lupitas type is not new. White advertisers have always favored it . There’s always some it model that looks like that. Grace Jones in the 70 s for example. The Beyonce/j lo/ kartrashian type is the darling of King mag etc. Ray Charles can see this, so keep your mental shackles to your damn self. Asshole.

    • No matter the bitterness you spew, it doesn’t take away from her beauty. So whitey is promoting her beauty – so f*cking what???? If she was waiting on the black man to elevate and praise her, she’ll be waiting a long ass time.

      • Again, that was my POINT. Lupi ain’t the first. White people like her type and always have. I don’t know why folks are reacting like this shit is so brand new. Whatever.

  8. Regardless of the ass-kissing that’s inherent in this, People Magazine did the right and just thing. A real blackwoman on the cover…That’s Great! But, this war is far from being over. Blackwomen are beautiful in all shades, but we have been conditioned to hate our women. It’s a long road, but, we gotta get over the swamp the best we can. I’m Happy For Lupita…It’s Real!

    • Have you asked yourself why this bish has to come to YOUR AMERICAN home to make a name for herself, and why she couldn’t do the same on the ENTIRE CONTINENT of BLACK africa????? Black Americans died for the RIGHTS of our american black people to inherit, NOT for this black african bish to steal.

      • Because Black Americans were too busy trying to be white or “part-Cherokee”, so now a real Black woman steps up and claims Black and YT has decided that “real” Black is in vogue.

        And yes, many Black Americans died for rights in this country and just as many destroyed their own people, neighborhoods and dignity.

        Are y’all gonna hate on all folk from the Black Diaspora, or “funny talkin’ niggers” as y’all use to refer to Caribbean folks?

        • @Anonymous

          We need to take responsibility for our buls**t as black-americans. Our self-hatred has been exported around the globe, it’s sickening to me.

        • @Anonymous

          How should a blackwoman look? In my orbit, a blackwoman is cola, brown, caramel. The light-skinned sistas are different, let’s be honest about this. We love them too, but, Lupita is the real deal…Bottomline!

      • Because she is filling a vacuum.

        Too many Kneegrows were abandoning themselves and running from their blackness, claiming part-Cherokee or the blood of the slavemaster that raped their great-great grandmother.

        So, now here comes a real, real Black girl and fickle, tricky YT has determined that Black is Beautiful.

        Now what?

        And just as many Black Americans who died for civil rights were Black Americans who destroyed neighborhoods, families and other black people.

        When are Black Americans gonna stop hating on the Black Diaspora, or “funny talkin’ niggers” as Black Americans used to call the Caribbean Black people?

      • Goodness, some of you people are so lost.

        It took a BLACK AFRICAN woman to aid some of you African American women to love your dark skin and your non European features. Lupita did that.
        She is a token, absolutely. But what her particular beauty will do is help you bishes realize that light isn’t always right. And that beauty isn’t always attached to weaves.

        For this current generation at least, a BLACK AFRICAN woman showed yall the way.

          • Don’t need to. As far as mainstream media (Actual power facilitators) Lupita is the one. Yes, she is a token but she is the one they have chosen to elevate. Spewing foolishness, and naming other women no one has heard of won’t change what is happening.

            Hopefully Lup will ride this wave for a long as she can.

      • @Diana

        Are you a supporter of black womanhood…Yes or No? Lupita Black, could care less where she from. I want my black sisters to win…Bottomline! Sis, the crown is yours, don’t be afraid Mama.

  9. If you look up Adam in the Hebrew its Adoma which means ground.So with that being said,all nations evolved from Adam whom was a Blackman by the way,and all were dark skinned up until Race Mixing.The East Indians are dark skinned but you don’t see them referring to Africans as they’re brothers do you?Lupita is the offsprings of the Hamites that sold the Negroes the white man and the Arabs.So f*ck her and whomever don’t like it.

    • @Black Anastasia

      All native africans are not dark-skinned. Some tribes are brown, coppertone, light brown, milk chocoate, coal black, etc. Genetically Speaking, our race is the most diverse in relation to phenotype…A Fact! Anastasia, don’t forget about our people in The Pacific. We leave them out all too often. Bottomline, we need to stop running from our destiny.

      • We were dispersed to the 4corners of the globe so I’m not leaving anyone out.You can go anywhere in the world and we will make up some percentage of the population. That’s a curse that’s in the Bible that came from the most high himself.I’m fully aware. Peace.

  10. To all docile idiots on Hsk whom swear that they’re African go and pull up a Slave Auction Block and you will clearly see that it says:” Negroes For Sale”!It never said African Americas for Sale.The Whiteman lied to you and I’m here to Restore you with the truth.He also told you Jesus was white,if he lied about that what would make up believe he’d tell you the truth about whom you really are?

    • It didn’t say African-Americans for sale because they were busy calling you nigh@!* first. The term African-American wasn’t coined until the Civil Rights Movement. Think.

      • You filthy stinking Hamite you don’t know nothing but the lies the white man taught you about black Americans. Stop trying to groups us with you Africans because we are not the same.We don’t drink blood or allow cows to urinate on us.Explain the Sub Saharan Slave Trade where’s Africans sold Hebrews amongst other African tribes.Research that heathen.

  11. Look at Lupita and look at Gabriel and you can clearly see the difference in the two.Lupita looks closer yo Soon because both are Hamites which means Dark and Hot.Gabriel look more like Will Smith because both are from the Seed of Shem.Those Africans are jealous of us black Americans because they don’t have our bronze luster, style or Swagger. Lupita looks like she’s been cooked in a damn oven and she’s not our people.

    • wow interesting, what about wesley snipes or flavour flav, are they shem too? if so why are they so frigging black?

      • American Blacks whom are Israelites BTW,come in all shades of brown.If you put Wesley next to Lupitas overcooked looking ass he’d still be more closer to Lauren Hill than he’d be to Lupita or Soon.That’s because he’s from the Seed of Shem..

        • Wesley Snipes is closer to the color of a roach. Africans come in many, many, many different shades too. It’s like if I wad to compare Iman to Whoopie Goldberg. Who do you think looks more attractive. Lupita is very, very dark skinned and beautiful. What makes her more intriguing is her grace and intellect. You cannot compare a Lupita to a Gabrielle Union based on skin color. Both have coarse hair, full lips, and the standard black phenotype. The only difference is Gabrielle is trying to look more Westernized, while Lupita is all natural and showing her natural beauty without the fake hair, fake boobs, fake skin, etc.

      • @anonymous 18:06, good point. There was a time when wesley snipes claimed to be a zulu descendant. So that means he is a hamite according to him. We even had Oprah claiming to be a zulu descendant. So Oprah is also a hebrew who is also a hamite.

        • Oprah built a school for the very people whom sold her ancestors into Slavery. The bible says:My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge because they have rejected knowledge.Oprah doesn’t know any better and she believes the lies the whiteman and his schools systems have taught her.Its called Stockholm Syndrome that many American Blacks suffer from.

          • To add onto that Oprah said she felt African and even said that her history went back to Africa, a White lecturer from Yale university done a DNA sample from Oprah and confirmed that her lineage was from England. So yet another lie that Amerikkka and Britain have lied about! Damn they thought they could lie and keep the truth hidden but the bible says what happens in the dark shall be revealed in the light.

            • Yes,Empress T let’s not forget we ruled Europe for a Thousand years during the DarkAges and Queen Elizabeth The First was a bronze skinned sister. So,I know for a fact you’re telling the truth.BTW,Europe is named after Queen Europa who’s also a black woman.Whites during the Renaissance period defaced all of our painting in Europe turning black faces white once we fell as a Nation.To this very day whites in the churches in Europe praise a black Jesus.It’s a pleasure to correspond with a sister who’s aware and informed.Shalom my sister from The Tribe Of Benjamin.

    • Also Africans are jealous of Jamaicans I went out once and this stinking drunk African tried to chat patois it was EMBARRASSING me nuh wah nuh friend from dem LOL. In english I don’t want no friendship from them 🙂

      • That’s funny. Because all I’m aware of is Africans pitying West indians. Pitying, because you are lost. Just like the African Americans. NO CULTURE = LOST.

  12. Look at Lupita and look at Gabriel and you can clearly see the difference in the two.Lupita looks closer to Akon because both are Hamites which means Dark and Hot.Gabriel look more like Will Smith because both are from the Seed of Shem.Those Africans are jealous of us black Americans because they don’t have our bronze luster, style or Swagger. Lupita looks like she’s been cooked in a damn oven and she’s not our people.

    • Taye Diggs is black as dirt. Flava flav broke that mold, he’s darker than Lupita. Morris Chesnut, Tyrese, 50 cent, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri, Kenya Moore, Lauryn Hill, etc are all dark. What’s your point?

        • Educated response to a so called “African” calling someone “black as dirt”….Naw, we are speechless at the audacity of you imposters. You keep slipping out of character and letting your true colors show. Is that intentional?

    • Hahahahaha @ BA over cooked in the oven that made me laugh. I’m just going to say many sheep are still asleep but they’ll be awoken soon enough.

      • @Empress T Hey Sis,I left you my email address did you get it?If not,do you have Facebook?Let me know.

    • By the way BA if we’re so called ‘african american’ or ‘african caribbean’ why are we the only black nation of people that speak english? Africans have english and their native language where’s ours? Another lie white history BS told us

      • @Empress T you see that dirty Ham ITE African Coon keep responding to all my post trying to deflect but if she thought my statements were untruths she’d just ignore me.But the Truth Hurts and she wants us to be stink Africans so bad.That will never happen and who wants to be a filthy hamite anyways?!

        • Wrong again. Africans don’t even claim you and don’t care. African-Americans are so lost. Of course black Americans lost their native tongue and culture when they came to America. White slave masters wanted to make that a must in order to lose your identity. I have Afro Carribean friends from Haiti to South America who have more African culture and can identify to their African culture than the black Americans that I have met in America. That is why it is easy for Africans to get along with Afro Carribeans because we share that cultural common ground. And also Afro Carribeans are more in tuned to their African culture. America has fuc@ed black Americans up. Some African Hebrews were sold into slavery just as regular Africans. The white slave master did not care just as long as you were capable. Some Africans don’t like black Americans mainly because their behavior, actions, and lack of cultural identity. So, Black Azz crack your dumb as fu@!

          • Lol…you k ow that’s not true. Jamaicans hate Africans so you can hang that shit up . Black brits that are beyond 1 or 2 generations likewise generally despise you . R attitudes are just too stank for being from such a disease and poverty ridden country. Im just sayin…*shrugs*

          • So Queer Africoon, I’m confused. If Africans don’t claim us, what is your point. Aren’t you always on here claiming that blacks are Africans and the Hebrew /Israelites were African? So what is your point? If not to claim us, why ate you bothering?

            • @Anon 10:24 Does a Hebrew and a African even sound the same?Does are two different groups of people.This Savage just don’t want to face reality and who cares.She talks shit but yet keep coming to our black American site.It be really bored being a hamite.

          • Once again,stupid.Ham is the progenitor of the four African families Ethiopians, Libyans Egyptians and Canaanite not the negroes.So we’re not from Ham so we can possibly be Africans.End Of Story! Dumb Coon!

          • Listen here Makosi aka African Stink Queen nobody likes you so what the hell is your point? Shouldn’t you be on Naija forum or doing some kind of scam since you Africans are so damn sophisticated with it. And Jamaicans don’t even like Africans so pleaseeeeeeee don’t tell me that BS as most of my family are Jamaicans and we know you stinking heathens don’t like us so the feelings mutual. I can’t stand these stinking bush eating people man they’ve become soooooooo feisty since they’ve emigrated to other countries.

      • White history lies to whites as well. I was watching a show on MSNBC last night about how the republicans are wrapped up in a lie to convince all white folks how great Reagan was and how he needs to replace JFK and Jefferson as the most important influential president in history.

  13. I agree, its a black woman, they are complaining and if it was a white woman they would still be complaining. Slavery really did a number on us blacks

    • I am a little surprised about the reaction too. To say that they chose her a most beautiful so we will think of her as a slave seems like over reaching to me.

  14. Off the topic for a minute. Did yall see Time magazine cover? Beyoncè is on it and that helfa look like a spoiled out skeleton!

  15. Why are black women on this site putting down other black female celebs. Most of the comments are pathetic, halle berry is just as gorgeous as gabriel union is just as stunning, even if they have straight hair. Nappy hair isn’t that appealing and easy to take care. Why do you think the covergirl has her hair cut very short. By the way she does look like grace jones long lost daugter. FYI I am not a white woman. You know all black women don’t think alike.

    • Mindy looks ok. Physically shes a lil chunky monkey and dark circles but she has great hair and complexion. I like the fact that the non-white mentioned in this post were all educated and came from “traditional” families. Get tired of the “Mama gone burn the grits” or 3rd world war escapees. I

    • Cosign, Mindy don’t look anywhere near good looking.

      She looks like the fat Indian who beats her maid.

  16. Aww come on, your joking right? If any of these women asked me to dance I would say, no thanks.
    In the words of Miss Kwan, “She looka like a man.”

  17. Hey ba. What’s with all the name calling. That’s what kids do. Smart people don’t tell people thier smart, people pick up on it. Calling people stupid when your trying teach somebody something is just stupid. Don’t look down at people, look them in the eye, love is the only things that changes people for the good.

  18. She is gorgeous an u can see her not a blond wig or weave! Gon lupita! Sho’em how we sistahs do! She killing hoez. Take notes bitches… Most of the real bruthas perfer a natural beauty as oppose to a superficial whore! Fake weaves all the time is not the way to go! To eachest own tho! Team Lupita

    • Way the hell you been Ms.? LOL! I am trying to finish braiding my hair for my birthday and you talking about weave. Girl my hair can’t hold no curls for pay! Lmao!

  19. Haha mfs mad af o well she don’t gotta get ass shots, bleach her skin, wear fake hair and get breast implants and she’s still named the most beautiful woman I have the up most respect for this woman

  20. I don’t even want to see Twitter, Facebook, and comment sections across the web, as I’m sure she’s every ‘ugly N!gger’ in the book and then some…

  21. see black women you too can be beautiful rocking with what god gave you. its safe to take them tacky wigs and weaves off you look ridiculous.

    • And lupita is single successful and just as alone ass the birds with lacefronts occasionly boning white men in the process

      • Is that some projection going on? You are either a hating ass black man, or a hating ass forever alone black woman. I will hazard a guess, Lupita is doing a lot better than you. lmao

  22. WTF is going on in these comments? Good googly moogly. Y’all in her fighting over who is black, African, Hammite, Hebrew, etc. And to the cracker we’re all just N*ggas. SMH. Congratulations to ALL of the ladies who were acknowledge for their beauty. It’s about damned time. But the shit going on in these comments make me sick to my stomach. We’re the only damned COLOR (call yourself whatever the hell you like) who does this shit. I am truly embarrassed and disgusted.

    • I hear you. The brainwashed trolls, are ironically so brainwashed with fallacies to realize that, dissension between blacks is a white man’s dream.

  23. I am sorry but this lie that has been perpetuated that Luptia is some beautiful dark skinned woman is a lie. I have seen a lot of dark skinned actress, singers, and just everyday women that put this woman to the back.

    If you are going to name a dark skinned woman beautiful, it should not have been Luptia and I am not hating. There are really beautiful dark skined women but Lupita ain’t one of them.

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