Tracee Ellis Ross Clowns Rihanna!

tracee ellis ross rihanna

Tracee Ellis Ross took to her Instagram to completely clown Rihanna with her very own rendition of “Work.”

In the video, Tracee does her best Rihanna impersonation, and says she “sounds like a duck.” We think she’s taking jabs at Rih Rih sounding like a billy goat on the track though.

What do you think? Is this all in good fun or is Tracee clownin’?


      • Lol she does but I have seen some of er responses to her fans talking slick on Instagram via my youngest daughter and she has no chill/filter whatsoever. That is why I thought her in the navy were going to blow her ass out of the water literally. So far crickets.

        So I guess she gets a pass and they are just geeking us up for the award she will be honored with in April.

  1. Look at Tracee's left eye in the first photo. Then in the 2nd photo, she looks like her father. No jobs prospects huh, Tracee?? Notice that Bette got some shine dissing Kim. So this must be the new game in Hollywood. Older women throwing shade at the young ones.

    • You are so right, she sure did try it didn't she. My my my what people will do to stay relevant.

    • No job prospects? She's on the number one show on network TV right now, according to ABC News.

  2. Tracee Ellis Ross wouldn't be in the position she is in if it wasn't for her mother! All time black comedy classic is when Paul Mooney did a stand up at the BET Comedy Awards and killed Diana Ross. Tracee was left in tears. For more roasting of Tracee Ellis Ross, watch Corey Holcom's old youtube show about ugly light skinned black women!

  3. I guess she is going to be the token (Chris Rock) for Black Girls Rock event. *sigh*

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