Australians Viciously Destroy Kim K Mural!

kim kardashian mural destroyed
Kim Kardashian’s naked selfie still has the world talking. And if the reality star thought it was only Americans who were sick of seeing her naked and manufactured body, she now knows Australians are also tired of seeing her stank p*ssy too!

An Australian artist thought it would be a good idea to paint a massive 30 foot mural in honor of that infamous selfie.

After news of the mural spread across the Australian media, some vandals decided the last thing they wanted to see on their way to work was a painting of Kim’s plastic body. So they got some paint and viciously destroyed the mural! They even added the word “slut” across her va-jay-jay!

Of course, the artist was in his feelings after his work was destroyed. So he went back and repainted the mural, and set up some surveillance cameras to catch any other vandals in the act.

Do you think Kim deserved to get slut-shamed by the Aussies?


  1. They don't know how to do it right in Australia. They got to take the bricks down.

  2. The mural only emphasizes just how disproportionate her body really is. Her and her sisters are forcing it with these selfies, I mean what else is left to show?

    Take it off the grill already.

  3. The hate against women's bodies is real. Men can molest kids and create wars for other people's resources and the world will say COOL!


    • FUCK YOU for riding for this f*cking whore typical dumbass bp or undercover wp coming up in here with some fake ass feminist bullshit FUCK YOU AND FUCK THAT WHORE KIM

  4. Look at the first pic and the printing sign to the right top and the orange sign on the left that says colour. Now look at pic of the vandalized mural and the redone mural on the monitor also check the date.

    Can someone say Attention Whores….

  5. Black Women Are 100% Jealous Of Kim Kardashian !!! 100% Fact !!! See: Weave And Skin Bleaching !!!

  6. LOL f*ck that can't f*ck, stank p*ssy, narcissistic, fake body bitch, and her "husband" simp ass, he ain't nothing but a rest haven for hoes!

    • LMAO, that reminds me of her little sister and her favorite pose with her stomach sucked in with her butt stuck out leaning to the side on one foot add in the duck lips and she looks like she had a stroke or something.

      She wants to be Kim/Chyna so bad.

  7. I keep telling y'all. White people don't like this trashy family. They exist because of our need to put every piece of white rubbish above ourselves.

    • Their major fans are sell out black males who actually think their broke asses have a chance of getting a high price white trash hooker as their girl friends, and low self-esteem black women who want to get a black man albeit a gay one, like pimp mama, kim and kanye and the littlest trick and her gay bm.

  8. I think Kim sends the wrong message to girls and young women. However she knows how to market herself. The woman is f*ckin rich will never be broke and have to struggle, and has everything anyone can ask for.

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