Toya Wright’s Brothers Killed in New Orleans

toya wright brothers rudy josh killed new orleans

Over the weekend, news broke that Toya Wright’s brothers, Rudy and Josh Johnson, were shot and killed in New Orleans.

Cops found both men inside a car with multiple gunshot wounds. Although the victims have not been officially identified as Rudy and Josh, Toya Wright has confirmed the news on her Instagram.

As news spread of the murders, celebrities offered their condolences and support to Toya and her family, even K. Michelle reached out despite their public beefs.

News of the killings comes just days after Toya filed for divorce from her husband, MempHitz. She also has two other brothers who are being investigated for an armed robbery in Louisiana.




  1. If tonya career all of a sudden do come up then we'll know what's up a Illuminati ritual I heard some cops shot Rudy and josh I don't think that's true.

  2. Toya wright aint right man i see threw da bullshit cops shot those brothers blood sacrifice she will move up n the rankings illuminati hit devil funny how she just got divorced but you know its gonna be a cover up new Orleans killing high over there so they gonna put it off as black on black but its ur family members thats giving u up for fame n money yall sister did that shit to yall she very dark f*ck her yall mother might be next no disrespect when is people gonna wake up toya wright rot n hell bitch

    • the word ILLUMINATI was NOT a part of BLACK AMERICAN speech and we had never heard of it until the voudon satan worshippers immigrated to america.

      • YouTube brought the "Illuminati" into the daily lexicon of the average ni88ah. It ain't been the same since. IQ's have dropped 10 points and falling as a result.

        But stay woke y'all!! lol

        • the average negro didn't even have a computer when this word started floating around. THE DEVIL WORSHIPPERS FROM DEVIL'S ISLAND BROUGHT IT HERE! JUST LIKE THEY BROUGHT DREADLOCKS AND JERK CHICKEN.


          Devil worshippers criticizing Toya believe the only way to success is through evil. Christian Americans know that hard work and talent are the keys to success.

          • Some advice Frannie. I would stop worrying about what the Caribbeans are doing and starts worrying about your American next door neighbor who is a roots worker or the person who goes to your church calls themselves a "Christian American" but in reality is a straight up black witch who calls up demons with her coven to torment you on All Hallows Eve. Pray about that.

      • i know right we already got f*cked enough we dont need to sacrifice shit they already lie bout who we are and take all our shit ijs

      • Look, it ain't called "Illuminati" but there is an evil witchy cabal that believes in using mystery arts to enslave and control the black race and ignorant people in general. They laugh at the use of the term "Illuminati" because they put that out and they laugh out some of the disinformation that they feed and you believe is true. Let's be real– they want to bring about the disillusion that will in the end bring the evil on to power and cause the whole world to follow him. They want you to believe in the Illuminati because if you will believe in that you will believe in the really unbelievable, false, and magical shit that they will throw at you in the future. Believe in the MOST HIGH MASTER CREATOR KING OF HEAVEN and pray and worship HIM and you will be spared.

    • according to dumb negroes, as long as a black negro cop is working, he doesn't have to do his job and arrest no matter how many blacks are killed. that's why crimnals are always complaining about white cops who make arrests. stuck on stupid.

  3. another day, another black killed by another black man..YAWN. That's what happen when you associate yourself with thugs and/or criminals. Then again I wouldn't know since I live in a gated community, great job, and upper class black friends (and other races) with college degrees and proper home training.

    • them college degree n8ggahs are the ones who are spending their money on the crack, and have black boys killing each other over it. they are the low lifes who are causing the genocide and they should be locked up for buying that mess.

      • Franny you are a hell of a mammy. Nobody makes anybody sell drugs it's the equivalent of a minimum wage job! And you have the nerve to diss educated black people?? Got the nerve to say educated black people are responsible for the genocide that black males are choosing to do by their own free will?you are insane

        • I don't know your name, but thank you for that. Franny's a total airhead! Probably on crack her dam self!

        • If my comment had NO TRUTH, you wouldn't bother to respond. Teenagers with NO JOBS have NO MONEY to spend on crack. Use your brain. THINK!

          It is old b8stards with regular jobs who are making crack profitable enough for kids to kill themselves over. That's why you will never see them marching to get good jobs and education for black boys. You aint never saw that march, because they want you to fetch them crack.

        • @ 100, @ Khaliah, I'm beginning to suspect that frannie is a troll sent in to serve up disinformation, discord, and generally stir up lies with bullshite circular logic and blind hatred for islanders. Might be some ole hangry white man or some misguided Nazi, or some sellout–here to upset the black people and turn us against each other for his/her/its own bitter amusement. We see you, frannie. Please don't tell other to "think" when it is clear that you don't do that yourself. And have a snack. Now off you go.

        • I am not convinced that he is white. Her pure hatred of Caribbean people is just weird, and I have never heard of a white person who is fixated on folks from the islands. Personally I think she was f*cked over by some Jamaican dude.




            • Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Just as I thought. A Sellout troll. I am tickled by the thought that some Caribbean outfoxed you out of a job, a man, a woman, maybe your own child or family member or some money, or property. Think this is a way you can fight back? By being some stooge? Ha! Serves you right, cause your toxic bitterness and complicit behavior in trying to de-road this conversation will bring you nothing but bad juju. Cheers. Keep trying to divide and distract us, devil. It won't work.

    • You should take back those words. The Marc Lamont Hils of the world who persist in encouraging black people to vote for racist Democrats have the most blood on their hands. Educated blacks want poor blacks to continue voting for bullshit because many are employed by Uncle Sam. Almost 4,000 killed in The Children, and Barack says nothing about it. Meanwhile, the crooked Jews in Hollywood got us watching Power on Stars and Empire on Fox. Both shows glorify the insanity taking place in our race. The Buppy nonsense is not what it seems, look at the mess you've created by being Progressive in your worldview?

      • So what is the alternative? Being conservative? Because when they were in power, all I know is the bullshit trickle down theory resulted in the rich whites getting richer and the poor blacks getting poorer. No conservative stopped abortion from being legal or Black children from being killed. They don't even believe in the basic idea of creating a way for the poor to become middle class or fair capitalism. Shows with a conservative POTUS with "family values" didn't even show our people unless they were maids, buffoons, tokens, caretakers, living in the projects or crackheads. And the "crooked Jew" still controlled the media. Progressive may go too far but they are truer to what this country is about. Obama is President–not a king. He needs a congress that does something, but instead they do nothing hoping for him to fail and the legacy of a Black President to fade into obscurity. Who are more racist than most Republicans? GTFOH Tyrone and stop with that mess.


      • Thank you 09:53.

        Insanity is real. Toya would sign her entire net worth over for one day with her beloved brothers you dumb f*cks.

    • U never know. Some1 said on rws that it could be sacrifice for Lil Wayne
      They say he was due to do 1 or it could be for the daughter Reginae
      Isnt she trying 2 come up in the industry?

  5. Someone very well known (forgot who) once said but since his quotes were removed from the net. He said and I'll paraphrase…If black americans don't change their ways (shooting, killing, multiple wedlock kids, abortions, drugs, bad eating habits, lifetime prison etc) in 50 years we will be in a critically endangered status, meaning one step close to extinction.
    Now all of you can say whatever or disagree, but I truly believe him.
    We need to turn around FAST!!

    • you shut up you damn caribbean/afriCOON. you brought this violent culture to the black american community. U coonish devil worshippers brought your damn JERK chicken, made by Jerks, your violence, your drugs, your nappy azz hair, your over sexed freaks, and disease. Our only mistake is trying to love you and embrace your dirty culture.

      • Hey everybody beware!! this Franny character is a racist white person you've been warned don't feed the troll.

      • yaw whites the ones sleeping with animals you should definitely educate yourself and keep hiding behind your computer screen cuz you'd never say that to an africans face.

        • i spit n those ba8stard face every chance i get. one felony on their record and they are deported out of here.

    • We already are a critically endangered species, and its only going to get much MUCH worse, especially when these fema camps finally arrive. You best believe that we're going to be the first group of people going to those camps. And all these buck dancing coon celebrities will be in there as well, because at the end of the day, the elites ain't saving their asses either. Those of us blacks who are awake need to come together and call out these piece of shit rappers, and everyone else in black entertainment who has influence who is helping to further perpetuation this bullshit. They are very much accountable for the f*ckshit that currently going on in the community. Because they are leading our people straight down the road to hell, and it's getting harder and harder to climb back out of it.

      • you're right. but rappers are young people normally who don't have enough wisdom to understand what is going down. it is old b8stards over 50 WHO KNOW THE DAMAGE they do are WRONG but still do it anyway because it hasn't affected them PERSONALLY. they are the fools who only step in when the police are bothering them and their white wives.

  6. Thr last time a serious double homicide hit NOLA was when Magnolia Shorty and her friend got killed!

    • BIRDMAN got maglinoa shorty killed that was his sacrifces teena marie, and static major were sacrifces for cash money. no waynet lil wayne hasn't give onen since his father was killed birdman wants wayne to sacrifce his daughter

      • you crazy. all americans are raised to work hard and be talented to move up in the world. they know nothing about human sacrifice. our laws support preserving life.

        it is only since africans and caribbean coons came here that this disrespect for life occurred. they came here in large numbers 20 years ago.

  7. Who is Toya Wright? I could google, but I don't want to.

  8. First my condolences to the family of the two young men who were taken too soon.

    Some Z rated reality show star and fools have to nerve to say this is an illuminati hit are you out of your damn mind? That is some incredible denial right there black men shoot each other all the time over nothing and see if the illuminati if it exists, would give a shit about this chick.

    • As usual you are on point.

      The day that the "Illuminati" even KNOWS who an A LIST rapper or urban reality show is will never come. N word please.

      • It's denial! Some of us can't face the truth that we hate each other so much we commit mass murders cultural genocide daily 24 7 so instead of dealing with the harsh reality of black on black crime we use the illuminati as a scapegoat and pretend that everything is OK except this bad illuminati came in and started messing with us harmless and peaceful black people!

        Fact is because their fathers failed them and abandon them millennial black males are the most violent black males. Myself do the best I can to avoid them they have short tempers and are usually carrying you can tell because they're always pulling up their baggy pants nobody finger-pointing towards the father-son dynamic!!

        anytime I hear about black males murdering I think where was his father?

        Instead of blaming the illuminati I blame the black father for dropping the ball

        • bad caribbean and africoon 3rd world apples have spoiled the whole bunch, with their satan worship and voudon.

          doing RIGHT is not in their vocabulary. doing WRONG is what satan worshippers live to do – kill, steal, destroy.

  9. An why is this ho on twitter tweeting an her brothers just got merked smh. Blood sacrifice for more fame an money i bet that these people will do anything for money.

    • Really some of y'all need to come out of your mamas house get a job and join the real world with functional adults.

      There are several cold blooded bastards at this thread you don't even say rest in peace or condolences on your loss calling her a bitch and a ho and her two brothers got murdered and you wonder why all the racists don't give a shit about black people because we don't give a shit about each other.

      • You are so right it's scaring me. Your candor and honesty is brutal and starling, but it is so true. There is so much denial and hate behind all this bs.

  10. Whether this was a sacrifice or not, New Orleans is a very dangerous place for black folks. It's another death capitol just like chiraq. Either way, if he wasn't up to no good, then he already laid the grounds of fate for his final outcome.

    • OK THIS is true Truman. N.O has many parallels to Chicago. It just has better music and food.

  11. I find it very ironic that BET put Tiny & Toya on demand a few days ago before the killings. Something sounds fishy about this story.

  12. man this is something else here and a hard pill to damn swallow. wake up my people, especially young black boys and black men because it aint all about "living that life" if you r living "that life." sh*t aint worth it. get your acts together my black people…get it together. SMDH beyond sad here seriously. rest in peace li'l bruthas. smh

    • Thank you for giving condolences to the dead as most people here have no manners. Listen unless black males get together and take control of their sons it's a wrap black males don't listen to women they only listen to another man it's time for blackmails to take control of their sons and their communities … If they can't do that if black males continue to abandon their sons and refused to lead and guide them –it's only going to go further down the sweet.

  13. for all y'all speculating and/or leaning towards the notion that this girl had her two blood brothers killed for a "come-up" or a "career"…you sound crazy ass all hell because i would f*cking up this woman ain't heartless like that. now i wouldn't be sur-damn-prised if Memphitz gay acting ass had something to do with it for the sake of personal vendetta purposes to get back at her because that loser has that mentality drilled in his head "if it aint my way hit the highway" type a crap – now i would be a firm believer and follower if it was his doing, but i doubt it due to the fact that that niggah himself doesn't have that much clout and pull in the industry and no one f*cks with him on that level other that his bestie and other gay homie Rasheeda's husband….forgot that sweet acting niggah's name. but Toya would hope she didn't have these boys killed just for her own personal financial gain, if she did, she just may be next. in addition, im thinking this was somewhat your classic case of a personal vendetta simply because who she's associated with from her past – that li'l wayne ninja and they probably killed these dudes because they hate him, jealous of what she has as far as a little taste of money in her bank account and to hurt her deeply, and they did im certain by murdering two brothers at the same damn time. so pitiful yet sad to grasp.

  14. Toya wright aint right man my eyes been wide open shut shit been real she will rot n hell illuminati hit blame on black on black crime cover it up that was a hit not beef a pure hit

  15. Kind of odd her and tiny filing divorces same time tiny leaving tip family business coming out then tip getting in trouble everywhere he go

    • It is the Summer Solstice, and murders in mass are taking place all over the world. Unfortunately these Satanists have to kill more people in a shorter length of time, in order to maintain their power… Toya's brothers unfortunately became the victims of the devils minions. Toya might be unaware of this reality, but I doubt if she's that dumb! Two more young, handsome, original men with potential, are violently killed in the most cowardly way. A f*cking drive by, as they sit unknowingly in their car! I'm so sick of this shit! Like I'm literally, sick and disgusted! Fuck the entertainment industry, and these corrupt governments as a whole. You Can't buy or sell without the mark of the beast, and their killing Black people wholesale!…..Death to the 1% Elites, and the Black Nazi Satanists, that anxiously serve them!

      • Man and none of y'all give props to that website where you obviously are cribbing your information Viligent Citizen!

        • I don't know No Vigilant Christian you obviously have not heard about ?YASH QARAAH ?look him that whovpeople need to be given credit to peace out?

        • First of all, this is to all of the negroe trolls, that think that black people are only watching YouTube videos, and listening to hearsay on Random websites, f*ck you! Suck Balls! Don't try to lump everyone in the same group! You negroe trolls will be the first piece of shits to utter that, we're not all the same! So take that into consideration, when you're looking at random commentary! Toya, in my opinion couldn't hurt a fly, but that's my opinion! At the end of the day, these celebrities have no control over their lives. Once your on Jew TV, sign contracts, and take any amount of money from Jew mystics, it brings about dispair, and misfortune… Everyboby ain't a "conspiracy theorist!" Fuck what you heard! Like I said, rituals are performed everyday, and innocent blood is shed by design! It's not just random crazies all of the time! Although they're are more "Blacks" involved in these things than I care to admit, Toya Carter has nothing to do with the murders of her brothers. This is beyond famous people, and their families. Instead of focusing on the word"Illuminati", can you focus on Ethnic cleansing, and Eugenics, systematic poverty, and so on, and so forth! Just because some of you dumb nigglets, and peons, just heard about it on YouTube, that doesn't apply to everybody else! Quiet as its kept, it's the stupid people, that ain't on this shit, whole heartedly, are the ones that's getting victimized the most. You pay for stupidity! Freedumb has it's price, f*ckers!

      • Im with you 100% on this one. This is especially why I tell black people to be EXTRA careful during this time of year, because our energy is top choice for these sacrifices.

        • if you are a black american, you NEVER HEARD YOUR MAMA OR DADDY SAY THE WORDS:

          human sacrifice to get money
          you heard them say work hard, and get educated

          you never heard them say:
          illumnati is God of wealth
          You heard them say Jesus is the truth and the light. Do what is right. Obey the 10 commandments.





  16. let ne say this could her brothers been blood sacrifces maybe but im not sure could have been niggas have been killing each others new orleans for a long time gang realated shit. the only way to know if they were sacrfices if she starts getting offers and deals more tv time. lets not forget she has connections to wayne taught her about the game.

  17. Toya net worth is $4 million. I don't think she would sacrifice her siblings like that but look what they said about Jennifer Hudson. The only difference is Jennifer has talent what does Toya do other than being Lil Wayne's baby mother. She's doing reality show after reality show for a check.

    • yes jennifer did kill her family if yo u ook at jennifer now she look iike she under mk ultra so heavy her eyes are souless. kayne west killed his mother he admitted "my mother died for this hollywood shit" kelly rowland mother died of unknown causes just died. common dad died recently. iets not forget clinx was kileed by french montana and diddy because clinx didn't want to apart of that homosexuality shit.

      • Stephen you have completely misunderstood Kanye's words. You heard what you wanted to hear. He meant that the pressure to look good and sexy when a woman is over 50 was what lead to her death.

        • I agree Kanye West did say I sacrifice my momma for this Hollywood Glitz and glamour bleep bleep so it doesn't matter even in the music industry the clothing industry the food chain marketing industry if you want to roll with them you going to have to roll with the Illuminati Point Blank if your net worth is over a million you're going to get a call from the Illuminati and they going to give your the ultimatum when they represent you with that call like a lot of older artists in the music industry different groups famous singing groups if you don't see them no more that's the reason why they were not willing to stoop that low meaning have to sell your sold your sold for gold and Toya will do anything for a dollar anything for a dollar and for a come up she is a evil devil witch??????

  18. The biggest trick that the devil ever pulled on our people was that he didn't exsist.

  19. ok to the lluminati ppl, or lluminati detractors just letting u kno its freemasonry, masonry, eastern star and black frternities and the lluminati is over all these organzations and they are european bankers. i doubt they want toya ass, but toya most likely know many black masonic prince hall type nigguhs that she know how to throw that pyramid. weezy taught her she didnt get millions for nothin, either her family just some gutta hood nigguhs that get loud and start confrontations and be 'bout that life' or toya and black masons performed rituals and shes about to start promoting the agenda. dont be surprised if they say cops shot them or some shit then you gonna see toya with trayvon momma freemason ass talking about black lives matter and shilling for kill-ery klinton

  20. But back to what i was saying the biggest trick that the devil had ever pulled on amongst the people was that he didn't exist.☝??❌?

  21. I see a lot of people on here are just mental slaves no knowledge of self then i see some who talking that tlk about the powers that be 85% 10% 5% poor righteous teacher i am knowledge is power not ? unlearn world family nature is real u cnt eat money n plus the dollar is worthless the money is only worth four cents the monetary system gonna crash wake up martial law is in our bck door the most high yah im with bare arms they want our guns fema camps are open people this shit is real Bilderberger group already chose Hilary clinton civil unrest false flags king alfred plan rex84 shit is real the lord 144k chosen people 2/3 will be wipe out and 1/3 will get make it n get this info religion is man made bonage out here america she doesnt want us in it anymore they don't need us anymore they have robots to replace yall and take ur jobs there is no more cotton to pick people bank run helicopter money crisis actors black lives matter started n funded by george soros people wake up shit is real u gonna be able to marry ur pet soon gay manifesto zika virus man made air borne it will be yall wake the sheeps who all work in white corporate america yes master lol but im being real the blacks are the chosen people the chosen race. Rip gaddafi unversisl basic income people the federal government and and federal reserve needs to be killed off aka rothschilds they gonna start touching are kids more race war race riot blacks vs mexicans they want now lol but medical mafia Zionist khazard mafia the deep state hidden n plain site its right in front of yall

    • Let me guess you dropped out of high school you been in and out of jail you have lots of out of wedlock kids who don't live with you and that you don't financially support and you live in your mothers house if not you write just like those hypocrite hoteps who did all of the above.

    • Hotep City. Tired a that shit.

      100 has you and most the men on here's number. Tell mama I said hi.

  22. Those boys are hella tatted up! Gang rivalry anyone?

    People don't understand that they call up evil spirits and demons with tattoos on their body that they don't know or understand and one of the biggest bringer of demons are drugs and molestation of children, both of which are rampant in the black community. We always pointing out YT's demons (and yes, they are multitudes), yet we are blind to our own.

    We are about to go down as the race that killed ourselves off over BS. Blacks need to get out of spiritual possession, especially if we are really the so-called Chosen People. I believe God loves all his people and is very patient; however, we are trying His last nerve and when he totally turns his back on his, we will perish.

    RIP to these young deceived and blind young black men.

  23. This is so very sad. Some of you have made the stupidest statements about this …no heart whatsoever. Cant even imagine it could happen to you. but it could and then what would you want people to say. My heart and prayers go out to Toya Wright and her family… its devastating and a life changing heartbreak to lose one family member but to lose TWO BROTHERS at ONE TIME… SMH… how I feel such sorrow for this woman and her family. YAH help them through this devastation. Amen

  24. Oh lawd! Toya couldn't hurt a fly! Toya's brothers were murdered by gang affiliates. New Orleans is a very dangerous place! If your not living right, you will likely be killed. My initial statement wasn't to imply that Toya is some devil worshipper, who now has $40 million dollars in her bank account! That's ludicrous! What I was saying was there are underlying situations, that most people don't take into consideration! Toya's brothers weren't saints, but their deaths are unfortunate, as are countless others…There are people that are taking this "illuminati" craze out of context! There are levels to this world that most people will never comprehend! Common sense is no longer that common! I know that when people sign contracts, and or take money from industry joo's, pain, misfortune, and dispair, is soon to follow! We all aren't youtube or internet scholars, conspiracy therorists, or paranoid! However, don't discount what people are saying, just because you feel that its crazy. That would be dismissive! Everything ain't for everybody! Just because the hidden hand has been outed, and is now recognized by common dullards, doesn't mean that these revelations aren't factual… All will be revealed in the last days!

    • BQ Here here!!! Thank God there are people here who do not think that the world's deepest secrets are there for the seeing on YouTube. I always say, if the damn "Illuminati" was so transparent and stupid as to be understood and broken down by every idiot with an I Phone and a You Tube account, then why in the world would anyone find them threatening or dangerous?

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