Toni Braxton Confirms She’s Engaged to Birdman

toni braxton birdman engaged

A teaser for Braxton Family Values was just released, and in the clip, Toni Braxton shares the news that she’s officially engaged, and she shows off a massive yellow diamond engagement ring.

You can watch the video here.

The show returns to WE tv in March. Will you be watching?


  1. This seems totally ridiculous, given his history, according to certain sources

  2. Toni looks like a porcelain doll and Birdman looks worn out. Take a close look at his lips.

  3. I guess people don’t marry for love anymore and it’s all for the benefit of money because no way in hell am I about to marry a very open and out homosexual that’s just very nasty and risk taking on her life.

  4. @(Supposedly) Blackman

    Why Are You Such A Bitter…..Vile…….Fake A** Hotep……. Misogynistic A**hole?

    Your Hate For Women (In Particularly Black Women) Is So Transparent……Have Several Seats!!

  5. A Professional black male wouldn’t be trolling gossip sites to fight with women and girls. And last I checked Birdman is a Ceo of his own entertainment label and owns private jets

  6. A libra and an Aquarius are compatible usually acruelly Aquarius is one of the Libra’s soul mates.

  7. Thugs are so called better in bed, they make quick money selling dope and girls like to get high

  8. Really? He has sex tapes back dooring guy’s on the internet not even bad copies. Clear one’s where there is no room for doubt. If you’re going this route your ring ain’t big enough. Lol

  9. Why do you closet homosexuals in the black community take out your frustrations on females? Just go get a sex change like a normal fagg0t and move on.

  10. Not all Black Women. I love a nice decent Black Man.
    Some do like Thugs, it speaks Volume regarding their Character.

  11. Toni knows her money is short, not guaranteed anymore and her health is not good with a Chronic illness Lupus and she’s getting older. For that reason, her earning ability is unpredictable and at risk; so she knows the lifestyle she is accustom to is not guaranteed. So she probably concluded the next best thing besides a flourishing carrer is to Marry for financial security….. Many people far less accomplished than her marry git this reason…. Try to be understanding it’s called a business marriage. Indians, Asians and many other ethnic groups do it’s as a regular practice in their culture…. In fact they think Love Marriages are not wise. …Just my perspective

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