Nipsey Hussle Tries to School Cardi B on Gang Culture, She Responds

cardi b nipsey hussle crip blood flue

Nipsey Hussle, a known member of the Rolling 60s gang, gave an interview with BigBoyTV and addressed Cardi’s incident with the Crips and her infamous “flue” Instagram post that led to her receiving death threats.

Nips tried to school Cardi on how to right her wrongs and rep the Bloods without disrespecting her rivals.

“If we just be honest, that’s how Bloods talk amongst they self. Crips gon’ say certain words also. A Crip might say ‘dead’ instead of saying ‘red.’ A Blood might say ‘flue’ instead of ‘blue’…But the disrespect happens when you go public, and you’re not in the privacy of your hood or your homies, and you’re talking about that publicly…You’ve never heard Nips say ‘dead’ or ‘slob’ in a record, based on the respect. What I realize too and what we learned growing up is that whatever you say in private, you gotta be able to say in public. If you not going to be able to walk into a room full of Crips and say that, don’t say it…At the end of the day, she’s a woman, she’s a female, everybody loving her wave, everybody loving her music, it’s just something she should probably correct—go public and say look, ‘This is how Bloods talk privately. We ain’t mean no disrespect’…There ain’t gon’ be no shot against her gangster and what not, but that’s a touchy thing…You gotta understand, people gonna be offended when you do that. You gotta know, L.A., this our culture, this our lifestyle, this ain’t aesthetic or a fashion.””

Apparently, Cardi took offense to his whole “this ain’t aesthetic or a fashion” statement because she posted and deleted this on Instagram:

cardi b nispey hussle flue

You can hear Nips drop knowledge starting at the 11:30 mark.


  1. Cardi B is ignorant af. You would think even before ur would had left that gang stuff behind you. Instead she spreading that way of thinking to our kids.. It may not b a fashion to her.. But to our kids it is…. My son is not a gang member.. But was jumped the other day by three
    gang members older than him… They took the jordans i brought him (im a single mother) right off my sons feet.. (Shoes probably diddnt even fit them mf) My son had to walk home beat up and bare foot ed. Im just glad he came home in one piece..these celebrities r not shit. Promoting the killing of our own people over truff and silly colors*** Side note also***Why is every one claiming to be a blood now?? #becauseITSfashionable

    • Best Reply I’ve heard in a long time… thats the problem. When you have people who have all these followers on the internet and then rather use it for good, telling kids how stupid these Gangster shit are wrong they end up supporting it instead… so sorry for your son getting jumped.. its sad but the gang lifestyle is for “Pardon my language” Pussies!!!! People who are too afraid to deal with their problems therefore they join a group and then think thats what makes them bad!!!! smh I wish we could wipe off the face of the earth all gangs..

    • It’s partially ur fault too for still buying Jordans in 2018, and putting ur sons life in risk trying to impress people…..and for using ur single mother money and giving it to Michael Jordan who help pay for prisons to be built to put young men like ur son in them………. It takes a village to raise our kids, I am Not judging u but trying to educate u on how the Universe is goverrn by laws ,And This One Is Cause and Effect. teach ur son to love himself and he dont need Jordans to impress people ,that he is made of 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons and they all come together and combust and that he becomes 9 ether fire means he is pure gold something noone can take from him unless he don’t know who the fuck he really is …….. Free youreelf Get Knowledge of self, Love and Life

      • @ Keke…I’m on the NextDoor App just so I could stay abreast of what’s going on in my neighborhood and out of noseyness to, but even in what’s considered nice areas, kids are being bullied badly. Bullying has always existed, but it seems to be an epidemic in this country. One mother posted a pic of her little Asian son all bruised up. Her son is being bullied everyday. She said the school has not been helpful and have blown her off. I suggested she take the kid to the hospital, take pics of every injury, document, document, document, plus file police report and go to the board of education and file a complaint against the school since they don’t want to help her.

        Kids are getting beaten up and robbed of their phones, jackets, shoes, etc… Parents should be able to buy whatever the hell they want for their kid no matter the brand without the kid being beat down and robbed of his/her property.

    • I’m honestly sorry to hear that. They used to bully my son in middle school like that. It doesn’t matter if he had on skippy’s or Jr’s them types just like punking others for stripes. We prayed; faught back then got him graduated to a medical magnet high school while those bitches still wandering the street. It’ll get better.

  2. Protect ur kids. Because our youth listening to this bitch cardi b or yg or any of these stupid uneducated rapper who bangin on their tracks going to wine our kids up in a body bag.. glamorize gang life style… That shit should had been had faded out… As long as we got celebrities fueling it.. The violence in our streets are here to stay..

  3. I think Cardi just gonna end up paying BIG street taxes for that bullshit. Too many speaking up for her
    It’s a call to give her that pass THIS time but somebody pockets getting taxed in a major way. Now if her people don’t come through with that payoff then God help her cause them rolling 60’s are NOTHING to play with. Omg!

  4. These Gangbangers in Cali and everywhere theyll kill Biggie over a beef that has nothing to do with them but wont run up on guys like Mark Furman who purposely plant fake evidence on blacks and beat they ass in holding smh

    • I know…these bloods wont run up on George Zimmerman, Darren wilson, or all the black women who worked with crakkas to set them up to go to jail. smdh

    • Huh? They killed Biggie cause they didn’t get paid for killing pac…so that had a lot to do with THEM!

  5. I don’t agree with the gang culture sht, but I liked the Nipsey interview. I found it enlightening and funny at times, especially when he talked about how the PoPo towed his armored vehicle, Lol. From what Big Boy said and Nipsey agreed, he’s doing a lot of positive sht in the community, like opening businesses and bringing jobs. He’s more articulate than MANY of these rappers that are currently popular. I watched the Breakfast Club interview with Migos, all the while wondering how in the hell did they ever get a record deal. They should’ve had subtitles because I couldn’t understand  anything they were saying. It was awful to watch.

  6. Cardi spent her whole time in LA rolling 100 deep to keep her protected. She is very ignorant and if she keep antagonism them she gone get what she asking for as soon as she slip up. I don’t like her

  7. Judging by her beads, Cardi has a lot of protection from outworldly energy (hopefully she’s doing her “work”). She’ll be alright **wink**.
    And yes I know what those beads mean…..I’m wearing mine now. Maferefun Orisa!

  8. First of all if your kids got jacked and beat up, please don’t put it out there. Teach them how to hold they mofo own.

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