Toni Braxton Addresses Marriage Rumors

toni braxton birdman

Rumors have been floating around that Toni Braxton had gotten married to Birdman. And the singer has finally addressed the rumors through a statement released by her spokesperson.

“Toni is dating. She has a new single called ‘Deadwood’ from her forthcoming album Sex & Cigarettes. It will be released in early 2018.”

Is she lying?


  1. She needs help with another bankruptcy.

    *********OFF TOPIC********
    Perhaps more drama in Tina & Teddy Campbell’s life. Apparently a guy has surfaced claiming to be Teddy Campbell’s lover. Any info on this HSK.

  2. Anonymous

    You act like u know her personal business.

    U big women be the first one on these gossip sites. Putting your asinine opinions out there like ppl give a damn.

    I guess ole toni ain’t such a good girl after all. She has a hell of a project ahead of her with “birdman.”

    • Only Fat people call other’s fat…It’s called a life get one you lonely, miserable, living in your mama’s basement, blubber gut pig.

  3. Anonymous

    Your face should be touched with the dark skinned part of my hand for that idiotic comment.

    $250 million isn’t broke. Unless u oprah’s folk.

    • Why does a nobody now has been need a handler? He needs a respectable beard and she fits the bill. He can do whatever he wants and she don’t have to every worry about going bankrupt again. A partnership made in heaven for her.

      Toni likes the lady ham dontcha know?

      • People say that about Toni, but I don’t know…

        I’m pretty sure she’s been with men.

        Who has she been linked with?

      • He’s her fucking handler,We all know that he’s a fag. Since when have you seen him with a woman?????..,…I’ll wait. None of them are in control, you must not know anything about the industry!

  4. People need to know that her first bankruptcy was because her first contract was so bad, like TLC’s, that she sued and won.

    The second bankruptcy was because of her illness. During a performance, she had health issues. On doctor’s advice, she had to cancel the rest of her Vegas dates, and mind you Vegas was supposed to be short-term, but she ended up there for like 2 years.

    I’m not excusing her Gucci silverware though. lol Eating Frosted flakes with a Gucci spoon. Her and Birdman are a good couple. Frosted Flakes in a LV bowl on a Gucci tablecloth.

    She’s so sweet to her fans though.

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