Blac Chyna Sues Kardashian Family

blac chyna sue kardashian

Blac Chyna is suing the entire Kardashian family for ruining her reality TV career.

Chyna says the klan was responsible for ending her reality show with Rob, and it cost her a fortune. She said she and Rob were willing to do a second season of Rob & Chyna until the Kardashians used their “power and influence” to pull the plug on the show.

Sources at E! say the show ended because Chyna refused to be in the same room as Rob, and the ratings were lackluster.


  1. She does have a lot of bravado which makes me believe she has at least one secret that will knock them off their proverbial rockers and quite possibly make their hair stand on end! She probably feels like she has nothing to lose since she’s lost everything she set out to get! Was she a surrogate though?

    • this is all tied to lisa bloom and harvey levin’s friendship. Its bullshit, and publicity for the Kardashians.

  2. This lawsuit makes no sense.

    She left rob.

    Now they don’t want you around them or the show.

    Think things through chyna. Stop listening to your ratchet friends.

  3. Chyna needs to chill the fxxk out she will end up losing that child she using as a money train.

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  19. The relationship ended and she didn’t want him close to her. She has no case. If she wants to take revenge, she needs to keep the daughter as far away from that family’s influence as possible. She needs to do better. WHat’s her talent again?

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