NeNe Leakes’ Son Caught Partying With Cocaine


    nene leakes son cocaine

    Nene Leakes’ eldest son, Bryson, was caught getting wild with an unidentified woman and a plate of cocaine.

    nene leakes son cocaine

    Bryson has had troubles with the past, some of which have been discussed on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Now that NeNe has her own issues to deal with, do you think she’ll make a statement about Bryson’s alleged drug use or will she just ignore it?


    1. Ghetto trash will always be ghetto trash. Im no Nene fan she has been a bad ass since day one. She a bully but karma has her ways…

    2. I wanna say frayser boy too but bryson’s head is shaped differently lol.

      This nigga resembles a lotta rappers.

    3. Just had to put the Newport box in the pic. SMH, lmao. As if we don’t have enough stereotypes floating around. LMAO


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