Nelly Demands Apology from Rape Accuser

nelly arrested rape

Now that his rape accuser has decided to drop all charges against him, Nelly is demanding she publicly apologize to him.

Nelly’s lawyer said the woman made a “reckless accusation,” and once the case was investigated thoroughly, it was exposed as a complete lie. His lawyer also said Nelly and his family have suffered “emotionally and financially” because of it.

But not only does Nelly want an apology, he’s thinking about taking legal action against his accuser for spreading the lie.


  1. Oh Nelly shut up! You got what you wanted now leave her the hell alone, before you emd up in shit creek.I think you did rape her.

  2. He should sue her lyin ass!!! Hoes who are quick to cry rape when nothing like that has happened need to fined & jailed! Especially when they’re Caucasian.

  3. Nelly, if you did this despicable thing and now your flexing your power something is going to get you. If not, blessed be.

  4. You were born from a female… so..
    Your thoughts is all over the place. Did someone touch your weewee growing up? Did this particular item bring up repressed memories? If you get upset over this….
    it DID. ?

  5. What got me trippin’ is the little white girl’s hair he was twirling. WTF? LOL

    • hat made me vomit. Forget the rape, he looked like a straight up perv with that child.

  6. Did she get bullied to drop them charges…if she lied then she should be punished

  7. I don’t care if he never laid a finger on the chic who accused him, I SAW with my own eyes what he did to that little white girl who looked to be about 11 or 12. I’m sure he meant well, but man it came out all kinds of wrong. 45 years ago dude would be dead now.

    I will say that her mama had no business bringing her to a Nelly show at that age tho.

    • You sound as stupid as you look.

      How does someone mean well when they are flirting with a child on stage?

  8. I knew mah nigga was innocent, now SUE the bitch and make her life miserable #TiredOfTheseHoes

    • That MF is far from innocent…I know he better act right, because the next time he may not be so lucky.

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