Colin Kaepernick Files Grievance Against NFL

colin kaepernick nfl grievance

Colin Kaepernick’s coming for the NFL’s neck in a new grievance that was filed on his behalf. The quarterback believes NFL owners and the league colluded to keep him out of the NFL because of his Anthem protests.

Here’s what his lawyer had to say:

“We can confirm that this morning we filed a grievance under the CBA on behalf of Colin Kaepernick. This was done only after pursuing every possible avenue with all NFL teams and their executives.”

He’ll be represented by attorney Mark Geragos as opposed to going through the NFL Players Association.


  1. He got out of his contract in the hopes he would get picked up for more money. He risked it, he lost.

  2. Let him and jamele have a show on msnbc, they can run they mouths all day and bash trump. I do want something on the back end for coming up with this idea.

  3. If you want to honor Kaepernick and the black power movement, stop playing football and stop watching football.

  4. The NFL hates black people! Kaepernick did nothing wrong and the NFL banned him. Roethlisberger was accused of rape and he still plays int he NFL. Peyton manning put his nuts on a white woman’s neck and he won the Super Bowl. Riley Cooper said the N word and he still plays. The NFL is racist and hates black people! #NegroesFallInLine

  5. The NFL is massa Moore and all of the black football players are Chicken George. #IFightYourChickens

    • The ex-players yes. The new players knowing what will happen to them in the future won’t care. They are more interested in getting $$$ now.

  6. i don’t feel sorry for him in the least! he knew what was coming for doing that. perhaps people wouldn’t be so mad with him if he didn’t wear those socks depicting cops as pigs. that girl your with has messed you up and by the way when jim h. left san fran for mi that’s when he went down hill. separation issues, see a therapist and move on. your career w/the league is over. you of all people know the nfl hates distractions! reap what you sow.

    • The majority are pigs, so it was an accurate depiction.

      You should change your name, because the truth is NOT what you are about,,,,smfh.

    • Nobody ever talks about his girlfriend. She is the one encouraging him to do all these things. Right or wrong, it’s gotten him where he is. Just saying, what’s her deal.

  7. This guys a joke..this lawsuit won’t go nowhere it’s all for attention.

    Like the truth nigga said his girl the 40 year old on mtv and Shaun king have been in his head influencing him. Once he kneeled he knew the shit was over for him. NFL is a business.

    I don’t care for this biracial who suddenly became an activist and if that’s what he is go do that full time. He isnt Malcolm or Ali or Rosa parks. He hasn’t risked his life or sacrificed his future like Ali did.

    • I think everyone can appreciate his advocacy, but there are better ways he could have gone about it. He has all the time in the world now, why isn’t he kneeling in a street corner, hire an arena and kneel during the anthem, but no, he wants to do it in front of an audience that is interested only in football. Worse yet, it’s that woman he’s with that is pushing this. Now she got his salary axed. No more millions coming in and he will eventually blame her instead of taking responsibility. He needs to rethink this relationship.

    • The NFL is in dire straits with the CTE situation and settling out of court. They are also coming into a new contract with the players who are promising a lock out. Parents are getting kids out of football and into something else. Some high school are dropping their football program. You got players using illegal substances and getting busted. You got the domestic violence situation. Then comes Colin to mess with their money. This kneeling has cost the league lots of money even if they don’t want to admit it. The commissioner should have nipped it in the butt the first time he did it. Hey man, the NFL appreciates the concern which is serious, let’s work on it and do something sponsored by the whole league. So much could have come out of this. Now he’s jobless and has accomplished nothing.

    • l bet you dont even have the intellectual capacity for going to law school. You do not know.

  8. All you coons who are talking shit are still talking about it so he has accomplished more than any of you ever would or could.

    Keep your head up Colin, while the haters sit in their piss pot stew!

  9. Eiboon, excuse me I mean Eikoon, get a grip you are loosing it. Your command of the English lamguage leaves a lot to be desired. You are the remedial one. You are not a part of intelligent black society that is for sure.

  10. Stop playing the white man’s games. Black people who play the white man’s games are making the white man billions of dollars.* Black parents stop enrolling your sons in football. Enroll your sons in computer school or Chinese school. There are no excuses! If you can afford to buy your children playstation 4, you can afford to enroll your children in computer school or Chinese school.

    *Read Dr. Claude Anderson’s book “Black Labor White Wealth”

    • Yeah, that’ll happen.

      I can just see K’veon’s 29 year old mother enrolling him in a Mandarin class instead of encouraging him to play football and possibly make her rich.

      You are a hoot NBA.

      • Who the fuck are you to say someone’s parent, mother no less is encouraging them to play football…you sound as stupid as him with that BS name you made up.

        BTW naming your kid apple or inspektor pilot like white people proves ignorance comes in all shades, given your response you should know all about that.

        • Bitch please. My man is a sports lawyer-agent and has been for almost 30 years. It is always the mama who pushes the boys to play ball so she can get out of poverty. ALWAYS.

          • No one can make a grown man do shit, Dumb Bitch.

            She may support his decision which is no different than white parents who stand behind their children, you fake coon skin cumstain.

      • My fellow brothers and sistas let me tell you something. I went to college with a white guy who majored in Mandarin Chinese. He works for Google as a interpreter. He makes $150,000 a year. He also gets free first class tickets to and from any city in China that speaks Mandarin. He stays at hotels like Peninsula and JW Marriott. He also gets full medical, dental and stock options. Like I said, black parents need to enroll their sons in Chinese classes. Football is a scam; especially college football.

  11. Anonymous

    I don’t like you. I know you are a rhinocerus with the appetite to match. You are FAT.

  12. The best way for black people to get out of the hood and out of poverty is education, not sports. In the long run, you will make more money as a engineer, computer programmer, doctor or a lawyer than a football player. Here is a statistic that all black people should know, over 50% percent of NFL players die before age 65. You can not cash in on your full NFL pension until you turn 65. #FootballIsAScam.

  13. @nba is fixed

    No you won’t. I would love to be a professional athlete. Me and the term “broke” would never be synonymous. But most of these niggas are fresh from the streets and just don’t know what to do with all that money. Case after cash. Either giving it away tryin to play top dogg(allen iverson), just plain giving it away(derrick coleman) or lettin whitey swindle them(clinton portis). Allen iverson is lucky though; he had some real ppl behind him so he’ll still be a millionaire at 55.

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