Paul Mooney Shades NeNe Leakes

    paul mooney nene leakes

    Legendary comedian Paul Mooney just snatched NeNe Leakes’ wig, and it all went down on Twitter!

    Paul had this to say after posing for a picture with the Real Housewives star’s comedy career.

    “Sometimes? grin n bear it. I met NeNe, she never heard of me, Paul Mooney/ Godfather of comedy? How is she a comedian?”

    Please let NeNe respond so he can publicly roast her!!!!

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    1. Paul Mooney is a legend. Nene Leakes is a hoe who is just as ugly as the strippers at the Barbary Coast!

    2. Her mouth and attitude got her into the entertainment industry…..

      Her mouth and attitude are gonna take her out of the entertainment industry.

      I’m surprised she lasted this long. But you can’t be nasty and ugly Forever.

      Ppl are finally starting to really tire from her.

    3. Who cares if she doesn’t know you? You a LEGEND Mr. Mooney and she’s a wack comedien with an even wacker career. LOL

    4. She’s a Comedian???? She just keeps coming up with wack titles for herself to hustle $. All those housewives are just professional hustlers.

    5. By the way, much respect to Paul Mooney. The real deal!!! Look him up on you tube if you don’t know. He is amazing in his own right and has written for some of the greatest comics and shows of yesterday and today!! He also drops some serious knowledge about life and the industry on you tube… So to Nene, Girl Bye!!! Step out the ring.

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