Nelly’s Rape Accuser Asks to Drop Charges

nelly rape accuser drop charges

Nelly’s rape accuser has asked the Auburn Police Department and the Washington District Attorney’s office to drop all the charges against the rapper.

The woman says she will not testify, and she’s no longer pursuing the case. She says she won’t be cooperating with investigators either.

She still stands by her claim, but she feels “skeptical of the police and prosecutors after the media was informed of a meeting she had with the Auburn PD and King County D.A.”

Her lawyer said:

“Who will believe her? People are saying horrible things already. She cannot handle this. She is about to break.”

Despite her refusal to testify, it wouldn’t be impossible for prosecutors to move forward with the case. But seeing as Nelly hasn’t been charged, we smell either a pay-off or this chick was lying from the jump.

What do you think?


  1. Becky was lying, but she is what these hood rats rappers want to sleep with.
    More power to you, and it will happen again.. His mind should be on making his money, but his small head is in charge.. What a dumb way to live.l

  2. If she really was rapped she would not give a flying f–k what ppl had to say, she would be on Nellys azz until he’s in jail or gone. That showed it wasn’t as serious as she claims. But Nelly dumb azz, should know if he ain’t paying he playing and if he playing he gone get played back.

    • Um it’s not that simple. The level of public scrutiny, on top of the trauma, and humiliation of being raped is too much to bear for some some. Not to mention, we already know the level of power these celebrities have; along with their high priced attorneys. Just because you would do that, doesn’t mean every woman is brave enough to do the same. Quit looking at things through a purely black and white perspective.

      • It’s 2017 and isn’t it sad that this has to be explained to some people. Harvey W. accusers knew they were on the losing end and stayed quiet. Nelly should move on and not try to make her apologized because IF he really did do it, she might just go through with it.

  3. Off topic: Former Pussycat Dolls member Kaya claims that the Pussycat Dolls were a prostitution ring. In other words, those girls (Including Nicole Scherzinger) were high price hoes/hookers. I believe everything Kaya said.

  4. Nelly don’t need to be raping no becky….Beckies be the one throwing that pussy around to niggas. what the fck was her easy ass doing on the tour bus if she wasn’t down for whatever…fck outta here….white bitches always think every man wants to rape them….their pussy aint all that from what I’ve heard

    • It’s called: White girls. Especially in the Pacific Northwest when there’s not a lot of brothas to be found. That plus some of these brothas having NO self control\standards and accepting any pussy thrown their way = this case.

      • Or… is it that a lot of men… for some strange egotistical reason, assumed that every woman wants to fuck them. LMAO

  5. She could have been a drug plug who came to collect after delivery. Maybe that part of the story was going to come out and she passed.

  6. Or, His team is intimidating her, or they are trying to pay her off to keep quiet.

  7. Shit, if they paying for her silence… what is Nells really trying to hide? He’s not denying that sex took place, so what else went down in there?

  8. Nelly may be on a power trip. Has notbing to do with the sex just power tripping.

  9. Maybe she is lying, maybe not. If she is lying, prosecute her. If not, prosecute him. So where do we begin to solve this equation. Victims of rape don’t want none of the trauma that comes going through the legal process. Let’s say this is where we are at with this case, Nelly should not be demanding anything from her. Take that she’s backing out gracefully. Try to make yourself a victim if not, might just give her the courage she needs to say ‘screw it, I’m calling my lawyer.’

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