Tokyo Toni on Blac Chyna: ‘I Don’t Like That B***h No More’

tokyo toni disowns blac chyna

Tokyo Toni is mad at Blac Chyna again. This time, she goes on a rant because Chyna won’t give her money to help get her book released.

Click the arrows on the Insta posts to see Tokyo go OFF as she calls Chyna a “demon child.”


  1. Parents acting up all over the place – even in the ‘royal’ family there’s drama. Everyone malfunctioning. Is it the water? Or air?

      • Harry was made to marry Meghan as payback for supposedly falling in love with Kate. Supposedly this third baby is Harry’s and NOT William’s.

        Lots of blogs have the theories/pics to back up what everyone sees and believes including Harry staring at Kate while marrying Meghan.

        • oh, because it’s written in a blog, or on the internet… it’s must be true.
          wait, let me guess, it’s a conspiracy. the illuminati is behind this nonsense too? no wait, it’s a human sacrifice…. LOL yall need to stop, . ?

        • Kate was on his right. Meghan to the left. He was looking at Meghan the entire time. Damn conspiracy theories.

  2. YT sends their ‘off’ relatives to rehabs and unknown vacay spots so they can’t further embarass or financially ruin themselves or the family. This situation right here is meant to cancel some coins. Is mommy dearest getting paid to do this? Cheaper than paying daughter dearest off. Think about it.

  3. Just the typical narcissistic black female single mother… Nothing new. I wouldn’t give her shit.

  4. This bitch aint no mother, she just a crackhead with a camera. And clearly the book is no good if she has to self publish

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