Iggy’s Offended Tyga Won’t Shoot His Shot

iggy tyga

Iggy Azalea has been spending a lot of time with Tyga, and the two even attended Coachella together. But they’re not dating because Tyga won’t shoot his shot, and Iggy can’t understand why!



  1. Ugh …you eye balling the dude who had his son down on his lease as a co-signer than got evicted and messed his sons credit up before he could get out of elementary school. You got low expectations in life.

  2. Cause this is all publicity for relevancy and they each have their own agendas which aint about music or sex.

  3. Sweetheart your just as broke as him two broke people lying like they got it will get old fast.

  4. She’s lame asf even lamer for trying to get with him. I’m sure she knows he likes chicks with sticks

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