Roseanne Barr Calls Valerie Jarrett a B***h In Bizarre Video

roseanne barr valerie jarrett

After losing her own sitcom after making racists remarks against Valerie Jarrett, Roseanne Barr tries to explain her viral tweet in this bizarre video.


  1. The media is lying. The real reason Rosanne’s show got cancelled is because she called George Soros a nazi.

  2. More proof she’s malfunctioning. Second, she KNEW because Rose Barbie is very very political so since Barrbie knew VJ’s name she knew the rest. Trust and believe that!

  3. Ummm so what about all your other racist tweets? As I recall she said the muslim brotherhood and the planet of the apes got together and made a baby, VJ or something along those lines. Then she stated that she was Ambien tweeting…then she stated that it was a bad joke, now she thought she was white. So which one is??? And if that’s what you thought, it contradicts all your previous responses but I digress…

    From the looks of that clip she was coked out of her mind and being programmed on what to say for he next interview…

    What we have here folks is what celebs/puppets/clones/dope fiends look like before hair, makeup, designer outfits and accessories lol.

    It takes a whole village to make them appear normal and presentable…

    We know you are a bred to the bone, die hard racist…you tried it tho, smh.


  4. Is she still on the ambien? They make day time ambien now? She looks so thru and sounds so much worse.

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